WHILE attempting to figure out who will be producing Jim Skelton’s yet to be launched watch brand, I can across some brand new Invicta trademarks.

As if the Sea Hunter, Sea Spider, Sea Thunder, Sea Excursion and Sea Wizard wasn’t enough ocean inspired insipidness, welcome yet another dive inspired fashion watch family: the Sea Bird. As this is only a name in that same, tired serif font, there are no designs to yet share.

Might I suggest the Sea Men as the next in this fine lineage?

I wonder if Eyal actually pays for someone to come up with this shit or if it gives his wife something to do? I mean whose bright idea is “JT FOR INVICTA, TOWER OF STRENGTH” – what does that even represent? They apparently plan to make key chains, jewelry, watch boxes and cases with this branding.

WE also can see that Invicta appears to be diversifying with an interesting application for the trademark PowerPatch which covers a range of potential products that including battery packs for handheld electronics,I’d assume smart phones, stands and cases. This move sort of makes sense as they’ll now be able to sell all of their most rabid fans phone cases that match their favorite watches. Okay, that sounded a lot better when it was just a thought rolling around in my head. Reading it out loud and it sounds pretty goddamned dumb – but hey Invictard reality is not like mine so what do I know.

BUT what I find really intriguing is the trademarking of two different sets of map coordinates. So I pasted them into Google Maps.

The first, 47.1070N, 6.8246E, resolves to an apparent paper street and set of stairs near a Swiss address, Rue de Beauregard 7, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


I have been unable to determine what is at the address in question but I wonder if this might be an office of the company.

THE second trademark is 26.0280N, 80.1698W. This resolves to Invicta World Headquarters in Hollywood Florida:


Why in the world would Invicta trademark map locations?

Invicta to Acquire Renato?

February 2, 2012

DANIEL Mink has be lying lower than the Chi as it goes on 9 months with the undelivered Tourbillon that turned into an advanced order. Mink has stalled on a big announcement and has outright ignored complaints and threats from disgruntled customer on their ignored Facebook page.

Michael Davis, Invicta Watch Company’s Technical Brand Manager, just this morning posted on his Facebook that a big announcement will be made tonight on Larry Megan’s web show. Now “Big Announcements” from Invicta are a dime a dozen, but interestingly enough, Koi from the watchlords forum has a source who has told him that Renato has been sold and that Invicta bought up the Tourbillons that Mink couldn’t afford.

UPDATE 11:20 PM: So the big announcement is actually that Michael Davis is getting his own webs how? Jesus, these Home Shopping TV guys are like the rap moguls that run their labels out of the parents basement. Move over Skelton – Davis After Dark is here to challenge you on LiveStream. Watch the throne!

I still wonder if an Invicta takeover of Renato is eminent. I hope so – I wanna buy Renatos at JC Penny and Costco.

May that big announcement be that Renato has ‘joined’ the Invicta Watch Group?

FIFTEEN years ago, I really believed that the strides being made in CAD and CAM would result in an on-demand future rapidly prototyped into physical being. A future where designers would be king and a lot of products would be produced and assembled locally leading to a new wave of industrial revolution and infinite customization.

And while on-demand is not as pervasive as i thought it would be, companies like rvndsgn are halfway there. Industrial designer Zach Raven began his project to create the world’s first rapidly prototyped timepiece with the help of a Kickstarter campaign to finance his initial pieces. It has been less than a year since he kicked off his campaign and he is already taking orders.

rvndsgn utilizes Selective Laser Sintering to create their cases; they are literally printed and built layer upon layer. Stainless steel powder is converted into solid cross-sections by a CO2 laser until a solid, three dimensional case is formed. Bronze is infused into the steel to replace the binder used in the printing process. It is nickel free so the finished product is allergy free. Final finishing occurs by tumbling the cases in husks to remove any sharp edges leaving a grain pattern behind that is unique to each piece as a result of the sintering process. It makes for a look that strikes me as organic; almost like the hives built by paper wasps. As a fan of the Japanese Mokume technique and the classic, organic designs of Isamu Noguchi, I find it aesthetically appealing.

The cases are manufactured in The Netherlands and measure a modest 40mm across. In these austere times this is a nice break from the pie plate sized watches that some brands would have you believe are the new normal. Any color finishes are applied over the stainless by the same company that creates the cases.

The dial is created in New York using a similar rapid prototyping method but materials are nylon and acrylic. The movement holder is incorporated into the face creating a single piece design.

Final assembly takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan on a made to order basis. Delivery can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks on US orders.


The bands and buckles are sourced from Italy and are a single piece, in form very similar to the G10 style. They pass through the case and could easily be replaced with a 20mm NATO or Zulu.

THE only downside to me is that it has a quartz movement – the Swiss Ronda 513. I prefer automatics. While Mr. Raven doesn’t have plans for an auto, he has assured me that he does have plans for additional styles that could accommodate an automatic movement. This illustrates one of the unique aspects of his method: there is no tooling to change. He just alters the measurements in the CAD file and produces it.

