WHILE attempting to figure out who will be producing Jim Skelton’s yet to be launched watch brand, I can across some brand new Invicta trademarks.

As if the Sea Hunter, Sea Spider, Sea Thunder, Sea Excursion and Sea Wizard wasn’t enough ocean inspired insipidness, welcome yet another dive inspired fashion watch family: the Sea Bird. As this is only a name in that same, tired serif font, there are no designs to yet share.

Might I suggest the Sea Men as the next in this fine lineage?

I wonder if Eyal actually pays for someone to come up with this shit or if it gives his wife something to do? I mean whose bright idea is “JT FOR INVICTA, TOWER OF STRENGTH” – what does that even represent? They apparently plan to make key chains, jewelry, watch boxes and cases with this branding.

WE also can see that Invicta appears to be diversifying with an interesting application for the trademark PowerPatch which covers a range of potential products that including battery packs for handheld electronics,I’d assume smart phones, stands and cases. This move sort of makes sense as they’ll now be able to sell all of their most rabid fans phone cases that match their favorite watches. Okay, that sounded a lot better when it was just a thought rolling around in my head. Reading it out loud and it sounds pretty goddamned dumb – but hey Invictard reality is not like mine so what do I know.

BUT what I find really intriguing is the trademarking of two different sets of map coordinates. So I pasted them into Google Maps.

The first, 47.1070N, 6.8246E, resolves to an apparent paper street and set of stairs near a Swiss address, Rue de Beauregard 7, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


I have been unable to determine what is at the address in question but I wonder if this might be an office of the company.

THE second trademark is 26.0280N, 80.1698W. This resolves to Invicta World Headquarters in Hollywood Florida:


Why in the world would Invicta trademark map locations?


Obama Uber Alles

February 21, 2009

HOW prescient was Jello Biafra when he penned the lyrics to California Uber Alles nearly 30 years ago. Biafra was well aware of the possibility of liberal policies veering into authoritarianism and fascism which is precisely the precipice where we find ourselves today.

SO many promises that formed President Obama’s platform have been broken. Hope has been replaced with despair and as for change – all that’s changed is the party identification. From his appointment of hacks from previous administrations to his pledge of openness to the public of five days to review all bills (the stimulus was forced into law with no review period, just like Lilly Ledbetter). But because he is not the hated Bush, the media and most of the population just give him a pass for these transgressions. Where the former administration had Limbaugh and Hannity to rally the masses, the new one has Maddow and Olbermann to blindly lead them off the cliff. There are some that claim this is by design; that there is one, New World Order of bankers that needed former President Bush for a polarizing figure, throwing up President Obama as an agent of change and hope will let him complete their ultimate take over. I wish it were that easy and clear cut. But I don’t think that there is any one group in control and that the world is bisected into two halves: those with an agenda and some power and influence to push it and the rest of us to subject. Several competing global interests jockeying for control; some trying to maintain the status quo and all interested in maintaining what power they may have. From the Pentagon to the White House; the Central Banks to the House and Senate, none of these groups on the global scene care about you. You’re only so much chattel to their ends of power and money. This is your Democratic party. This is your Republican party. This is your union. This is ACORN. These are empty shams.

Where is the tipping point?

We need our own Velvet Revolution; general strikes and the masses, white and black, immigrant and naturalized, taking to the streets and establishing Our New Order. A new system with a myriad of parties to represent views on real issues with real agendas and not those issues leveraged to waste peoples time and take their focus away from what is going on in Washington. Do you really think that there is a choice? We’re really no better of then Eastern Europe was – our two party system is not really two distinct choices. They both serve to extend globalism at the expense of our freedom, both financial and personal. They are the flipsides of the same coin. They are worthless and should no longer exist. Do people even understand what it means to be free anymore, or have all of the stupid shit that we surround ourselves with replaced it?

It is true that in a month the President cannot do much to turn around the current state of the economy. But more bailouts of banks and corporations will not help it. A tax break of $13 dollars a week will not help it. Why not a one time payment of $50,000 to ALL tax payers, regardless of income? For me, I could payoff all of my debt, dump more money on what I own on my house and still have money left over to ‘stimulate’ the economy. Or why not finance the creation of small scale, JiT manufacturing in the US? A redefinition and implementation of the Arts and Crafts movement that brings the means of production to individuals? Until we have a serious manufacturing component across a broad product spectrum, we’ll always be behind the 8 ball. Our current economy is a sham, composed of services and no real value. Why not nearly a trillion dollars to those ends?

Will the tipping point be paying for someone’s mortgage who should have never owned a house, but thanks to the Community Revitalization Act and unnaturally low interest rates by the Federal Reserve, there headache has become our collective nightmare?

Or will it be if the Presidents recently appointed Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, drops gas taxes and charges everyone by the mile, an idea that a Pennsylvania politician is talking about?

