The Future of

March 19, 2013

BASED on a recent thread over at Watchlords, one cannot help but wonder if’s days are numbered. The Ustream infomercial-as-shopping network is no longer being carried on several cable systems, including Time Warner, FiOS or Dish. A look at wowtv’s website reveals that they are only on DirectTV.

WHAT can we attribute this pull back in spending to? Might it be a result of the losses incurred by SWI’s unsuccessful litigation attempting to take the trademark “Swiss Made” away from the
Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry?

OR might it be the result of the new owners of SWI, Clearlake Capital Group. There has been some speculation that the sale was necessary because of the fight with the Swiss Federation but with this new infusion of capital (and new board members) it may just be nothing more than a change in direction. It could be possible that the cost to included the programming on the cable networks is far more than the actual returns. Couple that with the salaries of the hosts and you have to wonder how much ROI there is even if it is streamed exclusively via the Internet.

In any event, what once seemed a potential challenge to ShopNBC watch sales now looks to be little more than a vanity, basement Internet show.

14 Responses to “The Future of”

  1. Claro-888 Says:

    Basement internet show?

    I mean c’mon has it ever been more than that to begin with?

    Forget about competition for Nbc, that circus act still broadcasts in grainy fuzzy SD!!

    Don’t look now, but during this last HORRID Incrapta event, they now have 200,000 new customers, and that’s just from yesterday. Hahahahahaha

    They even proudly say on air that they have around 4,000 watches, then they have the gall to use words like “highly collectible” & “highly sought after”, and much more jibber jabber.

    If god came down to cleanse the earth, he’d start with WOW and Invicta, then he’d pay a visit to Eden Prairie.

    Talk about worn out your welcome!

    I guess we can’t watch WOW anymore along with the estate jewelry clean up hour followed at 10pm. Tisk tisk…too bad.

    Lior sucks, Roi sucks, hosts suck.

    Where’s the idiot with his 27 Neptune’s in his collection?

    Can the Merm save them? Will WOW wind up being a bunch of useless Momo’s? Will Jim go back to selling knives & cigars?

    What will happen to the whinny loud host with the square face and the sweet roll neck? Will she return to work at Linens & Things?

    WOW now has expanded their Incrapta collection, call now!!!

  2. Twat Waffles Says:

    Between those damn yellow and red chinese boxes I’m gonna puke til kingdom come.

    Listen to eyal and listen to ryan, they say the same fucking lines.

    “This technology has been adapted into this system”, “our swiss gold layering process that bonds the gold to the steel at the molecular level”, “look how the steel cable and it’s element have been flawlessly set into this design and it’s cradle”, on and on into infinity.

    Somebody point me to the nearest cliff so I can jump, ohhh wait I don’t wanna go out like that, let me pull the rip chord on my Invicta puppy series parachute which has been adapted into this format and is highly collectible in it’s design and functionality feature, awwww fuck it!

  3. krane11367 Says:

    Let’s face it: WOW.TV blows big greasy chunks. The tag team of Skelton/Rines was like watching your own colonoscopy, but without anesthesia. If Rines wasn’t braying like a wounded marmoset, Skelton was back to his old ShopNBC bag o’ tricks: berating producers on air for having wrong information or watches on screen; injecting his wholly unfunny “cutting edge humor” into the proceedings; or generally being is usual self-aborbed self, striving to be ever-so-cool what with his skull rings and Dollar General shirts – but the end result is that Skelton more resembles the cackling lone figure in the back of a darkened movie theater, the single guy creep that makes you use a side exit to leave instead of going out the way you came in just so you can avoid eye contact with the guy.

    It’s going to be interesting to hear Lior and/or Skelton try to tap dance about this one. Let’s see: Exactly how is it better to have less TV for your “network”? And, if anyone is counting; it’s now 0-2 for Skelton, as grating and unprofessional a character that has ever been unleashed before a TV camera. And to think: Michael “I’m A Technical Brand Manager, And Don’t You Fucking Forget It” Davis makes Skelton look like Ed Sullivan.

    You’d have to be a poorly dressed goober to join this fan club, but that’s home shopping – catering to the dumb, shut-ins, simpletons, and seniors with nothing better to do. And as bad as ShopNBC can be, WOW.TV was like Chinese water torture.

  4. Gordon Ramsay's Bullocks Says:

    Hi there.

    I was wondering if maybe there was a “television watch show failure expert” that could help save this never once highly esteemed show that nobody has never grown to love?

    I say I say, maybe a king sized safety net needs to be thrown their way, call the Gorton’s fisherman he’s got one.

    Then again, their really not worth saving. 🙂

    Remember when Lior creamed his pants and gave Jim that brown nosed intro on his first show with

    Lior, it’s not just Jim’s fault, it your fault for making a grade A crap decision for your business, hindsight is a killer ain’t it.

    The Neptune comment was funny in one of the posts above, however how about the customer that stores their multitude of Neptune’s in their Neptune storage box? They come with a plastic see thru lid, are you kidding me? Not even a real piece of glass, for every 20 Neptune’s purchased they will give you a free plastic faux leather box, OMG WHATTA DEAL!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bukkake Boobies Says:

    Here’s my list of Swiss Legend watches;

    42 Neptunes, plus people laughing at me when I wear them.

    13 Commanders, but the shitty oil injected bezels are frozen solid and can no longer be turned.

    4 Abyssos, the seconds hands stutter more than Gilbert Godfried on crack and Audrey Hepburn combined.

    6 Subadors, again, lots of people laughing at me, wonder why?

    5 Challengers, believe me, it’s a challenge not to get laughed at all the time.

    6 Limos, more like 6 jalopys.

    4 Estates, yet homeless people laugh at me when I have one on.

    2 Colossos, I should of spent the money on a dollar menu instead.

    What you may ask did I get for all the money I spent?