Mr. Raven is also looking to leverage his product toward a greater good:

I’m looking into doing a limited edition with a partnership with a large charity with the profits going to them.

rvndsgn started accepting orders as of last Friday with the exception of the all black and all white pieces. They are priced at $275 and shipping on both domestic and international orders is included in the price.

For more information, check out the rvndsgn website: http://rvndsgn.com/RVNDSGN/Home.html


AFTER much talk of “changing the game” and a big countdown on his Public Figure Facebook page, Jim Skelton made the announcement that Betterskills had speculated on months ago; that he would join Lior’s fledgling World of Watches TV that is streamed live on Ustream and on the satillite infomercial channel. Jim will be sharing Ustream bandwidth with such esteemed internet shows as Two Bored Guys, Chanchaka Charmy and Alison Rosen is Your Best Friend.

This move isn’t much different than the Stickam Couch Tour that I suggested he take.

WoW – how far the “mighty” have fallen. It will be interesting to see if Skelton continues his behavior that seemed to put him into a bad light with ShopNBC brass and ultimately lead to his dismissal at the number three net. Will he take on forum owners and this blog as he has done in the past? Will he troll forums?

Or has he learned his lesson?

IT is extremely rare that I have the ability to wake up and actually stay in bed basking in the glory of the morning. As everyone was asleep, I grabbed my ever present device and browsed a few forums that I normally visit as well as Twitter. I passed out around 10:30 last night and so I had a lot of ground to cover. One interesting thing I came across was Joe Boots (@BootPrintsCrew) late night, couldn’t sleep, Twitter autobiography.

His story, in 140 character snipits, interests me because it is a good and because of the medium. The problem is that there is no hash tag to tie all of the tweets together and so there is no easy way to re-Tweet his story. So I have reproduced it in one, easy to read blog. I use a tilda character to join two tweets where there are sentences broken by Twitters character limitation.

Started hand painting tees in 2001 perfectin the craft. Doin tees for heads up cal u kept me fed 2004 started paintin tees in @timebombshop

Painted a tee for @GhostfaceKillah and trife da god, and jadakiss (no flix no proof I know. But ask brick its the truth) this was 2005

As well as all the hood dudes and rappers around at the time @FastEddie412 was a big supporter early on. Then I got sent to Iraq

And I was there in iraq had my mum send me paints and blank tees and that’s what I did in my down time. Sent em back to @timebombshop

Hand painting shirts in a war zone. No xbox homie. @timebombshop and @FastEddie412 were getting them to the streets. When I came home I was  ~  charged up to keep this brand PRICELESS INK going. Really ill. Handpainted teeshirts. Along with a rap crew that had been going on since 02

I used my army $ to get the MPC and @Jbgbeats and big C as priceless productions was born

But I was so fucked up and fucked up all the money I had made fueling priceless recordings as well as my unquenchable thirst for booze

but the road to the riches is paved with booze and depravity. It was a 3 years filled with fast times loose women & bangin parties

Then I met a girl and she changed my thinking. Changed my spirit. And kissed my soul. She really believed in me and what I was doing it made ~ me work harder and reach further for my goals. And priceless kept driving on doing bigger &bigger shows until a freezing cold pgh night

All the fans were there from @miggs412 to the ftcs and esPFAM IN FULL EFFECT . Tbc red tape gov everyone was there. Opening for paul wall ~ At the rex theatre and that was by far the greatest thing I’ve ever been apart of. We opened and basically shut that joint down. We sold the ~ Most tickets and had that joint packed. Our home turf . On the south side of pittsburgh. We did not dissapoint. We shut it down. Anyone that ~  was there knows…PRICELESS RECORDINGS. THAT’S WHAT IT IS! . And this was the gateway to the next level for us. I could feel it

So we tore the rex down and were heading to the afterparty. It was so cold. Everyone was split up and I ended up alone. On the walk there ~ I remember getting panicky and very nervous about the party. But was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to about 50 people. 30 or so was ~ Sexy ass girls dancin all crazy errone drunk high off the stellar performance and general attitude of success in the air. Only 20 minutes in

Damn that’s a bangin ass party I thought. And then some dudes were causin commotion at the door . I go over and I recognize one dude and ~ My girls friends ma was there like yo. No problems were all homies. Me and dude I recognized go downstairs to rap about the issue.

Which was someone not wanting to pay . And it wasn’t even a big deal me and homie squashed it. & then in a split second. Everything changed.

A fight broke out and the lights went out in this little ass stairwell. Homie ran up the steps and I followed . All these people were fallin ~ Down the stairs and I grabbed someone who was fightin me and I said yo I don’t wanna fight you I caught u fallin down the steps. Jus chill ~ Ima let you go . And when I did he fell to the ground. And I had blood all over my hands. No idea what happened. I called 911

That man ended up dieing that night. Over nothing. And the person who did it is in prison and whatever time he has its not enough.

Shook the fabric of all of us that night. And anyone there. I am so sorry to have put anyone in that situation. I don’t condone senseless ~ Violence of any kind. And that was the last night priceless ever really did anything. I went into a reclusive state for a while. Stopped ~ Going out. Stopped drinking. For a while. And my thoughts and prayers are always with johns family forever.

