Invicta Goes From Weather Balloons to the Moon

April 10, 2013

Fresh off the heels of their edge of space weather balloon launch of watches, Invicta Watch Company is previewing a new, soon to be released model, the Subaqua Specialty NASA/Apollo 40th Anniversary Edition.
It is a kitchen sink of materials that make up its construction: ceramic, thermopolymer, titanium and carbon fiber. But the big selling point is the 44.45 mm medallion case back with the official NASA vector logo that contains metal taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon.
Upon first seeing the promo pictures, I thought, “Wow, how did Invicta get a license agreement with NASA?”

But a google search of ‘Apollo 40th anniversary medallion’ turns up dozens of sites selling this medallion with the best price at for $12.95!

Beside the case back, the only other obvious ‘Apollo’ reference is the tachometer that mimics the Omega Speedmaster bezel – the watch that actually did go to the moon.

One has to wonder how NASA would feel about this new model as it is seemingly trading off of their history and implies that it is an officially licensed product. I think it is disingenuous and purposefully misleading to consumers. I’ll be interested to see the markup that this $12 medallion commands.

And in case you were curious, here’s what the other side of the medallion looks like:


39 Responses to “Invicta Goes From Weather Balloons to the Moon”

  1. krane11367 Says:

    Stupid, cheesy, a reach, tasteless, inane, ugly, garish, vulgar, and ridiculous – in other words, a first airing ShopNBC sell out, for sure.

    Someone should contact NASA even before this monstrosity gets its “launch,” so to speak. If Swatch can come down on Stuhrling Original, what’s to prevent NASA from wanting to prevent having its name besmirsched on an opportunistic Chinese-made watch company?

    Other than that? I bet it goes great with yummy TV rotisserie chicken. Watch for dem flyin’ pan squeezin’s!

  2. Boscoe Says:

    Why are you surprised? I have it on good authority Mr. Lalo wears a codpiece when he goes to the beach. Talk about false advertising… A manly 50 mm, girls?

  3. Twat Waffles Says:

    Is this watch “field tested”? lol

    Looks like Lalo will be fooling a lot of nbc customers when they present it on air. Davis can’t wait to look into the camera and spew his junk to all those misinformed uneducated sheep, he’s sharpening his devil horns as we speak.

    Disingenuous? Invicta? naaaaaaa no way Jose!! 🙂

    I wish I could receive a half a cent for every time they’ll say NASA on air during the presentations. And a quarter for every time Allison Waggoner goes off track and acts like she’s interesting. Or a nickel for every time Tim Temple acts like he REALLY REALLY likes Invicta watches.

    Too bad they couldn’t have a famous astronaut sitting next to them at the pavillion grotto cafeteria poolside buffet vault front lawn warehouse set, then they could have this astronaut gawk and talk about this amazing collectible that’s in high demand among the inept and socially stunted. lololololololololol!! Or he can talk about aliens that he saw wearing the Bolt and Venom.

    Next article should hopefully be entitled “Invicta Goes From Weather Balloons To The Moon To Jail”

  4. trip_67 Says:

    One would think, that NASA would be offended to be affiliated with a fake “Swiss Made” watch. Mongo and Eyal have no shame, watches just bring it out more.

  5. AJC Says:


    A new low for the most feared watch company in the world.

  6. Buzz Cauldron Says:

    Hello fellow NASA enthusiasts.

    I am here to say that I fully support Invicta’s latest questionable mass produced timepiece.

    This watch has the DNA of a few captured space Tribbles, sorry Captain Kirk, you had your chances.

    Mr. Lalo will be brainwashing all into opening their wallets for this special space debris on the wrist. All your kids will want the miniature version called “Lalo Apollo”

    Dennis Rodman just signed a contract with Invicta, they are indeed the most feared entity known to man, ohhhh wait, except for Gene “enough is never enough self indulging” Simmons.

    Mr. Lalo has a smile only his mother could love, and he is adored by his many fans that think spray margerine is a ground breaking invention.

    Let’s all of us fly where no man has gone to the bathroom before! Let’s gaze upon the stars and eat a milky way together!!

    Next event Invicta will unveil their Albert Einstein collection, featuring cryogenic pieces of Alberts stache incorporated into their questionable sandstone dials, and THEY WILL add this highly collctible element which will be adapted into this case construction at the Swiss molecular level and design feature.

