Jim Skelton is Leaving DirectTV Channel 227

February 24, 2015

From Jim Skelton’s Facebook page:

“Last week I posted that I would have an announcement coming soon. Well, today is part one of that announcement. I am retiring from TV! This is a decision long in the making, and was not made lightly. I begin a new chapter in my life, filled with opportunity and excitement. My family will be leaving Miami and relocating to Dallas Texas in April. I am currently on my way to the airport to meet my realtor in Dallas to begin the search for our new home.

I will not be on the air this weekend, but will be on the following weekend, and hope to enjoy my last few shows with all of you. To clarify, I am not leaving to go to another network, the next few shows will truly be my last ever on TV. I have enjoyed my 10+ years doing what I love, sharing my passion for watches with all of you. I’m fortunate to have made a connection with so many people, and gotten to know you and your families over the years. You’ve allowed me to do what I love, and invited me into your homes, and you’ll never know how truly grateful I am for that. It’s time now for me to share my other passions with the world, in a totally different venue, but one that everyone will have access to. In the coming weeks I will follow this up with the rest of the details, but I am still ironing everything out at this point. This time around I have the freedom to share everything about my upcoming adventures, without any silly contracts prohibiting me from disclosing details of where I’m going and what I’m doing. Thank You all so much for your support and I look forward to what lies ahead for myself and my family. Stick around, I hope to surprise you”
The much loved, and equally maligned, former host of the distant number three shopping network, ShopNBC, ShopHQ, Evine has called it quits and is leaving DirectTV channel 227 where he barks for SWI. Unlike ShopNBC, where he was fired, we’re not sure if he is the one calling the shots on this move or not. I’ve wondered what his baggage would mean to Clearlake Capital Group, the investment firm that bought SWI back in December of 2012. Without Lior to protect him and corporate wolves focused on profit and flying below the radar, what would happen with Jim? I’ll state that I have zero knowledge of his contract details, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Skelton was working for base, plus commission. With watchgeeks.net gone, how was Skelton marketing to anyone? His FB page revealed thousands of fans that always lamented their financial woes whenever he added product placements for his shows. He couldn’t have been selling much.  I’d hardly call his Strider watch collaboration with Android’s Wing Liang a success as the price was halved for a few months and he still hasn’t been able to move the total production of 500 units. My prediction: Jim Skelton makes a move into knives and tries to duplicate the success he had in TV horology with the apparent vacuum left by the exit of the Frost Cutlery guys.

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  1. Krane11367 Says:

    Strike 100 or whatever. A blight on the hobby from the word go; thanks for ripping off thousands of shut-ins, simpletons, and seniors. Please, if you say you’re going, go; notice how guys like him and Michael Davis write these huge proclamations on social media just to desperately stay on the fringes. This guy needs to get out, and pronto. Of course, I write these words with love; but then again, I bet those who are staring at their unworking $1,000 Invicta chronos/crystal diamonds/fake standstone/wrinkly and-or fake MOP/broken junk wouldn’t be as gracious.

    And, hey, let’s face facts: The young woman who sits to Skelton’s left, Megan Harris, wiped the mat with the guy from the moment she showed up. She’s bright, attractive, funny, and smart, a real media pro – all the things Skelton always tried to be but was too low-rent to even come close to pulingl off. Yet, I wouldn’t be shocked if what’s left of SWI doesn’t pull the plug on the whole streaming sales thing; their posted YouTube videos only attract a couple of hundred looks on a good day.

    Wow, what a week for Geeks – first, Android is leaving Evine, and now Skelton’s gonna be gone, too. Lots of moms offering chocolate milk to their sobbing layabouts in basement bedrooms at sleepy time this week, I reckon!

    better – thanks, as always, for your reporting on Skelton during these past few years. You and sites like WatchLords have done what few people in the actual media have done: You’ve seen consumers getting ripped off and you’ve reported facts about what’s really going on. Watch magazines didn’t do it; the “legit” media didn’t do it – you did. Like MLMs and the guy in the airport restroom, home shopping networks are the worst kind of seedy come-on, with little accountability and even less quality or value. You had the balls to call them out, even as dimwits who eat rotisserie chicken pointed at you and branded you a “hater”. Well, fuck them, and fuck these TV hucksters. Begone, scumbags, forever and a day.

  2. conjurer Says:

    Thus ends Jawbone! When he couldn’t hack it on even a dive like Shop, he jumps on Lior’s coattails for a “Wayne’s World” version. And now he’s gone. Adios, Jawbone, we hardly knew ye. Nor did we care.

  3. Richard Kalina Says:

    For a fellow who’s been in the watch business for over 45 years and held highest ranking positions, I’ve seen a lot of changes in both the supply side and the sales/marketing sides.
    Recently, my industry has seen the birth of cable T.V., mass merchants, Big Box stores and e-commerce. All are mostly driven by both real and fake major discounting of commodity type brands and all generate huge unit and dollar sales.. Watches that said “Swiss Made” had to be really made-up of Swiss parts. Now you can build a so-called Swiss Made automatic day/date movement that has about 100 pieces in it of which only about 16-18 pieces are truly Swiss Made. The rest are made in China ( or other Pacific Rim countries) and the dial and case will say Swiss Made. They should be stamped/ dial printed Swinese Made.
    Now high-visibility brands and their talented sales-people are jumping here, there and everywhere, with a new and hopefully improved address before I can memorize their last home address. Jim has been at the forefront of this for so many years. What did it take to have him finally say, enough is enough! He always liked to make a lot of money. He always liked to be seen by all the watch collectors and he always liked to be considered a authority on watches. His larger than life persona gave him the package that answered most of those needs and produced tons of money for his employers.
    The watch business has become a magnet to high profits ( big bucks), is easy to get into and doesn’t require a hard to earn degree in The Watch business. When so-called Swiss-Made brands are caught at trade shows, including the Basel Fair, offering and exhibiting watches that have Chinese knock-offs of long established Swiss movements that even bear the E.T.A. hallmark stamp, my industry has certainly changed. Buyers of these questionable Swiss Made watches need some-one and some-place they can look to for the truth and guidance so they make better decisions. Spreading the word and teaching the truth about the watch business will help straighten the course to cleaning-up the mess. This multi-billion dollar global scam needs to be addressed and those driven by greed and perceived power should be found-out. Making better watches should replace making a lot more money as the driving factor in my industry. We should all wish Jim the best of luck in his newest career-path and maybe he’ll try and make it better than it was before he joined it.

  4. David Mermelstein Says:

    Rick? That’s Rick Kalina? What the fuck do you know, boychick? A lot of guys say you’re the new Merm–well, let me set you straight, bubby, there’s only one Motherfucking Merm and that’s me, you schmuck. Who else was the first to put the picture of a fucking shark on a watch? ME, that’s who. And I put a fucking vampire on a watch too, so why don’t you just eat my Havana Tobacco Brown betty, Rick, you fucking loser!!

