WELL, what do you know? One day after getting a snide comment on the blog “Jim Skelton Out At ShopNBC” from a dildo that works for the San Diego Public School system questioning my belief that Skelton would be out by years end, ShopNBC hires a new President, whose duties include overseeing on air talent.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Tim Temple is not among the Hosts on the host page. It’s very possible that network management has learned from the Skelton mistake and hired him as a contract employee, thus freeing him for personal endeavors that do not directly associate with the network in the way that poor Invicta quality and watchgeeks have.

Why then wouldn’t they just do that with Skelton you might ask? Because he inked a new contract and management had to find a way to decouple the network from Skelton and Watchgeeks. As I’ve speculated in other blogs, when he is off the air, he’ll be locked up and gagged. No new network, for awhile, and no comments. I’m telling you, he’s going to be on a special assignment. I wouldn’t be suprises if Invicta jumps from the network and tries to spin off an infomercial type show with Skelton as host once his contract is through at SNBC.

Hangman is coming down from the gallows and it won’t be very long…


From CNN money

ShopNBC Names Multichannel Retailing Veteran Bob Ayd as President

January 28, 2010: 09:00 AM ET

ShopNBC (NASDAQ: VVTV), the premium lifestyle brand in electronic retailing, today announced that Bob Ayd, a multichannel retailing veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the marketspace, has been named President of the company, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Keith Stewart. As part of his new role, Mr. Ayd will oversee Merchandising, Planning, Programming, Broadcast Operations, and On-Air Talent.

Cultivated over three decades, Mr. Ayd brings an extensive background and proven track record of success to ShopNBC, including executive leadership roles at multi-billion-dollar retailers QVC and Macy’s. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at QVC (U.S.). During his tenure at QVC, he also served as Senior Vice President, Design Development & Global Sourcing and Brand Development, and Senior Vice President of Jewelry and Fashion. While at Macy’s, Mr. Ayd held a number of executive leadership positions including Senior Vice President in Women’s Sportswear.

Keith Stewart, ShopNBC’s CEO, said: “We are excited to welcome Bob to the ShopNBC family. His fluent understanding of our business and world-class multichannel retailing expertise, coupled with the building blocks already in place at the company, will help accelerate our timeline to drive increased sales and profitability. Equally invaluable are Bob’s strong vendor relationships and industry contacts, which span the globe. We look forward to benefiting from his strong leadership, vast relationships and strategic guidance.”

“I am thrilled to be joining ShopNBC,” said Mr. Ayd. “The culture is passionate, the focus is on the customer, and the opportunity at hand is golden. With already very exciting things happening at the company, I’m looking forward to doing my part in helping ShopNBC build on its progress to date while quickly ushering in a new decade of success.”

In accordance with NASDAQ Marketplace Rule 4350, Mr. Ayd will be granted inducement stock options on February 1, 2010, covering the right to purchase 350,000 shares of the company’s common stock. The options will have an exercise price equal to the closing price of the company’s common stock on the date of grant.

UPDATE 12/28/2010 3:58 PM
from the watchgeeks.net website

Just an FYI so that there’s no “mystery” or rumors when I disappear for a little while.

Beginning February 23rd, I will be off the air, and will have the Ask Jim forum closed following a surgery I will be going in for that day. It’s not a huge deal, just a long recovery. I won’t be able to speak with any projection, and I won’t be much to look at during this time (not that I was before either LOL).

I have been unable to undergo this procedure previously for a variety of reasons, and I have desperately needed it.

I will just be doing a few procedures. Septoplasty (total relocation and rebuild), removal of septal spur, lower turbinate reduction, mid turbinate reduction, upper turbinate reduction, removal of cyst in vocal chamber, removal of errant bone by upper sinus, and a whole lot of scraping and whatnot.

I have lived with acute sinusitis for 20 years as of this month, no meds have been able to eliminate the infection, so I have tremendous buildup of nasty stuff at all times. My septum is so deviated, i have barely 1mm clearance in one side of my nose, plus a very painful spur. All levels of turbinates are very constricted (hard to breathe), and there is this odd bone shape up in the top that has closed off an air pocket that has really been interfering with normal breathing. All that plus a cyst in one of my vocal chambers. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course having to talk for a living, all of this makes working very difficult, so this will change my life so much. I spend half of my shows cutting my microphone to try and clear my sinuses.

The whole thing will be completed in about 3 hours the doc says, and only a couple of “warnings” were issued. One was that due to how extremely high up he has to go, there is a chance (slight) that he could poke through too high and release brain fluid into my face, and this comes with serious consequences… but he said it is HIGHLY unlikely that this would happen. (Wheew)

The other thing is that I will likely have to go to a vocal coach for a while. During the time my sinusitis began, it sounded like I had severe congestion from a really bad head cold. Totally stuffed. You know how your voice sounds when you’re totally stuffed up? Well after some time without it going away, I had to ‘learn to speak around it’ which changed my speech habits in order to sound normal. That was 20 years ago… so now I may have to re-learn how to speak in some ways. My voice may also change (for the better however). My voice sounded much different before the initial infection, deeper and more resonating and he says it is likely that this will return. No one in my life over the last 20 years has actually heard my real voice Without the extreme pressure on my upper palate, I am opened up more and MAY sound different.

So that’s it. That’s a lot to lay out there, but it saves me from having to type all of that in 10 scattered posts as folks ask the questions
None of this is a big deal to me, I have zero worries about it. I have been through MUCH worse (ever had an early ’80s, all-steel 2.5 ton station wagon run over your leg? TWICE? I have) all of this SOUNDS worse than it really is. The only bad part is the plugs plus packing that has to be crammed up there while I heal. It sucks, and really sucks when he pulls it all out. Plus the black eyes (cutting and hammering in my nose) don’t look too flattering. I’ll begin accepting bids for pictures But that’s about it. The doc promised me really cool drugs, so don’t cry for me, I’ll be a zombie for about 2 weeks

I look at it this way… I get to eat in bed, watch movies all day, sleep a LOT, experience more euphoria than a rock band roadie, and finish counting the dimples in my ceiling (I am tragically far behind on this task) and not shave for 3 weeks. And at the end, I’ll be able to breathe for the 1st time in 20 years!

So please forgive me as I will be unable to come here and answer questions. If during that time you see folks wandering in wondering why I’m ignoring them… link them to this post for me. Thanks!

I just got a Tweet from Tim Temple and he’s just announced that he is back in at ShopNBC.

Mr. Temple left the network in 2005 where he had been one of the founding hosts of the then fledgling ValuVision in the early 90’s. Unconfirmed sources have stated that the two parties could not agree on contract terms, primarily centered around Mr. Temple wanting more control and input over what timepice brands were carried by the network.

Mr. Temple now comes full circle after a few years of wandering through the wilderness from shopping network startups that included Shopping Source and JTV.

This move begs a few questions, the most obvious is what does this mean for the current host, Jim Skelton? Mr. Skelton is an associate of Invicta Watch Group CEO, Eyal Lalo. Invicta is a brand synonyms with ShopNBC and recently celebrated their 8 year anniversary on the network. Internet rumors suggest that Mr. Skelton and Mr. Temple had a few less than cordial run-ins in the networks homebase, Minniapolis, in the months following Mr. Skelton’s assumption of primary watch hustling duties. As of 5:26, EST, Jim Skelton still appears on the shopnbc.com hosts page.

Is there any bad blood between Mr. Lalo and Mr. Temple considering Lalo was instrumental in replacing Tim Temple?

I wait to see what unfolds…

UPDATE: 10/19/2009 The Return of Tim Temple:https://betterskills.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/the-return-of-tim-temple/