    Pretty good?

  7. Swiss Federation Says:

    We have assumed control

    We have assumed control

    The federation of planets have invited Invicta’s greedy leader known to you earthlings as, “The Lalo”

    We will inspect this human organism and do a thorough cavity search. If we find any substance that’s not kosher to our very strict standards, he will be eliminated at once!

    Lalo is bringing guests aboard our spacecraft named Ronda, Isa, and Eta. These extra organisms on the Lalo cargo will also be subject to out strict laws.

    Just ask the last 2 organisms that tried to change our tradition, Stuhrilng and Schmuel!!

    Swiss cheese out!!!

  8. Elau Says:

    Yet another ugly gimmicky looking piece of junk only Watch Geeks would buy.

  9. Big News Says:

    I’ve got big news.

    To commemorate the unstoppable juggernaut Invicta watches have become, there’s some exciting news on the near horizon.

    To go along with what “they” think is an amazing award for their ‘Red Dot” acknowledgement, the following has some serious ramifications to the watch industry.

    Invicta will proudly present on their very next live location shoot, “The Anus Collection”

    Ladies and germs, this is a first in watch history, now everybody’s asshole will be able to tell the time, even your urologist too!!, here’s how.

    Invicta will be manufacturing 10 & 15mm watches that can easily slide up your asshole with no need for lubricant!! Each carefully crafted piece will have a doody resistant “recessed lube pusher”, once the watch recognizes it’s owners asshole that’s when the magic starts and the time telling begins.

    For Christmas, they and their good friends at Seagull will be making Invicta the worlds very first “Rectum Repeater”. Once your ultra mini anus watch is inserted, all you have to do is fart and the watch will engage it’s flatulent chimes letting you know the current time!!!


    Invicta watches will NOT be responsible for any internal scarring, which also includes mental. Any anus or rectum timepieces will require a picture of your asshole so we can bump up the warranty to a full flatulent five years. We are NOT responsible if you crap and flush your watch by accident. Fecal matter will not penetrate the watch as long as our patented shit stain screw down doody crown is locked.

  10. Sid 90210 Says:

    hahahahahahah that last one was clever with the asshole watches.

    wouldnt surprise me if that actually happend

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  13. krane11367 Says:

    Based on recent complaints at, amazingly enough, WatchGeeks, somebody better crack open one o’ them NASA watches and find out where the movement was actually made – seems the ol’ Swiss/Far East tango is back and better than ever. Oh, those sad, sorry little Geeks; in the words of Gorilla Monsoon, they wouldn’t know a wristwatch from a wristlock.

    Mommy, why would Michael Davis lie to me?

  14. Wooden Watches Says:

    WeWood watches have aired on Shopnbc.

    These watches are entirely made of different types of woods.

    I’m surprised this website hasn’t wrote even the tiniest article on these REPULSIVE PIECES OF SHIT!

    My eyes went crazy looking at these watches, garbage for the wrist is being polite.

    What’s even funnier, is when the host can’t even muster the excitement needed to present them like their remotely interesting.

    You got to see em, it’s like Fisher Price or Child Guidance made these, or maybe even Lego’s.

    They have a nice smell they say, ohhhh my goodness, now that’s a bullet point to catch everybody’s lust for a wooden quartz watch! Useless, confusing, splintery looking trash!!

    While presenting them, the host looked like she wanted to barf chunks, and knowing Allison, whom can get overly excited selling a lint ball, even she was perplexed with these AWFULLY TASTELESS PIECES OF DUNG!!!

    Nbc should bring back 32 Degree’s, at least the viewers kept their dinners down without a barf bag when those pieces of Chinese trash were presented.

  15. betterskills Says:

    I saw them but really don’t have anything to say; Shop has flirted with Sky Mall and Cruise duty free so why not go Fingerhut? Yolo.

  16. Wooden Watches Says:

    I guess we can expect an article when Skelton’s new watch line comes out.

    Ohhhh pweeeze pweeeze Betterskills, don’t let all your fans down.

    I’m getting hungry, think I’ll make me some chicken n Twat Waffles, but my wife ain’t home yet.


  17. betterskills Says:

    There are a few subjects I’m following but I’ve gone as far as I can.

  18. 51% Says:

    Hello Better.