    And in regards to that asshole Jimmy Skeleton–sure, we had a few yucks, but he was always going off track on my shows and making jokes about peepee’s and lady parts and if fucking pissed me off. I’d sit there on the set, my mouth gaping like a fish, watching the counter off screen and wondering if I could pay the freight on the new “Fifty Shades of Earl Gray” watch I had knocked off in the Orient–err, I mean Switzerland. Anyway, fuck that anti-semite!

  5. Richard Kalina Says:

    News from the street says Android is leaving retail sales because they were very smart when he chose the name Android. Now that one of the leading etronic companies is going to launch a new super watch ( like the Smart Phone concept) they needed to protect the name and they made a deal with the Android brand of watches. Everyone should be happy for him because he working so hard trying to do it right and luck was on his side. Congrats to one of he good guys.

  6. Richard Kalina Says:

    Dear Mr. Merm,
    Too bad that so many true and knowledgeable watch collectors have seen your game for many years and understand what and how you play. Lucky for you, you keep finding new customers to replace those that learn their lessons the hard way.
    I’m proud to state that I never wanted to duplicate Merm, never wanted to be driven by only the biggest profit I can get from customers and drive my business by saying anything to anybody that will get them to empty their wallets. Some say that keeping the target customer stupid is the way to insure continuing sales. Others say the smarter the customer is, the better it is so they make smarter buying choices. I believe a educated customer is the best consumer.
    I also don’t depend on low-level curse-words to try and discredit anyone who tries to help watch customers make smarter buying decisions. Perhaps the words you carefully choose tell more about you than you want customers to know? It’s funny but the truth always leaks out. Besides, why would you want to call yourself the one and only Mother———er?
    Jim is Jim and has always been the same person. If you truly hated him and watched what and how he did his shows, you must have carefully picked him to do your doing. You chose him to sell your watches because you knew he’d make the sales numbers you demanded of him. You can’t pretend you were innocent, didn’t know anything about anything, didn’t know what and how he would do to make the big sales-target numbers you wanted and the giant profits.
    Jim uses his sales skills, developed over so many years, to deliver what his boss demands. I guess you’d like to pretend you had nothing to do with the money machine you ran. Maybe the old saying is true, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!
    I wish Jim a happy transition to his next endeavor wherever it may be, doing whatever he does. Perhaps he has had enough of the game he was in and wants to re-create himself?
    Perhaps he wants to use his skill- sets to do more positive things?
    I don’t wish anyone bad or evil. Many times, you get what you wish on others.

  7. Fatman Says:

    Grifters robbing bowling alley’s, their friends and Cheeto eating, WIT’ less basement dwellers. What a run they had only to be pushed into obscurity by people like Betterskills and Watchlords. Sayonara mother fuckers!

  8. Twat Waffles Says:

    Here we go!

    First off who gives a flying squirrel turd about Skelton’s transition??? Anybody??? Didn’t think so…

    But there hasn’t been an article here for a long time.

    Mermelstein, even though you sell what you sell your alright by me, Oy vey Schmaltz lips!

    Rick Kalina, “every” stinking time you were on air you tried infinitely to take over the host while he/she was speaking, you kept hammering silly self indulgent watch points about your Jean Marcel’s home with utter redundancy. You came across like a watch snob that invented the industry and even though you were in the “selling” mode your a transparent little imp! Disgusting! At least your not Invicta but you still need manners and tact while in front of the camera, your shit really stinks!

    Lior oh well, it’s all going to shit anyway (errr ummm fake Maurice Lacroix’s anyone?) and it’s a good thing your shedding the taint left from Skelton. Seems these Florida watch people tread major lines and use scapegoat statements to blend in and deflect blame to operate.

    Hey Skelton go to Texas and show them your bravado, your moxie, your talents, your resume, and then still after all that nobody cares about you professionally as the wise ones who were there at the beginning of your TV career did the homework and can recognize a major SHILL when they see or hear one. Your disgusting and move like a blind snake you idiot, so predictable!

    I would of bet my life savings your time in Florida was numbered by your conduct on ShitWow.tv, knew it!! You can’t fool anyone anymore and your suckling on your last tit!!!

    Back to Kalina, hey Rick your performance was so god awful on the Shop, do you think you invented the El Primero? The Spring Drive? The Charming Bird? Co-axial? Is your middle name Ludwig? Worked for Patek cleaning their bathrooms? What a silly insignificant little old man that sells ETA based junk.

    Back to Jim, he can’t survive without fooling people. Reread his post, his humble delivery was not convincing (Hello Michael Davis) and his lust for $$ will once again bite him in the sphincter. These hobby/cross hobby leaches never stay long somewhere until their caught to reveal who they really are.


  9. Mrs. Skelton Says:

    I have an announcement to make.

    My gap has widened to accommodate more knockwurst.

    C’mon fellas Jimzy isn’t looking so meet me behind the new Croton headquarters. There’s a free Chronomaster for every nut busted!

    Actually Jimzy is hung like a Clydesdale but every time he’s munching on my piss stained carpet his jaw seems to always lock. Poor jimzy!

    The other evening when Jim went to hang with his knife crew I snuck the mailman butcher and milkman in the back door to finish Jimzy’s job. I guess I’m a whore, oh well.

    Maybe Kalina can licky my sticky while standing up, and when Jimzy comes home from a hard night of fooling people I can stick Kalina in the garden since he looks like a fucking gnome anyway!

  10. Henry Hyperdrive Says:

    Just “Striding” into the convo folks. I’m a real good looker for just $385.00 of all muscle and I’m sushi grade too!

    I’ll put the Zulu in you! Cum on by my toyz!

    My rings and jewelry make me look rough and tough, especially on camera. I am the baddest salesman ever to grace low budget internet streaming!

    The money I’ve made working in Eden Prairie alone will last me and my ugly family a lifetime! Even if I’m selling lots of my knives and watches and cars and jewelry…don’t judge me for I am the man whom invented watch collecting, or is that shit collecting from a tv channel, either way don’t mess with…

    Diamond Jim!

  11. Captian Sol Smegma, Esq. Says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve created a new cookbook just for you guys!

    I call it, “My Time Your Plate, Your Face”, hope y’all like the recipes.


    Holocaust TMJ Oat Twisties
    Invicta Del Tempo Scrambles
    Waiting For A Knock-Wurst Omelette
    Corona Gorda Rip Ya Off Farina
    WOW Stress Free Eggs Benedict


    Shopping For Meat On Brioche
    Don’t Just Talk About It, Do It Fritters
    Swiss Parts Swiss Made Chinese BLT
    Being Slapped In The Face With A Wet Fish Whopper


    Playing With My Wood Florentine
    Mother Of Pearl Sticker Roast Duck
    I’m So Excited I Could Squirt Fried Chicken
    Stuhrling Original Safari Elephant Ho Cakes


    Corn-O-Graff Cobbler
    “The Shirt” Bad Taste Pudding
    Dubois Depraz Speedway Biscotti
    Scuba Pro Diver Streusel With Hands Falling Off Crème
    No Missing Parts Pudding
    Shave A Badger Cookies

    My cookbook will be available for a low price of just $1.00

    Half of my proceeds will go to the JSIATJ Foundation.

