July 15, 2014

I’ve been peripherally following the milestones and hiccups in the world of TV horology and was aware that Invicta’s primary propaganda tool,, had been down for some time.

On a whim, I checked in today and saw this message from Invicta Watch Company CEO, Eyal Lalo:


The explanation jumps right out at me:

“We were not supplied with the required codes necessary to serve the site and the existing content was blocked from our access.”

“In this past week, we then discovered, that the entire database had been intentionally erased this destroying the platform we worked so hard to diligently preserve for you to enjoy.”

The page auto-directs uses to Invicta’s Facebook page.

THIS statement seems to imply that someone maliciously took down watchgeeks and the inference to be made is that former Technical Brand Perception Manager, Michael Davis, would be the culprit. He was the administrator of the website and he publicly rage quit back in April.

In Davis’ Facebook post from June 21st, he makes mention of the neglect of the site:

“I tuned over the daily administration and maintenance of WatchGeeks to Invicta about a month ago when they would not come to terms with me over the ongoing work needed to keep it running. “

BUT interestingly, he seemed to still have enough access to state that “…(Invicta) have done absolutely no maintenance or work on the site (which is the reason why there is 3,000 membership requests sitting in queue that have not been processed).”

He went on to say that “…sooner or later that site will come crashing down.”

While I do think he’s a shithead, evidenced by his proclivity to use the ban hammer while at geeks and that threatening website directed at Koi over at watchlords; his malicious act of sabotaging watchgeeks?


In reading through Davis’ Facebook posts, it’s clear that he just had enough of ShopHQ and Invicta.


Maybe because they send Invicta rep, and former model, Ryan Johnson to all of the remotes in sunny tropical locations while Davis stews in the Minnesota studio like Bumble the Yeti at 3:30am.

Was he tired of the constant attacks and references to his past? Maybe the guy that called in live to a Davis and Temple show and claimed he robbed bowling ally to support his Invicta addiction was the straw that broke the camels back.

I think the site was deliberately left to rot. Maybe that mail I got back in 2010 about a supposed watchgeeks social network on ning really was a strategy and not a hoax?

Watchgeeks turned into a means to an end for Invicta. A place where dissent could be squashed through deliberate and calculated attacks on character and fellow members were whipped into a frenzy to belittle and run off ‘negative’ posters. It was used to marginalized and ostracize critics. It became a point of control. And the artifacts and proof posted by pissed off consumers could easily be deleted.

But times changed. Social media changed. What once was possible to control was not as people took to social media and messageboards and eviscerated Invicta for their poor quality and misrepresented products. Hardcore Invictards abandoned the brand and nearly all of the folks that used to routinely threaten and attack me on this blog were either kicked off of watchgeeks as they were no longer useful and disappeared or they have become vocal Invicta critics because they saw the light.

As new leadership takes the reins at ShopHQ, I wonder how much longer Invicta will air on the network. It’s the same product, over and over. How many different color combinations can you put on a Bolt and act excited about?

A new social media strategy may be exactly what Invicta needs to again become relevant in a genre crowded with the addition of micro brands. In killing off watchgeeks they can further distance themselves from all of the bad karma that geeks generated. In suggesting that it was taken down maliciously, they attempt to create animus toward Davis and his ‘solopreneur’ endeavors for the remaining diehards obsessed with post counts.

The death of watchgeeks could be the clean break and reboot that the Invicta watch company needs.

I think it’s too late.


41 Responses to “watchgeeks.nyet”

  1. TWAA "Twat Waffles Association Of America" Says:

    I want to chime the fuck in, got it!!

    Camels backs are STRONG, not worthless n weak like ones TMJ. Colors and combos and corny SD reception make for comedy from those paper thin miscreants.

    I am a former host of the #1 television network!!! My grammar is light years superior to yours you feeble frivolous man ( I got Paid Handsomely representing Invicta) with no fervor. I ooze cool!! I use big words and sexual innuendo’s!!