One cannot even discuss the environmental policies because that topic has turned into a near religion where any questioning of the dogma marks the inquisitive as a heretic. For eight years, we always heard about the oil man in the Whitehouse, but what about the former VP who made a film to push his agenda and now influence the current administrations policy? He’s a cap and trade guy and so he has trillions to gain. Why no press on the fact that Al Gore is the founder and chairman of London based Generation Investment Management, a private equity firm that invests in companies that are going green. This isn’t a conflict worth discussing?

The next few years will be really interesting and I hope people do not let their justifiable contempt for former President Bush blind the reality of how bad the Obama administration is shaping up to be.

THE End is near! If I had a dime for every time someone was so cocksure that humanity was at the event horizon of doom, I’d be zooted in my basement free of any fiscal worries. I’m not.

I used to watch In Search Of with baited breath. It was hosted by Spock from the original Star Trek. Weekly episodes were usually dedicated to ghosts, Big Foot, UFOs and Time Travel. But some episodes were about the latest Doom sayer and their dire predictions. From the coming population bomb that would lead to starvation on an unimaginable scale to the coming ice age that would result in the destruction of all crops. Silly child I was would get all freaked out, laying awake nights worrying about these impending ends. The population bomb never went off and talk of the new ice age stopped once we had a handful of super mild winters in the early 80’s. Conspiracy theorists started to go mainstream in the mid 80’s, latched on to by the John Birchers and humanitys demise took a more familiar turn. An evil Cabal of the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group planing for a One World Government that would enslave us all. As this began to build steam accounts of alien abductions also came into the shared consciousness. In 1991, the late William Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse was published and he pretty much tied all of the previous conspiracies back to the Illuminati. I am not sure if you remember all of the hype at the end of the last century around UFOs and the end time. The new boggy man was 12 Midnight on January 1, 2000. People gathered their generators; they stored MREs and horded bullets. And they waited. Nothing happened and a lot of the shit turned up at flea markets throughout the new year, deeply discounted.

ALL that being said – I don’t completely discount the NWO stuff. It isn’t hard to imagine that the world scene is run by a few different groups and that it looks a little bit like Survivor albeit with much higher stakes. The emperors new clothes are the worthless pieces of paper and exotic financial instruments; over priced commodities and worthless junk that mark a consumer culture. Houses were overvalued and they tanked. Gas was never really worth 4 USD a gallon and so it also came back to a more reasonable level (although I have this strange gut feeling that it is still 20% higher than it is really worth); I’m sold on that. I don’t think the Alex Jones’ of the world or the regular, middle-of-the-road folks out there would disagree with my assertions. And that is why I find a particular type of commercial that has seen a marked increase on fringe and right-wing radio so amusing. They play it on the local right-wing radio shows, on syndicated shows like Limbaugh and Beck and nearly every few seconds as you start down the shadowy side of the right-wing, like Savage and Jones.

Gold investment. Not all of these commercials are the same. Some groups want you to invest in gold coins that they hold and others will actually sell you physical gold. My question is this – if there is no food on the shelves of grocery stores; if the military is fighting people in the street, trying to take them to FEMA internment camps, if you have to shot people to protect your food stores. If society completely breaks down to the point that there are no services; no running water no stores and no commerce – tell me – what the fuck are you going to do with a gold coin, or better yet, a piece of paper that says you have a bunch of gold somewhere? If society shits the bed, there won’t be any currency! Only food, water and shelter. You can’t eat gold and so it becomes just another worthless commodity, like a cell phone that no longer has a network or a Franklin Planner when you have no appointments because your job no longer exists.

That’s precisely why I take all of this ‘crisis’ talk with a grain of salt. Whose crisis is this anyway? People that own stock and expect to retire? I’ve been telling coworkers for years that our generation is not going to be able to retire. Anyone between the ages of 25 and 55 is what keeps this house of cards standing. That oxygen tank towing, cigar toking, Cadillac driving unmensch with hats on the rear deck that is going to fuck up your commute on Monday – yeah that guy; you’re paying for him. Someone has to pay for his golf trips to Myrtle. And that fucking dummy in the White House, with all of his hope and change who was sitting around last night with Tits Pelosi and Harry Reed eating shrimp and drinking champaign talking about all of the bullshit that they can throw into this stimulus plan, you know, the one that he was talking about that just has to pass or we’ll never recover. You paid for that shrimp, the Dom, the wait staff and the nice linens. Just like the bailout bill righted everything. We had to pass that to right the economy that is worse now than it was before. Whenever I criticize ChangeMaster I always get the lame, “He’s better than Bush; better than McCain!” No, he really isn’t. When you think that way, you’ve accepted the lesser of two evils, and that hasn’t worked out in the past 20 years, has it? They are all equals; equally worthless. Did you see McCain on the Senate floor the other night?! I think he was criticizing the pork in the stimulus bill but with all of the pauses, re directs, stammering and shuddering, he may have been bitching about the warm, wet feeling in the seat of his pants and that weird smell.

One thing is certain.

I’ll be sitting here on December 22nd, 2012 pumping out another cathartic bitch blog.