    That’s the “Jim Skelton I’m A Total Jerkoff” foundation.

    Please donate when possible to help Jimmy move to Texas, he’ll surely appreciate it!

  12. Lior Bendamule Says:

    This is the lowlife section of the internet, disgraces all of you, that especially goes for you two David and Rick!

    My soon to be released Hava Nagila Perpetual Calendar Chronomaster will break sales records, a case my Zaydel invented when he used to bounce me on his knee!

    Rick, guess what I’m here and I’m really Shimmel!!

    It’s Sunday and I’m having Yentl soup!

    My booty is Shoni!!

  13. Koimaster Says:

    Well who cares anymore? Put a fork into him. Comments or pretending to be his wife is IMHO out of line. Watchlords has a policy where family members are kept out of topics, it is a banning offense with me even though my own family has been dragged into threads and posts by the pond scum and knob polishers from a now dead forum.

    Now about that fake Maurice Lecroix? I would like to know more both as the owner of a couple and a blogger.

  14. Bichon Daddy Says:

    Jim is the reason all of you wear and collect watches!

  15. betterskills Says:

    Not this pilgrim. I’ve been collecting most of my life and only ever bought two Invicta’s – both during Temple’s first run.

    You on the other hand probably followed a similar trajectory as Skelton; cigars, watches / pens and then onto knives.

    There is definitely a certain type of person that Skelton appeals to people are brutish and gauche with similar tastes
    . They like McMansions, palladium windows, Crocs and Guy Fieri.

  16. Bichon Daddy Says:

    Koi all I can say is the poster has a point on the ML’s. I’ve personally seen date position moved from the original Pontos to another part of the dial when ML didn’t manufacture it that way for that particular model #. I’ve seen evidence of the cases being cracked opened prior to sale.

    I’ve also seen WOW and other internet watch sites sell authentic watches that turn out to be ultra high end ultra USED and ultra useless.

    Koi do you trust WOW on their mid to high end pieces? I mean trust??

    It’s not just WOW, it’s scum like Ashford.com, selling watches that gain 15 min per day, buy from an AD or don’t buy at all I say!

    Now to reiterate my thoughts, watch collecting as far as Temples original run to Jim in 2003-04 and on it’s quite evident the forums and blogs are full of Skelton made collectors, yet you ALL throw the man under the bus yet if you met him in person you wouldn’t have the nerve to say anything negative, especially about his family, and I know, that these posters are talking smack about his family to sound funny and witty, but I know they are just full of pure BS!

  17. betterskills Says:

    My beef with Skelton is directly related to his attempt at trolling me as incognito and the threats from his fanbois via email that followed, yet when challenged to meet me anywhere in Pittsburgh, nothing but silence.

    As with Koi, he started making references to my blog on his “shows” so of course I’m going to take his dumb ass on – especially after busting him for using the same computer for the incognito taunts that he used to submit an ‘official’ reply to the blog that started it all.

    I’d tell him as much to his face. He tried to use Watchgeeks and ShopNBC as a bully pulpit. The more i learned from former WatchGeeks, the more annoyed that made me. So he chose to take me on and that’s the end of the story. I wasn’t about to sit there and take it from someone that I perceive as a douchebag.

    As for the supposed Mrs. Skelton comment, it’s so ridiculous and over the top that it’s obvious that it is a fake. I don’t find it funny but my only criteria regarding censorship is no name, and no addresses. And believe me, some of the fanbois have tried to do just that as well as some, what i assume are enemies from his pre-Shop days, have also attempted to do.

    I’m privy to being able to determine where all messages originate from and some of the more salacious originate in South Florida. Make up your own mind with that bit of information.

  18. betterskills Says:

    And further, he didn’t create ‘collectors’ – he brought a bunch of douche horders that turned into speculators who came into the hobby and drove prices up buying shit with the intent to make a profit on it.

    Initially anyway.

    But as most lamestream things, a bunch of dorks came into the game and could barely afford the garbage that Invicta started peddling. While never a big Invicta fan, it’s clear that the days of the Sapphire Ghost and Transatlantic are a far cry from shit that is designed to look like snake fans with horrible, shinny dials in a weak attempt to grab market share form Android. The latter, whether you like Wing Ding or not, overtook Invicta the same way Honda over took GM in terms of design and quality and left them in the dust. There was a time when a $125.00 Invicta looked like a $300 watch.

    Now, a $85.00 Invicta looks like a $20 Burlington Coat Factory Christmas watch.

  19. Koimaster Says:

    @ bichon Daddy

    I do not trust WOW nor most on-line venues when it comes to watches. I want to see it in my hand. All three MLs purchased by me were in person from an AD. I had heard several years ago that they had been dumping watches onto the grey market.

    I have been collecting watches for over 50 years now, I received my first watch when I was 11. My father also collected watches. As to meeting him face to face and saying what I have said on blogs, well, I have spoke to him twice via phone, the last time being in Sept 2013. I do not divulge the contents of my phone calls but anyone who knows me knows I fear no himan being on this planet. I am in my 60’s, I stand over 6′ tall and 205 pounds. I recently survived two illnesses caused by bad medical care that should have killed me but did not. That should tell you something about me.

    WGs is dead and needs to stay that way. They had a lot of thugs acting as mods, pushing members around. They and the Doxa mods at WUS are the true keyboard Nazis.

    I remember when betterskills was attacked by internet bullies like ukrany and his ilk, or ripitron threatening me. I showed up, he did not. People make fun of Invicta and similar brands because of the claims they make which turn out to be false. Tell the truth about the product and it will sell.

  20. Twat Waffles Says:

    Well said Koi. And you and the many like yourself are true warriors when faced with medical mishaps, take my word for it.

    Concerning this whole Skelton issue, in my opinion he was the best television salesman that actually breathed life into “tv watch” collecting, as much as I don’t want to admit it.

    Like any savvy collector you gotta start somewhere then when you wise up you realize the scam being portrayed and the infinite lies and misrepresentations, then you start collecting “real” timepieces.

    I for one love the comedy from the whole NBC Skelton and Invicta camp, truly you can’t make this stuff up so I then partake in the comedy by saying creative things. They deserve to be made fun of!

    It’s funny you bring up Doxa as their contact here in the states is more miss than hit, hahaha. They have nothing to offer in my book.

    If I hear Kalina say Milanese mesh or hand diamond lapped and polished one more time I shall jump this time!

    Koi you have (along with excellent reporting from Better and the like) have uncovered many MANY falls business and origin and sales tactic claims the regular collector cannot see or identify and for that many thank you. It’s testimony not only to ego but to immaturity the manor in which Skelton and his cohorts have went after you during the many years. He fucking hates you big time, lol.

    I’ve personally had my eye and ears on NBC since right before Skelton arrived, nothing gets by me. I’ve heard it all and then some and nothing surprises me either. Invicta is much more than a bad introductory watch, their ethics and unscrupulous ways are never an oversight to me and to this day I scratch my head wondering how Lalo isn’t broke by now from litigation.

    When did selling a product cross the line of blatant lies?