    Praytell who are you? Praytell who was that? Is Eyal finally the victim here? Same Bat time, same Bat channel!!

    Yeah that caller got through “mysteriously” maybe his name was “Tuttle” give him some ink n paper cause this is the horology version of Candieland y’all!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the talk about these folks, I know plankton that make better timepieces, and they have great CS!! Loser LOSER loserssssssss!

    I truly want this on Acorn Tv, please? What material…and we’ll call the soap opera “One Davis To Live” or “General Fake Swiss Hospital” or “Days Of Our Lies”.

    Liberate from Invicta sir Miguel Davis, leave their feces riddled shelter as you’ve dirtied your being with more than scotch, more than a watch, more than Swatch, you are TAINTED with the recognizable odor of those yellow boxes of PUTRID DOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Krane11367 Says:

    Wow…welcome back, better. It’s people like you and the guys at the Watchlords website that have, indirectly, fought the good fight for consumers for something like five years now. There’s no question that the wheels are coming off for Invicta, but only after the scores of upset consumers who are left to stare at their unworking chronos, then have to go through the sheer stupidity and ridiculousness of Invicta’s non-existent QC.

    But, as to the matter at hand: Davis? Skelton? Lalo? Who gives a flying fuck about these amateur “TV celebrities”? They’ve preyed on the stupid and the unknowing for far too long now; hopefully, smarter board members at the Clinton Group, now with ValueVision, will give TV watches the ozone as they try to keep Slop from being a total money-losing embarrassment.

    As for WatchGeeks: I used to try to help them; then I pitied them, but now I honestly loathe those morons, dweebs, and ass kissers. All over some cheapo Chinese watches. They’d accuse other sites of crashing theirs; they’d shout down those with more knowledge or who had been ripped off; they’d buy three watches because they damn well knew two of them wouldn’t work. And to think they’ve spent the last couple of months nominating a shyster opportunist like poor put-upon Michael Davis for sainthood tells you everything you need to now.

    And the most funny part about all this is that the Geeks have seen all their heroes de-pantsed, one by one, all of them – ALL of them, from Sketon to Magen to Davis! – as well as their beloved Interweb whelping box, and yet, they cling to their yellow cheese boxes, their tear-stained cheeks flush with both anger and confusion, laying on their sides in their cribs as they cry themselves to a restless, unsettled sleep.

    It’s all just SO fucking satisfying.

  3. betterskills Says:


  4. Jim Skelton Says:

    What is the deal with you people?

    And why must you try to ruin peoples lives and credibility?

    You have ZERO knowledge about the industry, and no facts, everything is based on guesses! I feel bad for you guys, really, I mean there’s got to be a mental lapse reoccurring here.

    Koi has personally caused my life great pain and stress, Koi you are the devil and I’m still waiting for that knock? Hmmm?

    I’ve maintained friendships with my former vendor guests and representatives although I would never wear an Invicta again, their still my dear friends, Jill too!

    I have to go, this is the last time I will grace this shameful blog,

    Please, if you haven’t heard, I am writing a special children’s book called “When Chaos Met Holocaust”, it’s all about watches…trust me!

  5. betterskills Says:

    Wow – you didn’t come back as InCognito using a work computer this time.

    Remember, you’re the one that dove head first into sending your dopey fanbois over here to start shit and try to intimidate with threats of physical violence – Trainer Dave; Ukraney, that old ass dope who rides Harleys around Vegas and Bichone Daddy. You seem to forget that. They aren’t even good tough guys as I offered to meet Ukraney in Ohio and he never responded; he just went and bitched about me on another messageboard.

    The blogs make no bones about being speculative yet you seem to always want to address them as they’re stating facts. I can admit when I was wrong – I said your next gig would be on Stikcam but you actually ended up on Ustream. You’re clearly the one with mental deficiencies; specifically in comprehension.

