From Jim Skelton’s Facebook page:

“Last week I posted that I would have an announcement coming soon. Well, today is part one of that announcement. I am retiring from TV! This is a decision long in the making, and was not made lightly. I begin a new chapter in my life, filled with opportunity and excitement. My family will be leaving Miami and relocating to Dallas Texas in April. I am currently on my way to the airport to meet my realtor in Dallas to begin the search for our new home.

I will not be on the air this weekend, but will be on the following weekend, and hope to enjoy my last few shows with all of you. To clarify, I am not leaving to go to another network, the next few shows will truly be my last ever on TV. I have enjoyed my 10+ years doing what I love, sharing my passion for watches with all of you. I’m fortunate to have made a connection with so many people, and gotten to know you and your families over the years. You’ve allowed me to do what I love, and invited me into your homes, and you’ll never know how truly grateful I am for that. It’s time now for me to share my other passions with the world, in a totally different venue, but one that everyone will have access to. In the coming weeks I will follow this up with the rest of the details, but I am still ironing everything out at this point. This time around I have the freedom to share everything about my upcoming adventures, without any silly contracts prohibiting me from disclosing details of where I’m going and what I’m doing. Thank You all so much for your support and I look forward to what lies ahead for myself and my family. Stick around, I hope to surprise you”
The much loved, and equally maligned, former host of the distant number three shopping network, ShopNBC, ShopHQ, Evine has called it quits and is leaving DirectTV channel 227 where he barks for SWI. Unlike ShopNBC, where he was fired, we’re not sure if he is the one calling the shots on this move or not. I’ve wondered what his baggage would mean to Clearlake Capital Group, the investment firm that bought SWI back in December of 2012. Without Lior to protect him and corporate wolves focused on profit and flying below the radar, what would happen with Jim? I’ll state that I have zero knowledge of his contract details, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Skelton was working for base, plus commission. With gone, how was Skelton marketing to anyone? His FB page revealed thousands of fans that always lamented their financial woes whenever he added product placements for his shows. He couldn’t have been selling much.  I’d hardly call his Strider watch collaboration with Android’s Wing Liang a success as the price was halved for a few months and he still hasn’t been able to move the total production of 500 units. My prediction: Jim Skelton makes a move into knives and tries to duplicate the success he had in TV horology with the apparent vacuum left by the exit of the Frost Cutlery guys.

WHILE attempting to figure out who will be producing Jim Skelton’s yet to be launched watch brand, I can across some brand new Invicta trademarks.

As if the Sea Hunter, Sea Spider, Sea Thunder, Sea Excursion and Sea Wizard wasn’t enough ocean inspired insipidness, welcome yet another dive inspired fashion watch family: the Sea Bird. As this is only a name in that same, tired serif font, there are no designs to yet share.

Might I suggest the Sea Men as the next in this fine lineage?

I wonder if Eyal actually pays for someone to come up with this shit or if it gives his wife something to do? I mean whose bright idea is “JT FOR INVICTA, TOWER OF STRENGTH” – what does that even represent? They apparently plan to make key chains, jewelry, watch boxes and cases with this branding.

WE also can see that Invicta appears to be diversifying with an interesting application for the trademark PowerPatch which covers a range of potential products that including battery packs for handheld electronics,I’d assume smart phones, stands and cases. This move sort of makes sense as they’ll now be able to sell all of their most rabid fans phone cases that match their favorite watches. Okay, that sounded a lot better when it was just a thought rolling around in my head. Reading it out loud and it sounds pretty goddamned dumb – but hey Invictard reality is not like mine so what do I know.

BUT what I find really intriguing is the trademarking of two different sets of map coordinates. So I pasted them into Google Maps.

The first, 47.1070N, 6.8246E, resolves to an apparent paper street and set of stairs near a Swiss address, Rue de Beauregard 7, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


I have been unable to determine what is at the address in question but I wonder if this might be an office of the company.

THE second trademark is 26.0280N, 80.1698W. This resolves to Invicta World Headquarters in Hollywood Florida:


Why in the world would Invicta trademark map locations?

THE indisputable truth has been revealed – Invicta “Sandstone” dials are faker than a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills tits!

WE can thank Koi of watchlords for supplying the definitive proof.