    I enjoy the comedy when folks are proudly walking in the mall or at the beach with these massive mass produced crap clocks on their wrists like their a somebody or at the very least know anything remotely about horology.

    I’ve posted numerous opinions for instance on the ridiculous Hydromax, to me only a 5th grader would wear it on Halloween or something, or maybe use it to chock the back of a rolling tire.

    I will leave this last comment (as I prefer to laugh at them instead of being overly serious) but I guess some folks are so hell bent on protecting their nest of lies they are quick to act like a Neanderthal rather than a human being, so therefor this semi-stressful funny entertaining watch saga has no end yet.


    Those gray market ML’s are in fact true Koi! You can get one if you like and put it on stress free payments, LMAO!

  21. Koimaster Says:

    @ TW, I think I will pass on the grey market stuff, especially from WOW. As far as Skelton goes, I know more about him that I have ever disclosed and I will leave it at that since he is leaving the hobby. Right now I will focus on regaining my health and making certain if someone really wants to purchase a POS watch, that at least they have the facts straight.

  22. Twat Waffles Says:

    Koi that was well said, then again, everything you post is well said my friend.

    I would like to take this time to offer my most sincere apologies to whomever I’ve unintentionally affected.

    Through the years I have made many personal remarks about certain people in the industry, 100% not done with any malicious intent, only for laughs and giggles.

    I did it because of my disdain for certain “few” people in the industry, and for a certain television watch brand that at one time were not that bad of a company a long time ago.

    Comedy is what I do and looking back I should of commented on the stories at hand and NOT try comedy on family members that have NOTHING to do with anything! I’m so wrong for this.

    Our makers know all of our hearts, and I know mine isn’t a mean spirited one but all I was trying to do was be clever and overly funny in my comments and beliefs with all that’s happened through the years. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t mean what I say with conviction about misrepresentations and bold lies on origin and parts used and shill styled sales tactics and bold faced lies and what good honest folks like the respected Koi have gone through.

    Thank you.


  23. Svaglic Says:

    Bichon Daddy,
    I would not have a problem telling Skelton what I think of him to his face. No problem at all. Anyone and I mean anyone whoever confronted him with the truth on watchgeeks or facebook got blocked or banned and their post was deleted. His cigar forum buddies followed him on several forums to warn people about how he stole from and scammed them. He, Jim, posted that he was wrong and would pay them back, but he hasn’t done so yet. If you like and respect Jim, fine, but don’t shove him down my throat and tell me what a good guy he is. It only makes you look like a foolish liar, especially when there is so much about him being a liar and a thief on the internet, facts from people who have first hand knowledge.

  24. Krane11367 Says:

    Well said, svaglic. There are those who choose to live lives of quality – who we associate with, what we wear, and how we act. If people want to be led down a primrose path about cheap junk watches, fine; as Ted Knight once surmised, the world needs all types of people.

    But those who continue to bow down to the seedy con artists of home shopping networks are misguided at worst, and downright creepy at best. The conduct of some of the members at sites such as WGs, WIT, and MWW continually displayed a misplaced, cult-like mentality that isn’t watch collecting at all – it’s hoarding, as well as doing whatever the smiling man on the TV box tells them to do. Yet, “personality” after “personality,” they start fan clubs and oooh and ahh over every oversized piece of Chinese crud that his their TV screens, like newborn infants staring at their plastic crib mobiles.

    So where are your TV “friends” now, guys? They’re all gone, and they ain’t comin’ back; they took your money and ran. Now they’re all off to parts unknown, intermittently popping up to either insult someone they used to work with in a Tweet or FB post, or start up some new seedy enterprise designed to once again sucker in marks like you.

    Anyone with an smidgen of grey matter could figure this stuff out from the get-go; it’s the mewling morons at WGs and sites such as those that threw the stones at anyone who wanted to bring them facts instead of faux. Those are the “haters” in the watch hobby – they’re the ones who put down those who can see through the ruse. And it’s really fucking sad, but at least they provided fodder for belly laughs for people who actually know about, you know, actual watches.

    Yeah, those folks: the real watch collectors, those who know both shit and Shinola – and those are the true good guys in all this. Time after time, they exposed the lies and warned the sheeple, only to be shouted down by desperate, clinging fan bois. time after time. And let’s not get into the actual products; it was all junk (and in more than a few cases, falsely advertise and unworking junk) with rare exceptions. At least someone like Steven Jay comes on the airwaves and sells actual watches now, as opposed to watches with bloody shark mouths on them.

    But it’s not all a loss; there’s still Evine, which is just the same old ShopNBC with a new coat of paint. It’s the same people selling the same crap in the same way, albeit with a new font and a couple of new talking heads. The sheeple are still, from all accounts, receiving used watches sold as new on occasion, of course, but hey – they’re lucky to get their Androids and WatchStar heirloom pieces on Value Pays, right? And that WatchStar stuff has real DNA from dead famous folk!

    It only gets dumber, and it only gets sadder. Right now, the WIT site is all up in arms about the apparent demise of the Android brand, and the fact that their pal “Master Wing” has left the TV airwaves as well.

    I can’t even write jokes about these things; just stating the facts is hilarious enough.

    Put that in your rotisserie and smoke it.

  25. Koimaster Says:

    Some interesting comments. First I will address WIT aka watchintyme. I have no issue with the site, in fact I keep in touch with the owner from time to time. A lot of the same WGs at the site but it is far more open than WGs was and that is a good thing. Unless some of the former WG thugs aka WG mods are using fake IDs, I have not heard much in the way of deleted threads and such.

    I would rather we move on from WG since it died the death it deserved, like a bitch who ran out on her supporters without a real word as to why they were being left behind. Lalo only proved what many including me have said about him over the years. As to Wing and all of the speculation, there was an expensive lawsuit that got tossed, sales were down is my guess given that his watches were too large for the mainstream buyers. It is a business after all. At least he had the class to let his audience know before hand and not go out like a thief in the night.

    People like the ones that sold you stuff on TV come and go. The best news is that one of these guys has left for good by his own words. Given the track record I have to doubt it but one can only hope. I wish his family well, and for him, I hope he gets hit by a large bus filled with angry watchgeeks with oversized grails.

    Yes I know, I am a hater!

  26. Twat Waffles Says:

    Excellent post Krane! Wow!!

    Another good one for Koi!

    On a funny note I thought I saw “yet again” another Incrapta with the Dubois Depraz chrono module, oh noooooo Mr. Bill LOL!

    Android to me stinks in so many ways and his cases are not only huge and poorly done, but they have very sharp edges, his bezel work is atrocious especially with 9/10 watches he creates have these decorative (term used loosely) screws, my gosh what horrid designs.

    So happy he’s leaving Eggvine or is it Elvira? Ohh it’s Evine Live, now I got it. 😉

    Stephen Jay might be selling decent watches, but IMHO Fortis doesn’t do it for me and for a lot of enthusiasts I know and converse with. Valjoux’s with 5K msrps’s kiss my ass please! The rotating planet watch was as ugly as a French hookers teeth! I remember one time Jay was with Kendy Clumpfer (thunder hips) on air and she asked him a personal question and Stephen got all nervous and flustered and said he refuses to answer the question because that’s how Temple got stalked, lol. Who would stalk a 6’6″ television watch selling turtle? I dunno. Fervor is palpable Timmy! Phone lines are full please use Evine Live.com to place your orders!! Blah blah blah BS!