    Why don’t you also lay it out on the table that you sent me emails as ‘ShopNBC insider’ where you tried to set the record straight on the Jill incident and paint yourself in a good light.

    Your biggest problem is that you love to be a prick but can’t take it when people give it back. Koi didn’t make your life a living hell – you did that. It started with Bruce and Lindsay Storey. Then as you made enemies on forums, that came back to haunt you. As for Koi, you started shit with him, and again, you got out maneuvered by him. Boo-fucking-hoo.

    Then you had to start making little comments on air at Shop, “I guess I need some “betterskills” there Michael – haha chortle, chortle”. Of course I’m going to accept that challenge!

    I think my speculation was pretty right on, and that’s the thing that gets under your skin.

  6. TwatWaffles Says:

    Someone with lockjaw who stinks of old cigars just ran away with his tail between his legs, nice Better!

    In his mental mind he’s a saint, and he feels he’s off and Striding…hahaha Maybe he should fade away finally…

    Was that Koi of me?

  7. bulldogbrower Says:

    Jimbo, you are just a low rent grifter, and not a particularly good one, as your past tends to come back and bite you in the arse.

  8. Koimaster Says:

    about that 117 minute recorded and WITNESSED phone call on 9/20/2013 which came into my cell via Skype.

  9. julius6000 Says:

    Jim Skelton? What ever happened to you? I haven’t heard of you since you were hawking crappy watches on some third rate home shopping network.

    What’s your scam err… career now?

  10. M. D. Says:

    I fucking left because Eyal and co were just using me. I no longer own my Invicta timepieces anymore!

    Television tells only one side of the story people!

    Jim, you were my dearest and most respected friend, and I loved you, but this time the “buddy I’m sorry act” isn’t going to chime. I’ve done everything in my power to be a good guest host and representative of the brand, then upon leaving you do this to me? And to the fellow Watchgeeks?? Wrong, just wrong!

    I will find another gig with wino hours, goodbye and good fucking riddens!!

    Oh yeah, to all you Invicta fans, in case you didn’t know those are indeed fake sandstone and MOP dials, and those weekend remote telecasts you see us at are RENTALS!!!! My ex-cellmate IS NOT writing any book people, in fact he’s in Portugal and he’s one of my oldest friends till this very day.

    Fuck off the lot of you, I’m going bowling.


    Ryan Johnson sucked my cock in the Shop bathroom last year during our annual Xmas party for the hosts and staff, bi-bi-Ryan, say hello to your wife for me! If I wasn’t so drunk I for sure would of known you were a guy…Shhhhhh our little secret.

  11. betterskills Says:

    That’s funny!

  12. Krane11367 Says:

    Actually, I don’t think that was really Jim Skelton – I think that post was meant for the foreign market, and somehow the shipment came here. I’d bet there are some loud conversations going on with, well, a company he has no relationship with, but the name of which can easily pull right out of his ass.

    In addition, the post was the wrong color – it wasn’t blue, so obviously it has no credibility.

    No one is lying to you when they’re not selling you a watch…

  13. Larry Magen Says:

    I’m just sitting home boppin and a rockin to some doo-wop oldies and styling my amazing quaff laughing my ass off!!

    Glad I left when the getting was good. Whatta circus!!

    I was watching old reruns of The Jeffersons stretching my gooey duck to Flo (damn she was a fine piece of ass) and I shot some goo all over my $99.00 Madman, need a hanky and have to make a call to Stuhrling’s customer service because my crown wasn’t pushed in and now the time says jizz.

    When I wore a younger mans clothes I dated Chinese and German, Irish and Italian of course, but I never dated a woman of color, you know, an ebony goddess like Flo from The Jeffersons. A personal friend of mine who was a camera man on the show dated her for 8 months, told me her clamcake tasted like burnt bologna and hand cream. :0

    Back to the article and comments, I personally have my own hypothesis, their all wolves in sheep’s clothing!

