FOR years, Invicta watches labeled SWISS on the dial have been touted as Swiss Made. This has been claimed by the leader of the pack, Eyal Laylo, as well as minons, like Michael “Fuckin” Davis for as long as i can remember.

A member has opened up a caseback of one of the Russian Divers labeled ‘Swiss’ only to discover that the movement was stamped “CHINA” as well as “Far East Asmbly”. The movement did have a Swiss made battery though – a fact sarcasticly noted by watchgeek members.

Surely this violates FTC rules? One wonders why products are not vetted to ensure that they conform to their pedigree and description – isn’t that why ShopNBC has a horological expert like Jim Skelton on the staff? This on the heels of the faulty Speedway with the bunk movement; the SANIII with the bad screw design and the cases with mold, whose design just happens to be the subject of a heated copywrite infringement debate.

How long is ShopNBC going to continue to be associated with defective and now, possible trade violations of the Invicta Watch Group?

I think it’s funny – Jimblo Skelton himself has attacked me when I pointed out that the Invicta story line on the Russian diver has changed, but it’s true. When first introduced, it was a near identical homage to real Soviet era divers that had been kicking around eBay for years and Eyal tried to claim that Invicta designed it! Who would want a watch that proports to be Russian in origin anyway with Swiss on the dial?


I guess those Invictards are finally getting their just rewards. Keep listening to what the people in the talking picture box and not those of us who have been around and know the truth.

As of the time of this blog, there has been no response to the thread on from either Invicta or their towelboy, Jim Skelton.

(A shoutout to Lies All Lies for the lead)

Dead Pool

March 23, 2010

The Jim Skelton Dead Pool continues as more interesting developments have taken place over the last few days that further contrast the apparent behind the scenes issues at ShopNBC

Daniel Green took an apparent swipe at Skelton about 53 minutes into the final hour of his Invicta stump while he sat opposite Michael Davis. Mr. Davis talked about the ability to dress up the Russian Diver being offered – describing it with Daniel Green’s suit. He then went on to talk about pairing it with a Polo shirt and jeans to dress it down. Daniel Green interjected: “Black velvet, felt shirt – ha, sorry, if you just joined me, I’m being… naughty…” To which Michael Davis replied after a pause, “No comment.” Precisely the hideous Vince Vaughn cast away that Skeltbo was wearing during his last show.

Stranger yet is Shawn Wilsie terminating his affiliation with both on his presentation and his Facebook page. Skelton’s response implied that Wilsie was trying to be a “martyr” and seeking attention.

I’ve speculated for quite sometime that the production staff had no love for In Cognito. Apparently his fellow hosts don’t either.