  6. EsCar Blow Says:

    Swiss made? Swiss made?

    Lior & co should pack it up and just sell their watches to the Israeli basketball team, at least they won’t look like hubcaps on the wrist.

    Swiss federation must of choked on their Finlandia when SWI tried to pull that shit.

  7. Cindyloo Valjioux Says:

    I don’t think making fun of world of watches is the right thing to do here. They are very hard working people and I’m sure if they read this stuff it would offend them greatly!

    Shame on ALL of you!!

    You know something else, I have to admit it, swiss legend makes some of the worst fucking timepieces next to those walmart specials with base metal and plastic cases.

    Happy now?

  8. Value Vision Says:

    Before I say what I gotta say, I saw the highly respected Shawn Wilsie on the Liquidation Channel, he was an awesome host for the shop, one of my favorites, although he was selling $7.99 wildlife rings he still has it, Shawn was very smart for leaving that network.

    SWI’s unsuccessful litigation regarding the trademark has got to be one of the dumbest attempts ever made by a company, nuff said, and they should incur losses and feel stupid in the interim.

    I wasn’t until now, privy to the Clearlake Capitol Group, but like you said, world of watches was a “potential” factor for competition for nbc”, I humbly do not agree with that because nbc really has no competition due to the fact that uninformed and uneducated consumers are flocking to them, specifically Invicta watches, and as we all know the shop should just give up entirely and have two networks, one called the Invicta Channel, the other called Shopnbc where they sell whatever else aside from mass produced Asian origin timepieces.

    Looks like the feeble Ustream/Directtv show will remain that way unless Lior Ben-Shmuel and I guess Clearlake take a different direction all together. This looks like the beginning of a good story. Watchlords and Betterskills should be commended for all their contributions, and for shedding a lot of light on businesses that practice in an unscrupulous manor.

  9. Andy Capp Says:

    World of watches is no longer on cable?


    Now I can’t sit back on the couch with my hot fries and watch Jim anymore.

    Let me tell you something else, Jim might not be a perfect citizen, then again who is, but the man is incredibly funny and informative and light years more entertaining than Temple could ever be.

    If I ever have insomnia, all I got to do is listen to Temple present watches.

  10. EazyPeezyChineesey Says:

    listen maggots, its been many a long time since me beens here; so dont want any gump lip from yall

    wurldofwatchez iz me goto sauce fo meez timepeezes!

    stopya ccryin and yo immachore remarkin

    ize has manies a timepeezes maggots; and me thinks yall needz to getz laids!

    ima out

  11. Koimaster Says:

    I wonder if the new partners/owners know of the history of Corona Gorda or of Jimbo.

  12. Tahini I'm-A-Barokas! Says:

    hello, have you seen my wonderful watches? I wear a nice suit but I can kick off anywhere…anywhere!

    Listen to my music, feel what it can do, and there’s something here that just doesn’t seem right, I know you’ll love Elini too!!

    hail Draco…king of the junk watches!!

    My mamma told me, stress free payments you fucking clown.

    FoLkS; ONLY 5 STRESSSSS FREE Payments OF $15.95!

    rock me steady my cock is swollen take it easy now you blow

    I heard my mother cry…I heard her pray the night Swiss Legend died!

    mAnGiA Di GaZzO

    TuTti FrEwTy AllA MozzERELLa LUCky feLLa that’s a SpicY meatball!!

    nit nO NinE 876-5309 oHHHH 876-5309

    oHHH wHooAAA WHOOaa IT’S Chinese magic YOU know!

    gen tso’s frozen chicken

    eGG Roll wITH Quack SAuce

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Eat a pupu sandwich

  14. koimaster Says:

    The comments are directly from a current WOW host. I will add that there is far more information that was shared with me but I will not disclose it so we can avoid the incognito or anonymous trolls from coming out of the wood work.

    “SWI has just moved to a new corporate office and warehouse. Needless to say the move has delayed things. There’s a bit of chaos. But in the end, everything gets better. Google Doron Basha. He has just come on board to be Creative Producer for WOWtv. He’s elevating everything! I could not be happier. You should see less company brands on the show and more premier brands soon. Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Graham, Maurice Lecroix, Oris, Rolex (pre-owned) Alpina, Hublot, to name a few. I’m excited about the changes. Temporarily, SWI added a few more carriers of the show until we moved. The new focus is on expansion to major carriers, improved sets, higher resolution broadcast (incredibly expensive) and greater social media and online presence, i.e. Greater access.”

    “The watch lab/manufacturer we use is in Lugano Switzerland. (The secure facility does not allow us to distribute or publish the address, however I have seen it!) Having said Lugano, you will be able to find it.

    I have also asked the SeniorVP to pull the US customs certificate of origin for Swiss Legend. I will forward that shortly.

    We get watches both from manufacturer and from parallel distributors through all legal and business ethical channels. We are too large of a company to risk our direct relationships with high end watches to snag a few “grey market” bargains. All watches come with full warranty. (If we bought the watch directly through the manufacturer it goes to them, if we bought it from a parallel market we do the repair). I have used the SWI jewelers and cabineteers for my personal watches and they are great! All warranty work is sent to SWI for us to either return to manufacturer or our jewelers. That way the customer doesn’t have to figure it out. (ORIS, Eterna, and several other high ends INSIST we let them do the work. We let them!) 🙂

    And of course there was no backlash about the mention of your forum by SWI. Our NEW staff was excited I made the connection. Our Senior VP Nisso Barokas wants 10 questions from you or your forum about watches, design, movements or any other watch related question for him to answer on the air. 🙂

    Anyway, feel free to write anytime and ask more questions, get clarity or make comments. :-)”

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