    I will say it again and we all have our opinions, but I don’t get these Florida watch companies, THEY FUCKING SUCK! They have unscrupulous ways, inferior materials, and they portray a character on screen as opposed to being themselves. That goes for Craig Hester and Wings collaboration holy goodness what uninspired designs! What was it, Zvafta? Koofta? Xetra? Zesty?

    I will as long as I live never forget the time I was watching the Slop and enjoying the comedy when a goofy caller called in to talk to Darth Lalo, I think it was a stupid Sellita inside a specialty case with a dragon MOP cut out, the caller compared the Inivicta with a Ulysse Nardin, omg I almost sharted on the spot! Lalo said “see, your exactly the type of collector I’m going after”…rubbish!!

    This message is highly collectible!!

  27. Koimaster Says:


    Last evening I received an email from a member of another forum asking if I had seen what was in the link below. It refers to comments made by a former shopnbc host who until next week is on steaming video. The comments refer to Betterskills and comments made there about Grey Market watches and Maurice Lecroix. With great fanfare the person in question stated that WOW purchases their watches directly from Maurice Lecroix. Not true apparently. My email to Maurice lecroix is below as is their response.

    I really did not want to watch the few minutes of this but I forced myself to. First off, my response besides the email below is pretty straight forward. Leave! Just fucking leave. Has everyone forgotten the fake diamonds in the classique line from a few years ago and the pronouncement made by this same person. The fakes were meant for another market. Same comment made in this tape regarding ML. Of course I remember the comments about the fake sandstone, the Dubois threads that disappeared and recently comments about attorneys and WGs had not disappeared. Just fucking go away please. In this thread, I would ask people to refrain from using his name, or any of his known monikers. I refuse to give this tool any credit for anything.

    The Maurice Lecroix watches WOW is selling may be authentic but they were not purchased directly from Maurice Lecroix anymore than the Inflicta Dubois modules were purchased from Dubois. They are grey market purchases. Perhaps from a real authorized dealer, but the warranty from ML will not be honored according to their website.

  28. Koimaster Says:

    There is even a video in my link above to the forum.

    My email to Maurice Lecroix-

    email: admin@watchlords.com

    World of watches, they sell your brand and claim they purchase direct from you but they are not listed on your site as either retailers or distriibuters.. They may also be known as SWI (swiss watch international).One of their tv spokesman made a point over the weekend of claiming they purchased their watches direct from you for sale on the internet. I cannot find them anywhere listed as a retailer or distributer for you and your warranty would be voided if they sell your watches as unauthorized dealers.

    The response –

    Dear Sir,

    We sincerely appreciate you contacting Maurice Lacroix with this inquiry.
    We can confirm that the company you mentioned below is not an authorized retailer of Maurice Lacroix.

    If you are interested in purchasing one of our timepieces, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have and I will be happy to assist you.
    Only Maurice Lacroix timepieces sold directly by us or through our list of authorized retailers are covered by our manufacturing warranty.

    Kind Regards,
    Cynthia Mujica

    Cynthia Mujica
    Maurice Lacroix, a brand of DKSH
    Sales Coordinator

    Tel +1 609 750 8800
    Fax +1 609 751 9370
    http://www.dksh.com DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle North America Inc.
    103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300
    Princeton, NJ 08540

  29. Twat Waffles Says:

    Fine work once again, Koi!

    They say their Bulova or Accutron AD’s too, yet I cannot locate them on their list of dealers myself, even Citizen.

    Obviously the watch industry has to tighten up it’s ways as it’s looking way too easy to bullshit unknowing consumers.

    Remember what I always say, those Florida outfits are deceitful to the core!

  30. Krane11367 Says:

    Here we go again. More muddled “facts” from the glorified dog walker. At least you used your main handle, or should I say leash.

    Many of us have a problem with the antics of these TV talking heads, but we at least get our facts straight before throwing stones. So what do we get every time there’s news? The same failed watch blog clowns showing up to defend bad business, then pulling nonsense straight outta their asses. The same bop bag bozos that openly extol the virtues of Stuhrling “Original” and Invicta. Please. These goofs are better off hitting the ignore button on; just slide past the stupidity and let the grownups continue their discussion. It’s easy to dislike WOW, but they don’t and never have sold fakes. I’d ask for proof, but it would be like asking a gorilla to tap dance.

    Thanks you koi, for once again and as always, setting the record straight…and for showing that Skelton is going out the way he came in – saying anything to make a sale. He’s got a family to feed, ya know…blah blah, just go the fuck away.

  31. Koimaster Says:

    The most recent update by the soon to departed JS. Glad he knows what is “cool” in the world. 🙂

    Jim Skelton

    5 hrs ·

    Thank you all for the words of encouragement since my announcement. For those still wondering where I’m going and what I’m doing as I retire from TV, here’s all the info I can give. I’m moving to Dallas to co-found an online men’s magazine that will provide reviews and commentary on “cool guy shit”. I am the Senior Editor as well as co-founder and will be not only overseeing the magazine, but also providing content both written and in video form. Since it is a new business, I can’t point you to it yet, because it doesn’t yet exist. Rest assured that when we launch, I will make a big post here to show you all where to go.

    While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career on television and in sales, I wanted to break away from that. Most of you know that as a hobby I have been doing reviews on YouTube of my knife collecting hobby, and it has been well received. Now I will be able to do this for a living and cover more than just knives. The magazine will be a unisex magazine, but as you enter the site, you’ll be immediately directed to the men’s side or ladies side. We will be covering all the stuff that guys love: cars, watches, knives, guns, gadgets, tech, music, fishing, hunting, golf, motorcycles, gear, Scotch…. and anything else of interest.

    This gives me the opportunity to share many of my passions with the world without being locked down to SELLING anything. It also allows me to regain my status as a private individual, and no longer be a “public figure”.

    I will be working with a talented team of individuals and will also be reaching out to other talented folks who have a specific knowledge or love of subjects that I’m not versed in (boats and fishing for example).

    No more selling, no more live TV and quite honestly…. no more rules that shackle me from voicing my true opinions. I’ve always done my best to give honest opinions on the products that I represent (particularly at WOWTV where I was never forced to say things that I did not believe in, and for that I am eternally grateful), but at the end of the day I was an employee paid to sell product. And of course, as part of that job, you do not directly contradict the statements made by vendor sitting next to you on the show. My career afforded my family a wonderful life, one that I wasn’t going to throw away because a vendor might say things I disagree with. But with that long behind me, I can share my passions with all of you with complete honesty, weighing pros and cons and personal insights that may help you gain more info as you search out your next big acquisition. I get to interview some of the most influential people in each of these industries and hopefully allow you access to behind the scenes activities. Whether it be watches or exotic cars, tactical gear or televisions…. We will cover it all.