    Back 2 me, I’m still grasping my youth and wearing sunglasses that look like welding equipment.

  14. Corona Gorda Says:

    This is the real me, no incognito here. I had nothing to do with Watchgeeks, why?, because I could care less about a watch forum that Invicta is involved with.

    As far as the turd whom posted under my real name, he or she has to be on drugs or just a waste of life to begin with, however I do pity many of you posters, it’s 2014, still no lives?

  15. Hydromax Says:

    Hello, I’m only 52mm excluding the crown, and I’m just about 30mm tall, my crystal alone is at least 4mm, I am a reserve, and it’s my only 2nd airing and my price has already been cut in half.

    In my next installment I will be talking about bloated msrp’s and how we get away with murder.

    Gotta run because I’m on air right now!!

  16. Hydromax Says:

    …and my cousin is a cinderblock!!

  17. Krane11367 Says:

    Sniff….sniff…I smell bichon poontang.

  18. Hydromax Says:

    No no Krane my good man, it’s not Bichon pussy.

    Actually I felt compelled to write that because at the same time I was writing it to Better, Incrapta was live on air (imagine that) at the very same time selling their HYDROMAX.

    I thought I saw it all with the arsenal, or any of their Whoppers with cheese as wrist bling, but this Hydromax takes the yellow cake!

    It’s so FUCKING hysterical, 52mm without the crown, 30mm high off the wrist excluding the 4mm crystal, can’t make this shit up pal, you just can’t, but Incrapta can!

    It’s the leaning tower of shitsa on the wrist, they look so STUPID selling these bricks that tell time, I bet there’s more Mack Truck sized watches even bigger in the pipelines for those schmucks.

    In fact the hosts and their guests (especially that scratchy voiced peckerwood that used to sell Stuhrling Prestige and Swiss Legend) put it on their wrists and they looked like they were having a hard time holding in the chuckles.

    Where’s chef Danny G. when we need him, because you know he would of said “brilliant timepiece from Invicta”…LOLOL!!!

  19. Bozo The Clown Says:

    I wear a Sea Hunter!

  20. WOW Says:

    Hey guys, please don’t forget to tune into every weekend for our Super Summer Bonanza!

    Price Bombs and more!

    Were giving away a free Swiss Legend Throttle and Submersible so Tweet Tweet to Compete!!

    Sign up for our mailing list and earn points towards future WOW purchases!!!

    Whether it’s a high end Maurice LaCroix or IWC or even Jean Richard, or our Ben & Sons…cough cough’ Ouch!

    Don’t worry because we offer Stress Free Payments, but if your name is Koi we don’t want your business thank you.

    Tune into our live WOW Podcast in Aug and watch Lior’s brother Imipramine and our cousin Clonidine make cous cous!!

    If you own any of our Chinese/Swiss parts movements we are now furnishing a 45 yr warranty on our very own in house movement, the SL-88, it might sound like a highway but trust us and trust the folks at Claro for their help in making it for us, you know Claro, where their modo is “If it stutters like Audrey Hepburn gargling marbles then it’s a Claro”. πŸ™‚

    Okay everyone, the lamb fritters are ready and I have to water my camels.

    See you at WOW!!

  21. ShiverMeTimbers Says:

    Invicta just opened up a new store at the Staten Island Mall, so know you can wear a goofy shit Chinese swiss made piece of shit on your wrist while smelling the fucking dump outside of the mall!

    And maybe grow a 3rd arm while your at it, ain’t them methane fumes delightful?

  22. Swiss Legend Pigeon Says:

    Hello folks I am the Swiss Legend Pigeon.

    I bring you news from the land of Swiss Legend, like our new Frontier model…


    Hmmm…let’s see the new Swiss Legend Avigation?

  23. The REAL Mongo Says:

    I have decided after many months of deep thought to come to this low budget webpage to give you all my take on the Watchgeeks database.

