AFTER weeks of silence and a noticeable decline of fanbois and girls on his public Facebook page, Jim Skelton is again interacting with the public at said page. While only an anecdotal observation, It seems that as his absence from cable has dragged on, he began receiving less adoration and responses to wall posts. His continual thanking of people for their support also suggests that he had no call in the decision to leave the number three network. As were the tone of the calls when he was a host, every post on his public page seems to follow the same narrative – you got me into collecting; “I know longer” purchase watches from ShopNBC; that British guy sucks; Tim Temple sucks; when are you going somewhere to sell me watches…

He’s also taking swipes at his former employer;

“Yeah, they’ve been KILLING prices and maxing out Value Pays lately… wonder why huh? LOL”

As well as at fellow hosts:

“At the least, with Daniel you don’t ever have to endure “Ummm”, “Uhhhh” every 3rd word because he is a true professional in front of the camera. Can’t say that for everyone though…” Clearly this is in reference to Tim Temple who’s “uhhh” and “ummm” are his signature presentation style.

“I do not watch the shows. The RARE occasion I do, I will only watch Daniel or Shawn.” This is funny because he accused Wilsey of grandstanding when he publicly left Watchgeeks – guess he hates Tim “Replaced me” Temple that much more.

“I honestly think Mike (and select other vendor guests) are the only life & personality left on the watch shows.”

As this blog previously reported, the word was that Jim Skelton was very uncool to Tim Temple when they had run in’s after the later was replaced by ShopNBC. Stories have also been floating around that Skelton tried to undermine Temple when he was brought back – again, these are unsubstantiated but Skelton’s past behavior on TV and even this blog suggests an unsavory personality.

THE big question is, where will Skelton end up? He’ll definitely generate sales as there are people waiting for him to tell them what to buy. Will it be JTV? He’d fit in well with the white trash hosts on that network. Will he end up at WOW? That’s starting to seem unlikely. WOW is blowing it out with Charla and I doubt his salary would be worth the slight increase in sales. I used to think that we’d see Invicta TV with Skelton as the host, but after telling Jill Sommerstein she should have twins and name one Holocaust, leaving her visibly upset, that is not going to happen either.

He’s hinting that something is going to happen. Maybe it will be live on Stickam from the couches of those still “caught up in his allure”

One things for sure, it’s funny how it’s come full circle and Temple has replaced an apparently fired Skelton and it makes this Michael “Fuckin” Davis post from December of 2008 even funnier:

Considering how and under what circumstances Tim left SNBC “back in the day”, I doubt that would be the last place he would show up. While he may be liked there by some of the old timers, I am willing to bet that there is still enough management around to remember how he left to go start up a direct competitor and took 3 or 4 of the most popular hosts with him.

I wish no one at JTV any ill will, but it is not looking good at the moment.


Laying Low

June 4, 2010

SOMETHING big is popping at ShopNBC. With talk of drinking the 12 pack in Shawn Wilsie’s trunk and Michael “Fuckin” Davis, Invicta Technical Brand Manager, mentioning big aquisitions, and Davis saying that the hosts had it “easy” unlike the people “answering the phones…”

Dead Pool

March 23, 2010

The Jim Skelton Dead Pool continues as more interesting developments have taken place over the last few days that further contrast the apparent behind the scenes issues at ShopNBC

Daniel Green took an apparent swipe at Skelton about 53 minutes into the final hour of his Invicta stump while he sat opposite Michael Davis. Mr. Davis talked about the ability to dress up the Russian Diver being offered – describing it with Daniel Green’s suit. He then went on to talk about pairing it with a Polo shirt and jeans to dress it down. Daniel Green interjected: “Black velvet, felt shirt – ha, sorry, if you just joined me, I’m being… naughty…” To which Michael Davis replied after a pause, “No comment.” Precisely the hideous Vince Vaughn cast away that Skeltbo was wearing during his last show.

Stranger yet is Shawn Wilsie terminating his affiliation with both on his presentation and his Facebook page. Skelton’s response implied that Wilsie was trying to be a “martyr” and seeking attention.

I’ve speculated for quite sometime that the production staff had no love for In Cognito. Apparently his fellow hosts don’t either.