    Do you think Invicta aside from being one of the most suspect watch companies on the planet, are selling Valjoux’s for so cheap due to a combination that the Valjoux’s are not completely Swiss made and assembled, and they can afford to sell them so low because they move a lot of mass produced pieces and can make up that revenue that way?

    Secondly how does Invicta get away with misrepresentation of their products on national television?

  19. betterskills Says:

    I think Invicta takes ample advantage of the rules defining ‘Swiss Made’ and probably takes full advantage of Far East manufacturing.

    When the DD scandal occurred, I then speculated that the movements, faces and hands were possibly assembled in their Florida facility.

  20. 51% Says:

    You mean their Fla facility that’s on lockdown to the public? lol

    The DD scandal was classic, however they have announced another module, if not a module a complete movement made for them I think. So another DD Invicta out there or on the way.

    Aside from taking ample advantage of Swiss Made, their pitch has misleading components. Has for so many years as you know.

    What’s funny is I met a watch guy in the mall jewelers that told me his favorite brand is Invicta. He also stated he’s on a budget, and that he likes some of their designs. Then he said my favorite Invicta was an Akula, yet he had 7″ wrist and it looked like a gimmicky children’s space toy.

    Then he said that he’s no longer buying Invicta’s anymore, because he said he had to wait 5 months to get it repaired under warranty. A simple issue by the way.

    I looked at him and said, “As hard as they work on tv to separate you from your money, is the opposite effort they display after the sale”.

  21. Garbage Man Says:

    Just because you saw an image of this medallion at doesn’t mean that this item is being sold by THE NASA Gift Shop or any other NASA connected entity. A lookup of the ownership of this domain shows that it’s administered by an Australian Company, Melbourne IT, LTD … for GRC Exchange in Cleveland, OH.

    Even you elitist “bungs” don’t always do your ‘research research research’ before posting. You’re so anxious to tear a poor kid’s dream watch apart and attack him ad hominem, that you’re no better than a pack of wild dogs who launch on the word: “Invicta … get ’em boy!” You can teach him your ideals without tearing his skin. Golden Rule. Goosfraba, Goosfraba.

    If you wish to have something truly NASA Affiliated, go to (Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex) … then search there for: medallion … and you will find something that is much more valuable, has true proximity to the Apollo Moon Missions, its 40th Anniversary, and will very likely retain or appreciate in value over the years. (set 1) (set 2)

  22. rusty Says:

    I love this giant fugly steaming dog rocket

  23. Koimaster Says:

    Died a quick death it seems. Maybe the bunnies are starting to wise up.

  24. Max Taint Says:

    Bon Jour

    I think Invicta will be debuting their Dubois Depraz Europa module for the next Basil Con in Basel.

    It has a built in lemon zest scraper, and with a push of a button can engage the garlic clove press.

    Former Ass-stronaut and crackhead celebrity chef Sam LaChoy says “time never smelled so good on the wrist”

    This new Lunar Lover comes packaged in Invicta’s turquoise colored space bottle, along with recipe booklet and Eyal’s favorite herb sachet.

    Critics predict this “will be” ShopHq’s first #1 seller!!!!

    This watch is warrantied for the first year by Invicta, after that please contact the manufacturer’s of The Magic Bullet/sauce dept.

    Retail is $5,999.00

    ShopHq price is $795.00 with 212 interest free value pays!

    Get yours while they last and get ready to TAKE OFF!

  25. Doug West Says:

    You know, I own only 5 watches, I like em, nothing special, I got an old friend of mine who is a die hard serious collector.

    I told him I like Lum-Tec’s designs as well as a few other brands, once I told him I also like Doxa he almost ripped my head off, he says Doxa’s are like Invictas that they say swiss made, but most of the watch is from china, where as Lum-Tec is from china for sure.

    I want to buy a Doxa, I even have a specific model I want, I’ve searched all over the internet and found nothing that points to only Doxa’s movements being swiss and the rest chinese.

    Yet my friend tells me to stay away from them at all costs.

    I can’t figure out what to do? Anybody?

    I can’t figure out if he’s just over opinionated or teling me the truth.

    I also like Ball and Tutima, they say swiss made too, except now Tutima says german made glashutte I think.

    This is too confusing for me, so I posted this for anyone’s help, thanks! D.W.

  26. Lies All Lies!!! Says:

    I am dying for someone to take off the caseback and let’s see the other side of the coin.