    First off, I am in no way stating I’m better than any of you, but the stuff I’ve read through here is just down right appalling and largely unfair.

    Let’s set the record straight shall we?

    When I left my employer The Invicta Watch Group (notice I didn’t say Shophq) it was with a heavy heart. The same thing goes for Watchgeeks, now I feel I must explain, even to some of the haters.

    Coincidences happen everyday, and upon my departure from Invicta I deleted my personal page…etc. I also deleted the ski burns form my underwear with a small toothbrush and some mamma spit.

    I must have hit the wrong button while hitting the bottle, I’M SO SORRY!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦


    I was in rough shape that week, I found my girlfriend in bed with the milkman and she begged me not to tell the butcher.

    I need money and my teeth are rotting, so I entered a contest at the local nursing home bobbing for applesauce.

    Yesterday I bought a used car and found my girlfriends dress in the back seat.

    I know she’s been cheating on me cause every time I come home the parrot says “out the window”.

    I’ve been desperate lately with my old shriveled cheese-laden cock of mine ya know, so I took Viagra and got a hooker but she chipped her tooth.

    Trying to stop drinking is hard, very hard, my doctor was worried so he asked me for a urine sample and he found an olive.

    I told my doctor I want a vasectomy and he told me not to do it cause my face is ugly.

    I’m an aging watchgeek, you know my insurance only sent me half a calendar.

    I’ve been trying to lose weight with exercise but I keep jogging into restaurants.

    My doctor finally had enough with me so he requested a semen sample, a fecal sample, and a urine sample, so I left my underwear and went home.

    My love life stinks too, I met this wild chick, really wild so I took her to the bar and she gave the mechanical bull her phone #.

    I hope know all of you can finally understand what happened and what I’m going through. Setting the record straight, awwww damn!!!! I just crapped my pantaloons, gotta go!!

  24. Mark Bozek Says:

    That’s it I’ve had enough!!!

    Mr. Betterskills you might have a right to operate this blog but you and your minions do not have the right to slander the entire watch and home shopping industry!

    I might be new on the job but I’m no rookie!!

    Your all jealous and I am no stranger to board room confrontations understand!!!

    There might be legal ramifications in your future Mr. B!!!

    Oh yeah and come spring of 2015 we will have 2 channels you moronic pukes, one for watches and the other for everything else, and Invicta will be at the helm of this endeavor and we will be introducing a number of new amazing brands that will coexist with Invicta here on our flagship channel.

    They are:



    Michael Kors

    Marcel Drucker


    Kenneth Cole


    and the great Evisu!

  25. Invicter's So Cool! Says:

    So Watch Geeks is gone…so what? We got a new, super keen site up now called – WGs is so 2010! We aren’t a sponsored forum, yet what do we do? We bounce members for reporting on Invicta’s pending investigation by the Florida Attorney General; have thread after thread on the Hydromax (which I see you guys see is super duper keen too!); and have one old bugger who likes every single watch we post about in our sales threads! He’s one of about 100 members who have post over SIX MILLION TIMES in just eight weeks! Other than that, we fap away like orangutans on orange Faygo about every ShopHQ remote broadcast from Mexico and Florida, discuss Venoms and Subaquas and Ocean Ghosts like they’re actual watches, arrange get-togethers, print t-shirts, and run threads letting our best members know where they can get actual cow leather belts larger than 60 inches! Everybody come and join today – you’re find more than a friend – you’ll find an obsession! You HAVE to join.

    Uh…time’s a’wastin.

    Where are you? Join today! No really! It’s so COOL! Honestly! We’re waiting? If you love Invicta, you MUST join. Did you read what I just wrote? It’s been over two minutes and you haven’t responded to my new thread, so I’m going to bump it myself. What’s wrong with you people…..everything happens to me! I’m not talking now. You don’t deserve to learn all the keen deals on DOD sites now. You see? You see what you did? Do you? DO you?