ONE can almost hear the cries of the Watchgeek cheerleaders, “Who cares, if you like it!?” I tend to think that train has long left the station. A plastic dial with metal flakes and sand is not “Natural” sandstone.

IT’S being reported that ShopNBC Chairman of the Board, Randy Ronning, has sold a major percentage of his position in ValueVision, the parent of ShopNBC.

This occuring on the heals of better than expected earnings; an increase of 6% versus the same period last year as well as a continued lowering of losses. This better than expected news saw the stock bump up over $2.00.

How will the markets react to an insider making this move? What does it say about his confidence in ShopNBC?

LATE Friday afternoon, which allows for two days of no communication with Invicta headquarters, the much anticipated, eagerly awaited, joint Invicta Dubois-Dupraz statement was released after days of delay. In it we learn… uh, nothing.

THE first thing you notice is that there is no official letter head – not from either company or attorney.

NOW, on to the er, “substance” of the document. The first bullet states what is already know because it was verified by Mr. Chris Becker last week, that the movements are in fact legit. This blogger never called the authenticity of the movements into question because I know in the recent past, as ETA began to wind down it’s sales to non-Swatch Group brands, that it was a routine practice to procure movements from other watch companies. This speculation by some, I believe, was driven by Invicta CIO Eyal Lalo’s recent admission that watches being sold by Invicta and marked SWISS were actually Chinese. It didn’t help that he had been caught in his on air selling schpeal of the doomed Speedway Elite in complete lies; that Invicta had worked hand in hand with D-D on the watch. Once people began to receive their wrist size Titanics , he went on to issue statements through Igor – er, I mean Jim Skelton, that the issues were owned by D-D and that he was having “loud discussions” with them. All lies exposed by D-D Business Development Manager of the Americas, Chris Becker. Mr. Becker’s truthful statement that Invicta was not a D-D customer and the mention of the possibility that these movements could be knockoffs further stocked the fires of angry customers making Value Pays on a Thousand dollar doorstop. The joint statement confirms what the vast majority already knew; Invicta got them through a third party. While this is legal, I’m willing to bet whoever this third-party is won’t be sold D-D movements anytime in the near future as this practice is frowned upon by movement manufacturers and I’m willing to bet Laylo was real quick to name the source. There has been some speculation that SWI was the source but this is not confirmed.

Bullet two, that the issues are not related to the movement is also something that has been stated by Laylo, through his bitch, Jim Skelton as well as Chris Becker. This is old news – no new ground covered here.

The third point was also addressed previously, again by a Laylo statement through toad Skelton that a washer can correct the problem.

BUT what fans and haters were looking for was the cause. This is not addressed in the joint statement – it’s only purpose is to restate the facts that both Chris Becker pointed out and the confirmation that the movements are genuine. It absolves D-D of any guilt and lays the blame on a mysterious third-party. This final part of the final point reopens the can of worms regarding the supposed Swiss factories that Skelton has alluded to; that Laylo has mentioned and that Michael “Fuckin” Davis has ridiculed people over when they’ve questioned te existance of them on watchgeeks.

I’ll ask it again because the end all, be all statement failed to clear it up – where were these watches assembled and finished? Where were the faulty dials and hands made? I maintain that a Swiss manufacturing house would have never released pieces with these types of defects; but probably more realistically, they never would have had these problems, they would have known the nuances and tolerances. I think they tried to pull the assembly off in their Florida headquarters with components of Asian origin. I challenge(er) them to post the paperwork on watchgeeks and prove me wrong. If Invicta commissioned their manufacture in Geneva, Hong Kong – I’m still right because the dial says SWISS MADE! I really do not think Invicta cased these watches in Switzerland because all signs point to ineptness and a lack of technical knowledge,

There are several ‘Veteran’ and ‘Senior’ WG members piling on to threads over at watchgeeks with statements like “this puts it to bed” and “that clears things up” but it clearly doesn’t and if you think it does, you’re either too stupid to comprehend what you’re reading or you have a vested interest in sweeping this under the rug.

SO how will consumers react to this non-statement? Will they just pretend that this supposed ‘statement’ restating what is already widely known is sufficient and accept the ongoing lies, wasting their hard-earned cash on two or three Invicta’s of questionable origin and hit-or-miss functionality? Or will they buy one really nice Japanese, German or Swiss watch without issues and a solid pedigree?