    So there you have it. Forgive any typos as I am typing this on my phone, but I think you get the idea. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey and subscribe to the magazine when we launch!

  32. Twat Waffles Says:

    Before I say what I’m gonna say this one goes out to Krane, yes WOW has indeed sold some fake ML’s, I don’t care who believes me that’s for sure. I’ve seen it first hand on the Pontos line hands down and without question, and yes, ML’s can be faked I mean were not talking MB&F here.

    Well well well, another self indulgent “me me me” article by the tasteless wonder!

    The magazine with him at the helm is a funny thought, maybe call it “Shill Circus And Hobby Tent”?

    Jimzy is so darn happy he’s no longer shackled (lol) and no longer a public figure, and nobody is no longer forcing his TMJ to lock like on the Shop. Poor poor shillster.

    Jim Skelton WOULD NOT GIVE A SHIT about any of his so called beloved followers if they were broke, LMAO!!

    So please follow this specimen, embrace his newest endeavor, support him JS fanboys, tweet tweet to his greatness while you empty your wallets and kowtow to his almightiness.

    Jim you were the best liar of them all, made all the Jewish vendors so happy, then you sabotaged your career and Lior Ben-Stool helped you out, alas, you still weren’t happy being on a salary without commission and the wise watch world smelled your stench while you try to springboard and parlay another career in the dirty south.

    I surely hope all the young lads in the world recognize your massive greatness (Mr. Senior Editor) and get tattoos and skull rings and say cool things about libido’s and vaginas, may they buy scotch and brandy and guns and loud shirts and hotrods and one day have your middle aged coolness!


  33. Krane11367 Says:

    Now Skelton is posting stuff from Watchlords on his FB page, crowing that there was speculation that Android was going out of business; he insists it isn’t. Wow – way to cherry pick, big guy! Wanna follow up on your Maurice LaCroix tall tale from just two days ago? C’mon, “cool guy,” tell us more “insider” information!

    It’s a good thing there’s a lot of stupid people that watch TV. Congrats for taking advantage of them for years, Jimbo!

  34. Twat Waffles Says:

    Krane, I’ve never had any beef with you.

    Cool guy??? Maybe funny guy you mean, and more witty than you can ever be…drinking the WOW punch I presume?

    I will tell you I’ve seen the Pontos 3-hand w/date rectangle FAKED, Krane like I said I could give a rats ass who believes me, especially you bro.

    Too bad you have to challenge me, it’s like you play both sides you make fun of them yet you stand behind them saying they’ve never sold a fake watch, well cool guy, how the fuck do you know this???

    Comparing serial #’s and magic moving date windows that ML used only certain fonts on the Pontos line, moving the date window on the Pontos on certain (easy to fake) 2892-2’s…please Krane believe what you want…

    Guess Krane is the type of schmuck that buys fake lighters and DVD’s from those smelly Asians with backpacks that waltz into businesses, well in that case bucko, I have got the Walking Dead entire series on Blu-ray for just 5$, I promise it’s real!

    Don’t be a douche it’s bad enough we got Skelton.

  35. Krane11367 Says:

    Twat, I think you’re confusing my last post, which was about how WOW obtains its MLs for sale, with the fake ML claim. Skelton said on air this past weekend that WOW gets their watches directly from ML – which koi exposed as total BS if you scroll up to his post with the embeddedvideo. That’s what I was talking about.

    Secondly, you are now the second person to state that WOW has sold fake MLs, and – hey, I have no reason to doubt your claim. And if that’s true, it’s pretty disgusting And trust me, I’m no fan of WOW; I have refused to give the company a penny since they hired Mr. Loud Conversations.

    We good?

  36. Krane11367 Says:

    Twat, I also think you believe that comments directed at Skelton were actually intended for you. They weren’t – all the comments in the “Now Skelton is posting stuff” comment were directed at him, and certainly not you.

    We are on the same side here; to think anyone would believe I’m a TV home shopping apologist is the last thing I’d want. Uck!

  37. Walter Livingston, Esq. Says:

    I’m an attorney for the Clearlake Group.

    Let’s be very clear, we do not sell fake watches since I’ve been representing this entity for the past 3 years.

    Myself and my friends have purchased numerous pieces from worldofwatches.tv, with “real” serial #’s that correspond to actual serial #’s within the manufacturer serial # database.

    The reason why they won’t honor the warranty is due to our internet status, but their still real so please do not subscribe to the weak accusations made on this website and purchase with total confidence!

    Krane is one of our best customers, even though he hates our guts he knows “real from fake” without even looking. He is an amazing individual with deep pockets and a high IQ.

    Not to be coy but…oh wait a minute, let’s not even go there as Jim already warned us about that.

    Our Eterna’s, Maurice LaCroix’s, Tag’s, Ebel’s and the rest are all real authentic timepieces, they will last easily a year due to the fact they have been either used so much they need service, or they’ve been sitting so long they need service.

    Thank you.

    Please send any correspondence to:

    Livingston, Barrie, Meckler, & Swanson.

    1567 North Hollywood Blvd,

    Hollywood Florida, 33025.

  38. Twat Waffles Says:

    Please forgive me, Krane.

    I totally and 100% misunderstood your post.

    I thought you were commenting on my comments about my opinion on fake ML’s.

    Once again, my sincere apologies.

  39. Krane11367 Says:

    Twat Waffles … hey – no sweat. Your head is screwed on straight, no worries. You have every bit as much contempt for these shysters and carnies and BS artists that I do. Dude, we need MORE people who will get riled up about this kind of thing – the watch magazines stick their heads in the sand; blogs and watch sites won’t say a word about these TV shitheads else they might offend a potential advertiser; the legit media seems to think “oh, it’s just watches.” But who thinks of people who get bilked? I can think of only two sites that do, and for that, they get branded as “haters” (this one being one of them).

    And besides, TW – you have one of the funniest handles in blogdom. Don’t lose that edge, man.

  40. Twat Waffles Says:

    Thank you for your understanding, Krane.

    You know Invicta are the biggest shysters of them all, nobody can compare. It’s kinda like finding a watch strap maker here in the USA that sells fakes, you know vintage Swiss ammo pouch straps that aren’t anything near vintage let alone an ammo pouch, or selling “rare” old leather when the owner is just going to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and buying cheap ass belts and portraying them in an unscrupulous light…errr ummm LYING!

    I saw the Deadliest Catch last night, poor Sig, gotta be himself and at the same time gotta be fake, it’s all about $$ and the facade of domestic intentions while the hosts feed their face on crab to salmon to tincy wincy halibut steaks. Look at those crapcakes, I mean you see no lumps and all stringy filler, bogus. Those red king crab legs looked ok but for the price their asking I can take the family to Alaska. LOL.

    Between Koi and Better and all these normal people who post revealing lies and misrepresentations, and my own investigating have shed MAJOR light on these scumbuckets.

    Maybe DJ Lalo will spin his bull at Basel, heck I would leave this Friday to Basel if I knew I could throw feces at Eyal’s tapioca colored barge of a schnozz!