But the whole time. I was selling tee shirts. Priceless la familia. And the classic DRINKING IRON GETTING SHITTY YEAH HOW BURGH IS THAT? & ~ More. I always knew what I wanted to do. And I’m doing it right now. And nothing in the world feels better.

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure. I’ve been building. Learning. Growing in this world for 10 plus years. Before that me and @mikemook crushed

I thank you all for all the support and patronage! This long winded story was basically a fyi to anyone that’s not sure. I have my ties ~ And you can trace back bout 15 years. I’m friends with underground legends and street kings. Don’t question whether or not I’m about this ~ is all I have ever known. Thank you all. Thanks to our biggest fans and the haters that talk about us more than our biggest fans

Oh yeah. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. If you don’t succeed. At least you tried and no one can take that away from you ever.

And I’m back on aim: jbpriceless haha hollar

I’d really love to read more about working in a warzone. You can follow Joe Boots on Twitter @BootPrintsCrew


AFTER weeks of silence and a noticeable decline of fanbois and girls on his public Facebook page, Jim Skelton is again interacting with the public at said page. While only an anecdotal observation, It seems that as his absence from cable has dragged on, he began receiving less adoration and responses to wall posts. His continual thanking of people for their support also suggests that he had no call in the decision to leave the number three network. As were the tone of the calls when he was a host, every post on his public page seems to follow the same narrative – you got me into collecting; “I know longer” purchase watches from ShopNBC; that British guy sucks; Tim Temple sucks; when are you going somewhere to sell me watches…

He’s also taking swipes at his former employer;

“Yeah, they’ve been KILLING prices and maxing out Value Pays lately… wonder why huh? LOL”

As well as at fellow hosts:

“At the least, with Daniel you don’t ever have to endure “Ummm”, “Uhhhh” every 3rd word because he is a true professional in front of the camera. Can’t say that for everyone though…” Clearly this is in reference to Tim Temple who’s “uhhh” and “ummm” are his signature presentation style.

“I do not watch the shows. The RARE occasion I do, I will only watch Daniel or Shawn.” This is funny because he accused Wilsey of grandstanding when he publicly left Watchgeeks – guess he hates Tim “Replaced me” Temple that much more.

“I honestly think Mike (and select other vendor guests) are the only life & personality left on the watch shows.”

As this blog previously reported, the word was that Jim Skelton was very uncool to Tim Temple when they had run in’s after the later was replaced by ShopNBC. Stories have also been floating around that Skelton tried to undermine Temple when he was brought back – again, these are unsubstantiated but Skelton’s past behavior on TV and even this blog suggests an unsavory personality.

THE big question is, where will Skelton end up? He’ll definitely generate sales as there are people waiting for him to tell them what to buy. Will it be JTV? He’d fit in well with the white trash hosts on that network. Will he end up at WOW? That’s starting to seem unlikely. WOW is blowing it out with Charla and I doubt his salary would be worth the slight increase in sales. I used to think that we’d see Invicta TV with Skelton as the host, but after telling Jill Sommerstein she should have twins and name one Holocaust, leaving her visibly upset, that is not going to happen either.

He’s hinting that something is going to happen. Maybe it will be live on Stickam from the couches of those still “caught up in his allure”

One things for sure, it’s funny how it’s come full circle and Temple has replaced an apparently fired Skelton and it makes this Michael “Fuckin” Davis post from December of 2008 even funnier:

Considering how and under what circumstances Tim left SNBC “back in the day”, I doubt that would be the last place he would show up. While he may be liked there by some of the old timers, I am willing to bet that there is still enough management around to remember how he left to go start up a direct competitor and took 3 or 4 of the most popular hosts with him.

I wish no one at JTV any ill will, but it is not looking good at the moment.

On February 19th I am launching my own WorldofWatches.TV shopping show, it will be broadcasting live every Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 9pm Eastern Time on Direct TV channel 227. I hope you and your friends and family will watch me.


Lior Ben-Shmuel
President & CEO
The SWI Group

BETTERSKILLS can confirm that Swiss Watch International is indeed launching it’s own televised watch program as well as a streaming version on the Internet.

THIS move comes on the heals of the FCC approval of the NBC Universal/Comcast merger and weeks after a proposed ShopNBC stock offerings. One wonders how this new televised shopping outlet affect Invicta and the distant third home shopping network sales. World of Watches is the premier “Deal of the Day” site and moves quite a few high end brands, like Wyler, as well as their own house brands, like Swiss Legend, Jaques Lemans and Triumph. WoW routinely moves quite a bit of Invicta merchandise typically way below ShopNBC pricing on even current Shop stock.

IT’S no secret that a lot of people are tired of the constant Invicta cavalcade on ShopNBC which is starting to look as ridiculous as the “Shopping Is A Feeling ” scene in the movie True Stories.

I’d long thought that this would be an Invicta move. Looks like SWI flanked them.