I love the iPhone.

Probably under my wife and kids, parents aunts and uncles; ahead of Pretty Ricky the family cat, is the warmth iFeel to that device. I still use my original 16 Gig  Gen 1 phone around the house as my primary internet device. Taking it for a ride experientially similar to a cruise in a well-maintained but vigorously driven Galaxie 500. My love affair with the device and interface has never waned and I find it unlike any other thing I’ve ever owned – It completes me.

Yet I am writing this blog on a PC running XP and not an iPad or iMac and quite frankly, when glazed eyed zealots ramble at me, I look down at the ground and speed up my pace. I’m not one of these people who so love Apple to the point of spending several hundred dollars to destroy one on Youtube to make my point as well as become the new Chocolate Rain guy. But after browsing through the Gizmodo blog, I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

To me the real story is how Gizmodo is claiming to have come into possession of this phone. In the piece, How Apple Lost the Next iPhone, Jesus Diaz lays out the story, complete with a posed picture of the supposed loser and a screenshot detail of his Facebook picture and name. Really – you expect me to believe that this guy made repeated calls to and not one help desk no-it-all picked up on his call and procured the phone?

I now see reports that Gizmodo paid between five and ten large? More so they were paid as much by a marketing firm on behalf of Apple to blur the line between fact and fiction and generate hype ahead of the newest handsets launch; creating a buzz that seems authentic and not corporate.

Sorry guys – I’m calling bullshit.