    Honk honk!!

  41. Krane11367 Says:

    Twat, what pisses me off about Baselworld is that you know and I both know that Invicta’s “Swiss Made” watches are of questionable origin … yet they’re allowed to display their “Swiss Made” crud as if they’re, well, Swiss made.

    I guess I could show off a dog turd on a Hadley Roma as long as I pay the booth fee.

  42. Twat Waffles Says:


    Krane good point.

    I feel that anyone that pays a visit to the Invicta section at Basel should of just bought a plane ticket to the Hong Kong Rice Pattie and watch factory. I hear Mongo is doing security, lol.

    A dog turd on a HR is a clear step up from Invicta’s offers, probably call it the “The Puppy Poo Series” or the “Turd Diver’ or the “Coalition Feces” or maybe the “Dragon Poopah”.

    I just wish I could tell Lalo to his face (and I would in a millisecond) to take a flying shit! Jim too, poor poor Jim, he had to say things on the Slop because he was forced too, tisk tisk now we feel really bad for poor Jimzy.

    Can’t wait to NOT hear about him anymore, instead what I’d like to see is Lalo & co disappear without a trace, well maybe leave Ryan (I’m married but I’m still a sweet n’ fancy model) Johnson behind to start his own watch line, call it “Imqueerious”. Uh Oh now David Bonhomme is gonna call me homophobic again, lol. It’s jokes David, just jokes!

    Look David, Invicta is selling the X-Wing and the ManOwar you gotta get these pieces, so highly collectible, David would be perfect as the guest of honor in that movie “Dinner For Schmucks”.

  43. Good Riddance Says:

    Well today’s the day folks!

    Skelton and his crusty act will be riding off into the sunset tonight as this is his last show. 😀

    Yesterday Skellie said were morons and WOW has never sold a fake nor ever will.

    It’s funny to me as more than a few of the brands they sell WOW says under the warranty that you get the manufactures warranty, yet when I go to the manufactures website WOW or SWI, or whatever their called in their neck of the woods DO NOT appear! Not surprised. Even when they say their authorized dealers their nowhere to be found.

    Jim may your magazine go belly up you bozo!

    You will certainly put the ASS in TexASS!

    Koi way to go, he’s like that granddaddy cockroach with glasses that Raid can’t seem to extinguish, he burrows, nests, feeds, procreates his diseased FAKE character and I BET this MORON will show his true skin out in Texas.

    Their very smart in Texas so maybe they too will see through his carnival act, hey Jim…

    You haven’t been cool since 2007 and haven’t been relevant since 2010 maybe you and Mongo and Eyal should start a magazine and call it “Shill Life”!

  44. Bichon Daddy Says:

    Goodbye Jim, love you brother!

    Your amazing and thank you for inspiring my love and affection for horology.

    Into the night he goes
    Human as they come
    You will be awfully missed
    His legacy never undone

  45. Mr. P Says:

    Jim, as much as I don’t want to say this but after seeing you with your little baby and family on your send off I wish you well.

  46. John The Greek Says:

    Hey Jim just saw your farewell shows this weekend. I wanna tell you thank you and say no matter the good or the bad through the years that I learned so much from you!

    Best wishes in your newest endeavor pal.

    Sincerely, John The Greek.

  47. Frise Father Says:

    Wow, poetry! How lilting! Let me try!

    Anyone who writes a poem
    To a home shopping network con artist
    Needs to lay off the rotisserie chicken

  48. Bull Detector Says:

    All of these posts are suspect to say the least.
    Megan Harris will make everyone quickly forget about Jim-Blo!

    Bichon Daddy you sir are full of total HORSE SHIT!!

  49. Svaglic Says:

    Read this from 2002, it’s Jims cigar forum pleading with him to make it right with the money he stole. Jim is CG, he admits he took money and says he will pay them back. It is now 2015 and he hasn’t paid a dime back, yet he shows off his custom knives, motorcycle, guns etc… to his “fans”. If anyone gives their cc# to him or his magazine for a purchase, you may be sorry. He thrives on taking what he wants, by hook or by crook, Jim will take what he wants and leave friends in his wake.
    The above link is no joke, it is real, the story is real, the people are real and it is pathetic.

  50. Twat Waffles Says:

    Amazing and of course not a revelation for myself as I’ve read plenty of this cigar stuff in the past.

    Jim is like Steve Harvey, take take take!

    Except Jim outright committed theft and Harvey is just low but Jim is both a thief and as low as they come.

    I always wondered why he never paid the cigar people back.

    “By hook or by crook” happens to be a great name for his new magazine, hahaha!

  51. conjurer Says:

    Alas, I couldn’t watch Jawbone’s finale on WoW TV–a wonderful name for a streaming service that’s watched by literally dozens of people world-wide–as I had to go to work–you know, a job where I make an honest living.

    This is something that Jawbone probably hasn’t experienced in quite a long time, since for the last decade he’s been skeezing imbeciles and shut-ins of their monthly gubment checks, selling them worthless garbage that they can lovingly polish with their Cheeto-stained wife-beaters.

    Naturally, Jawbone will draw this stage-left exeunt like the drama queen that he is, getting plenty of “likes” from guys who like little yappy dogs and chicken cooked on plastic rotissarie appliances.

    Best of luck with the very fab “cool guy shit” online magazine, Jawbone! When it comes to what is kewl, few know it better than you.

  52. Koimaster Says:

    I have read posts here about the “hater site” known as Watchlords. I would like to add that these hated lords have donated thousands of $$$ to charities such as the three that just ended with proceeds paid directly to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital. We have donated our watches which are then auctioned with the funds going to charities such as Fisher House, Wounded Warrior, Food banks and pet shelters. What other hater forum does that? In fact, what watch forum anywhere does this other than WatchLords?

    I am proud of our members, “haters” all and of BetterSkills. Perhaps people should realize that just because you leave TV/informercials, does not mean you are not a public person. I am not nor ever have been one nor ever have any intention of being one. On the other hand JS seems to want to have his cake and eat it too. If he stays out of watches and out of my way then I could care less what he does. As to comments made about MD, well he is out of the public eye and limits himself to facebook. As far as that goes he is no longer a public figure. What happened when he was one is still out there and fair game but as far as my forum goes, he is a private figure.

    As far as Larry goes, he is entitled to his opinion as are we all.

  53. Skelton Lover Says:

    “Ode To Jim”

    Into the winds of change
    Before the mountain of god
    Stand tall chosen one
    Bow to his wisdom and eat salt cod

    Teacher of time and all that’s righteous
    Prophet of man he walks the path
    Deliver us from hatred’s dark light
    His forked tongue needs a real bath

    We sulk and cry for eternal grace
    Cast out the evil within horologic times
    I bought an Excursion so what the heck
    Just got a blowjob from a few hot mimes

    Summon his greatness upon the web
    Stress Free payments are whispering abound
    Serendipity-Doo Mongo drinks booze
    Navy seal’s eat for free at the Ground Round

    Mankind in dismay Jim has left our lives
    The wonder and charm dissipating with ease
    Never again the jaw and his glasses
    I think his gray hair is infested with fleas

    “Ode To Jim”
    Written by Manny Feces
    From the book “I live to lie I love to Lie”
    Copyright 2015
    A Rancid Hole production.

