I have a theory that the position of you head while sleeping, relative to NORTH, not magnetic but generalized, can affect you sleep patterns. I’m not certain if this can be deduced empirically or proven but having suddenly experiencing alien abduction dreams upon moving to a new apartment I began analyzing these dreams. The first thought was that it was some change in my physicality. We moved from a semi rural to a rural environment. There were no power lines but there was some type of transmitter – different locals saying different things. It had a 250 ft tall tower and didn’t have any microwave dishes. There wad a noticeable hum when you were within 15 ft of it.
It was about 100 yards away. I ruled it out. Awaking on the floor with a baby crying and my wife screaming ‘What happened!?” the answer occurred to me. The only other major change was our beds orientation. The sun used to rise on my left side, it now rose on my right. Worse yet, It rose on the side of the room that had a second story window that was blocked by both wall and roof. I swear, in the following months it felt like we lived in total darkness, all day long. Much different than when we staid, briefly with my mother.

The reason I place emphases on [alien abduction] is because my experience mirrors some of the skeptical explanation for alien abductions. The alternate media so closely resembles agenda pushing that it really seems no different than Fox News. You never see the videos of how the Pat Robertson’s of ufology ‘regress’ and reprogram people reporting alien abduction experiences; turning them into something much more vivid and detailed. Are these people knowingly doing this or is it unintentional? Back to the point: I remember seeing a video where a few people were all describing abductions, and each story was pretty mundane and uneventful. “There is a man in the room, he is signaling for me to leave with him…”

Well, my guy was flashing a light outside of the window. I sensed that there were others – outside with him; I remember the illumination outside in muted purples and greens.

This occurred over several nights – happening once in a week; twice the following week; a two day break and then every night for three. Every time it happened I would wake into the twilight state between deep, relaxed sleep and consciousness. The final day that it happened I was in a near awake state. My eyes were definitely open through the last 30 seconds of it. I actually managed to throw my self at the window with an out stretched arm, fist aimed at the perceived face; simultaneously seeing the images melt back into my head as what seemed like a brief notion*, and knocking everything off the table between me and the window and falling on the floor in the process.

I realized that this was only a dream. Upon recognizing this, I no longer had dreams remotely resembling these dreams. I also tried sleeping in different positions relative to the suns trajectory through the sky. I have found that I get my deepest, restful sleep while aiming my head North.