  27. No Escapement Says:

    Before I leave my thoughts, to Doug, your fine with Doxa mate, no worries there, steer clear from Invicta’s and you’ll be good to go.

    Down under we know our watches mates, so it strikes a chord with me when it comes to advertising a timepiece with the idea that part of it’s material took a trip to the moon.

    There’s a reason that this television shopping brand didn’t make this available for public consumption, or reasons. 😉

    Has anybody found out why it wasn’t released?

    At least it’s not the size of their ARSE-nal lmaooooooooooo

    I watched them recently (was bored) as it’s been years, and I see they are still making many many on air claims. After the DD debacle, and others, collectors should run from this brand!

  28. Koimaster Says:

    Apparently this watch did not return from orbit.

  29. Bricky Says:

    ya man, koi got it right!

  30. Wendy Says:

    these have to be some of the best n funniest posts on the internet, all of em.

    one of my sons loves invicta watches, as his mom obviously for his bday i have to get him what he wants.

  31. Wendy's Son Says:





    I HATE YOU!!!!!


    Love, your son Phillip.

  32. Koimaster Says:

    And now they have a watch with Joe DiMaggio on the caseback. I wonder of Joe’s family approved?

  33. Twat Waffles Says:

    Koi, are you serious?

    Joe D? It’s an Invicta?

    I would of guessed maybe Jose Canseco or Mark McGuire, and they would call it the “Pro Diver PED”

    Koi, have you seen Jimblo on WOW? What a shit telecast selling gumball machine trinkets.

    Don’t be a MOMO Jim!! And never bend over with Davis In The Dark! 😀

  34. Mr. Wing Strider Says:

    Got our “get out of Jailbreak free card”, so we are off and Striding! :O

    What can $550.00 buy you these days in an awful economy?

    Luggage, shoes, clothes, half a tv, sound bar, ps4 xbox1, low end knife, 2 tires, handjob, spray tan, Bukkake dvd’s, lobster dinners, or a Strider Miyota 9015 really cool watch!

    Folks, no matter who hates ya it goes to show if you see your dream and passion through and have a Wing and a prayer, you too can have your own watch line.

    Screws instead of friction pins, sapphire casebacks for a measly $50.00 extra, PVD plating, Zulu strap, special tool just to change straps and bracelets.

    We are Boutique-A-licious!!!!!


  35. Mikey Sayz Says:

    I couldn’t help myself, watched the Lalo last night presenting his RD Nautilus, and was loving his bullshit speech to the tv audience, but the popcorn flew out of my mouth when he was describing the Unitas mechanical movement as “being the most sought after movements in the watch industry”.

    Lalo and his company is a complete embarrassment to the watch industry!!

    Now let’s see, if it was a RGM modified Unitas, then I can understand, but how he GETS AWAY with LIES and makes a living off of it I will never know.

  36. SHIT-ona-STIK Says:


    Now in other news, Chief 86 has moved to Brooklyn, and he now loves Lucien Picard and Richard Kors.

    In other news, Krane and Michael Davis’s best friend Koi have the best posts, Twatwaffles comes in 3rd, gee wiz have I done some reading lately! Holy fuck!!

    Later in the news, Betterskills needs to post a new article, maybe about Seagull’s rep with Liang, or maybe Lalo’s rep with Ronda, or maybe Invicta Ryan’s rep with cock.

    News at 11.

  37. Koimaster Says:

    Wonder where those Swiss factories are? Can you see them while in orbit?

  38. Bichon Daddy Says:

    Your ALL a bunch a fucking cry babies, get a life already!

  39. ButterSkills Says:

    Hey Better!

    You know what, I’ve got a GREAT deal for ya.

    How bout an Invicta Nautilus Russian Diver???

    No??? Why???

    Listen to this buddy…

    MSRP $3,940.00

    On Sale for $1,440.00

    Value pays too!!

    What are you waiting for?

    Don’t you know that an unmodified Unitas mechanical movement is one of the watch industries most sought after movement??? Buy this 64mm now dude!!!!!

    Every watch collector knows that an unmodified Unitas is worth way more than let’s say a modified one!

    I would rather have the Unitas over the Omega 8500, or the Perrelet P-331, I mean if Eyal Lalo and Invicta Ryan says so, it must be!!!!!

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