    10% of book sales goes to the TMJ For Shills Foundation, all proceeds benefit shills with jaw and moral issues.

    JS 3:14-Verse 12 says, “As I walk in the valley of bad breath, I will fear no Bo’weevil for I am with you shyster till the end of time”, or until your watch needs service therefor please send a check for $28.00 payable to the Invicta Watch Group. Please allow 12-56 weeks to receive your watch back, and it might not even be fixed, which in that case please send us another check and include that piece of crap watch you bought from us.

    For our 55mm to 68mm watches please send us a check and a picture of your wrist so we can laugh at you even more!


  54. Twat Waffles Says:

    Dear Skelton Lover,

    I wrote that poem so I will take full credit if you don’t mind.

    Wait a minute, this is like talking to myself since I posted it here, LOL!

    Well everyone now that jawbone has finally left the building I’d like to say a big thanks to Better & Koi, also to Krane and to everybody that’s posted/uncovered and followed this horologic soap opera through the years. Thanks for shedding major light on CROOKS!

    We still have the forked tongued Lalo to deal with and amongst others.

    I can see it now @ Basel World, a yellow shit stained booth of crap laden offerings and Lalo trying to spin like a DJ, he’ll never be a real DJ but he’s close cause he’s a real DJ-enerate!


  55. conjurer Says:

    Bichon Daddy wrote:

    “Goodbye Jim, love you brother!

    Your amazing and thank you for inspiring my love and affection for horology.

    Into the night he goes
    Human as they come
    You will be awfully missed
    His legacy never undone”

    Jesus Christ, what a beautiful poem!

    Really, the herd mentality and creepiness of the TV wartche hoarders doesn’t get more clear than this. What sort of insipid douchebag would write a little poem to the con artist who assraped him out of his hard-earned (I suppose) cash? It’s like a bunch of old ladies who got bilked in the Ponzi scheme tossing their Depends at Bernie Madoff.

  56. Texas Jim Says:

    I see there’s no more chatter on this blog anymore about me, so now that I’m long gone what else is there to do with your miserable lives?

    For instance there will be no more dumb shit for brains moronic assholes to post about my life and profession.

    Swiss made or from China, folks c’mon, who really gives a shit as long as it’s well made. Dummies!

    So happy I left television!!!

    My new magazine will be covering topics from men’s health, to cars and colognes and fine knives and leathers.

    I invite everyone to visit me on FB for the details.

    Man my 40 yr old jaw is killing me, my son wets his bed and my tattoos keep me young. My wife makes a mean veal parmesan and my jewelry sparkles in the sun.

    Met a homeless man the other day here in Dallas at the local Arby’s drive-thru, he looked so destitute so I just handed him a fistful of cash. I feel good about me!

  57. Bichon Daddy Says:

    I wrote that poem from the heart!

    Too bad if you don’t like it, Jim was a star in the night and he fills my life with joy.

    Jim used to send me emails and he mailed me a signed picture of himself during his amazing tenure at NBC.

    I have this signed photo framed in my dining room.

    My dogs love him too!!!

  58. John F. Says:

    Who gives a dam about Jim Skelton! He’s the biggest LIAR, CHEAT and CONN ARTIST around.
    Glad he’s gone.
    You won’t be missed one bit.

  59. Koimaster Says:

    So what ever happened to the alpha male magazine and badassary?

  60. Twat Waffles Says:

    Hey Koi, can I tempt you with a 78mm Sea Cunter on 21 easy Value Pays of $5.99 and it comes with 12 dive cases and a signed Eyal Lalo t-shirt?

    Or maybe Jimblo’s knife collection with his DNA?

    If that doesn’t tickle your fancy maybe a ride on the SS Incrapta?

    Or dinner with sweetie pie Invicta Ryan? Just don’t bend over!


  61. Jizzer De Pimp Says:

    Hey Twat Waffles, go fuck yourself!

    Invicta watches are for the drug dealer, the gang member, the gym rat, the wannabe tough guy or the ill informed tasteless cunt, and of course the pimps out there.

    I’m a real pimp! Ya herd??

    I’d rather have 446 Invicta’s than 1 Jaeger LeCoultre! Bet your surprised I can spell that chit!!

    I’d rather wear humongous distasteful Invicta clocks on my 7″ wrist than any Omega or Zenith or Panerai or Patek! Fuck those brands they suck yo!

    I gotz mo bitchez than Ize nose whatz ta du wit!!!

    Fuck you too Koi, I know Jim Skelton is hiding in the weeds waiting to pounce on yer arse, he’s cumming for ya beotch!!

    I got friends in the NBA that wear Invicta’s and their perfectly happy with simulated fake sandstone and diamonds!!! You bitch!! I got 7 meteorite Invicta’s for my arm when I’m pimping and Jason Taylor is on speed dial yo!

    This pimp lives the Invicta lifestyle!!!!!! Hey Invicta Ryan you should call me I can hook you up as my Invicta ho, turn your ass out too bitch!

  62. buzzard Says:

    I have a tough time believing the WOW channel did not try to keep their now former host. Could it be his contract was not renewed?

  63. Twat Waffles Says:


    They didn’t try to keep him because his act is OLD! Low-budget Florida watch company that don’t move product like they once did on Slop-Nbc.

    Jim is a monetary parasite, a well polished carnival barker. His days were numbered a long time ago as he’s transparent as a slice of fake-Swiss Chinese cheese!!!!

    Sure he was very good at what he did but seriously a moron can tell a salesman over a salesman that is selling quality.

    Jim knew he had to be fake and he was good at it.

    Some people shit where they eat and shit where they sleep.


  64. Twat Waffles Says:

    Well well well well well, Better!

    Been well over a yr since your last article, JS is tucked away in Dallas playing with his knives and bloated ego and whatever self indulgent schemes that are on his agenda.

    We got the Invicta JLC Reverso Transatlantic watch that looks like a Child Guidance toy from a gumball machine, complete with a pearlage “design” sticker. Oh lord such junk!

    A lot has been going on…etc.

    Now my sincere apologies to all the Glycine owners around the globe…

    I can see it now, scurrying to sell their Airman’s knowing the majority of Glycine was just purchased by Eyal Lalo and his yellow ass taint.

    I’m sure the Homeshoppingista will have an article on it at some point, then again, maybe not LOL!

    Incrapta watch group is like AIDS.

    I can see all the pimps, wannabe gangsta’s, steroid abusing gym rats, the drug dealers, the small penis overcompensating ones, all the Invictard’s out there wearing their new “Glyc-icta” watches…

    Lalo promised not to mess with their brand’s history and design, and I say it’s just a matter of time before you see 65mm Glyc-icta’s.

    Thank you Blancpain, Seiko, JLC, IWC, Zenith (especially for omitting the stupid Selitta’s)…etc. Thank you for being you and not producing dog shit!


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