  26. Mr. Melvin Meteorite Says:

    Act now!

    Don’t delay!!

    It’s an Invicta Once Only!!!

    We put our meteorite dial in a Bolt Zeus with a COSC quartz.

    The COSC certification “DOES NOT” accompany your timepiece, instead you must call this FUGAZZI phone # 45 days after purchase and speak to either Monique or Falafal Jr.

    Then you must provide them with 2 forms of ID and a copy of your Reserve receipt, also include 3 vials of blood and your fingerprints.

    THis iS a staggering DEal!!!!

    Look @ the meteorite dial and the striations and natural ribboning effect!! Straight from Africa to your doorstep!

    These watches will be sold out before you can blink!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Well mr skelton, perhaps i should release those two recorded phone calls to my cell phone on september 24 & 25 of 2013 which were made by two now former tv shills. Both calls were witnessed by third parties who were present and heard the calls on the speaker.

  28. Jim "Diamond" Skelton Says:



    Why don’t I remember this alleged recorded phone calls???

    Are you one of the many trolling my good name????

    Every time I jizzle on Invicta Ryan’s cheek it’s with thoughts of you!

    You want my oversized sausage?

    You want it in your mouth and my nuts on your forehead??

    People now I’m getting TIRED of all these posts, so now I’m gong down to your pathetic level!!

    I will give you the dirt:

    1- Kendy Klopefor has linebacker hips and eggplant colored pussy lips.

    2- Eyal Lalo is really Satan.

    3- Brian Kessler rubs Bill Cosby’s afro on his assy niblets.

    4- Allison Waggoner shoves whole salami’s up her asshole.

    5- Mellisa Miner has a stinky vaginer.

    6- Lynne Schacher eats live birds.

    7- Connie Kunkle sings opera while her hubby shits on her feet.

    8- Tim Temple has been abducted 311 times by aliens.

    9- Kimberley Wells used to play a horse in the circus.

    10- Daniel Green rolls up his homemade snotballs and sprinkles them in his oatmeal.

    11- Skip Connelly fucked a walrus in it’s ass at SeaWorld.

    12- Tami Lynn won the best gumbs award 14 years in a row.

    13- Invicta Ryan Johnson used to be in gay porn.

    14- Mark Bozek uses special makeup to hide his neck bolts.

    So why not make fun of them and not me the great Jim Skelton?

  29. Koimaster Says:

    At 8:50 pm on 9/18 i recieved a call that lasted 254 minutes from a scumbag who threatened me, tried to blackmail me, threatened my children and made some claims about me that almost had me rolling on the floor but i had to let the call run it’s course. That call was recorded AND witnesses by a third party as the call was on a speaker. Imagine my surprise when onthe 19th at 7:05 in the evening i recieved another call from the same number, again the skype assignrd one that lasted 117 minutes. This call had three people on the call and again another extortion attempt by scumbags. Once again the call was witnessed by a third party and recorded. Apparently some people are under the mistaken impresssion that I am a public figure. The salem police and my attornies disagree. Further extortion in oregon is a felony with a three year statute of limitations. Ohh yes, mattiueu lacross has no involvement in this. Hell some people are so dumb they call my office in an attempt to get me fired. Sorry guys but I have not been there in awhile now due to illness but the fbi agent from 2009 is named monty eldon. If you still want to play i can not only send the recordings to lior and others but i can upload them to youtube. Both calls also mentioned one of your minions, stupid. I suggest you keep your mouths closed. I am having a cease and desist letter sent to you along with a warning from my lawyer about extortion. I suggest you pay heed.

  30. Crap Nuggets Says:

    Hey every 1

    Forget the meteorite and the skies and let’s talk crab cakes and crab legs shall we?

    I just received 6 – 3oz crab cakes for only $90.00 on value pay!!! You do the math, and yes I’m a total idiot…and the next morning it didn’t come out in lumps. πŸ˜‰

    I also just got my Deadliest Catch Invicta watch, WOW, such original thought and design to slap a DC logo on a cheap mass produced shit Poor Diver!

    Oh no, I just shit a crapcake…LOL

    Captain Sig unfortunately you are now tainted with the unforgettable stench of Eden Prairie’s finest!! YOU SCHMUCK!

    Allison (no talent) Waggoner was eating the crapcakes with a hint of Dijon and she’s such an amazing chef d’ cuisine, NOT!!

    I’d rather eat pigeon sperm and wormy cheese tacos than give one red cent of my $$ to anything that SHAMLESS SHIT excuse for a shopping network.

    I bet Kevin Bozek lapped up the leftovers.

  31. Larry Labia Says:

    Hello Mr. Koi and how are you?

    Once again you make one hell of a post!

    For selfish comedic reasons I’d love it if you would upload those 2 calls to Youtube. πŸ˜€

    Lior already knows who he sleeps with so my humble guess is that would be a total waste of time.

    What would be fantastic is if you uploaded them because it’s bad enough the fanboys back him/them up while you have irrefutable evidence, but your legal advocate might suggest otherwise.

    Did you hear that bell??? Just like George Bailey every time a bell rings an Invictard buys a wrist clock!!! LMAO!!!

    Love WOW’s recent Maurice LaCroix sale last night, such oversaturated dribble and I personally think some of the power reserve Pontos are fakes!

    Competing against them last night was Fortis on SlopHq, yeah right Stephen Jay…what value and history…while I’m at it I think I’ll pick up GV2’s Avenue Of The Americas…5K MSRP for a FUCKING 2892…LMAOOOOOOO!

    Give it to em Koi!

  32. Fan Of Koi Says:

    I like Koi fish.

    I also like lasagna/stuffed shells/beer/bacon/bread/crumpets/mayo/brandy/mac n cheese/steak/shrimp po boy’s.

    And I also enjoy Milfs/golf/wedgies/snatch cakes/bowling alleys/Koimasters ingenius will/powdered donuts.

  33. Water_Wiggle Says:

    Konnie Kunkel has a husband?

  34. Richard Says:

    Are you still connected to the watch business? Is there a place I can see what is going on? Why haven’t you re-connected to the educated, experienced and knowledgeable watch collectors ( and those in the watch business who care? You can email back to me and why add so many others to your list again. Richard Kalina President Jean Marcel Pure Swiss watches

  35. krane11367 Says:

    Since WGs is now a faded memory even among TV watch hoarders/cult members, I eagerly hope that all of you out there – even you, big lovable Larry – try, a site so stoopid it makes WatchGeeks look like Hodinkee. It’s unreal; post after post from the same nine or 10 simps who seem to order Invicta watches every time they appear on the quickly failing EvineDead – one guy, who apparently drives an AMC Pacer, seems to either order a new Chinese watch every day or buy one at one of the new piss-colored Invicta retail kiosks/stores/bargain leases. There’s another old bugger on there who has tallied tens of thousands of posts, since he apparently likes EVERY SINGLE WATCH THAT’S EVER BEEN MADE (“A classic, elegant timepiece at a great price. Thanks for posting!”). The scariest/creepiest aspect of watchintyme is the almost cult-like mentality about people like Eyal Lalo (“He’s got his own airplane!”) and especially Wing Laing; there’s actually a thread running right now about the members there organizing a “National Wing Liang Appreciation Day,” apparently for the former Android Chinese watch designer not quitting the TV watch business after reportedly reaching an agreement with Google for the name. They also seem be be sidling up to former Invicta talking head Michael Davis, who has started a site hawking watches on his own.

    Of course, bad-mouthing Invicta is not allowed, lest a member be branded a “hater.” Talk about Invicta’s shadily-hype products, chronos that don’t work, false fronts on watches, utter lack of quality control, dubious pasts of TV shysters, etc? It won’t happen at They already closed a thread about a possible investigation of Invicta Watch Group by the attorney general of a southern state. Yep…nary a discouraging word, even as there are literally thousands of of consumer complaints posted at both consumer sites and places like; finding complaints about the company apparently is far easier than finding a pin for a SubAqua Noma III watch band, but who’s counting?

    Watching these simps hoard TV watches by the bushel basketful isn’t just funny – it’s downright scary. Much like listening to the class comedy/horror album “Shut Up Little Man!” by Raymond & Peter, watchintyme displays in graphic, open prose the tastelessness, confusion, and general cult-like mentality of the American TV watch hoarder in all its exploitive glory. No question about it: “WIT members and WatchGeeks are to watch collecting what cat ladies are to animal rights,” penned someone at another watch site, and truer words were never written.

  36. Twat Waffles Says:

    Krane much love to you buddy!!! Great post.

    I haven’t checked out Watchintyme yet, guess the watch SPOOF called Shop…Oops…Evine Live has been providing me and my family with all the comedy we need.

    Remember Krane, Invicta is the most cutting edge, the most original and certainly the most prolific and well respected watch company in the industry. Everyone is watching their every move because they provide such quality and AWWWW SHIT, just threw up in my mouth, sorry.

    Low budget network, low budget products, low budget talent and guests. Did I leave out anything? Oh yes., low budget broadcast.

    As truck tire sized watches are peddled and false claims are sales pitched and as long as the old customers that wised up move on and the new dummies roll in, that station and that watch show will still live on.

    I don’t hate you Tim (fervor) Temple, and you need to make a living, but at the end of the day you and Ryan (I’m a former sweetie pie model) and Justin (I’ll try anything 6 times) and the rest of the clan are around, the definition of BORING will be alive and well demonstrated!

    What happened to the galloping yenta Jill?

    Where’s everyone’s pal Eyal gone? Camera shy? Think they have cameras in Hong Kong.

    Swiss parts anyone?

    Oh nooooo, Michael (fake navy seal, fake black belt, bank robber and full time drunken hobo) Davis is back???

    The hotness returns from whiskey river!

    Oh Jim Skelton, look what you’ve done, you selfish lying little rat!! I’m moving to Dallas so I can find you and shit on your face and steal your knife collection. What a contribution to the shill kingdom you’ve made! Leech!!!

    Rick Kalina if that’s really you, please pass GO and head straight to the nearest assisted living home, while your there crap peas n’ corn and dribble till you puke! Nobody gives a shit about your SHIT Jean Marcel’s. You are without a doubt a frivolous little man.

    I’ve just violated the TOS, now Mongo is gonna block me.

  37. Twat Waffles Says:

    Forgot to mention, the Vostok shows on Eswine are just ridiculously presented.

    From the spastic stuttering movements to Craig to Tim to the watches and the Russian guy on video call, cheezy!!

    Okay folks make sure you get that CRAZY collectible Vostok Mriya 10-yr anniversary with the COLLECTIBLE hard to find must for your collection SI 88!

    Also forgot to mention the not so mighty Win Liang. My good LORD what an awful watch designer!!

    Okay there will be more Invictards birthed this year, go to your nearest mall to see them don their stainless steel made Whoppers with cheese!

  38. Paul Pluta Says:

    Dog shit watches!

  39. Koimaster Says:

    Do not forget that Inflicta is still pushing the bullshit, discredited story of granny lalo designing the Russian Diver. The last story was it was presented to the guys with the biggest stars and smallest dicks which she blew in a vain attempt to get a larger order. There is a sucker born every day with the stamp on their foreheads stating lemming, wing commander, Inflicta hoarder or some such crap.

    I suppose they will either move on from these crap watches and the shysters that sell them, or they will continue to throw good money after bad.

  40. Michsel davis Says:

    Is Tim Temple Gay?

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