Watch Sales Are Down at ShopNBC: Was Skelton Scapegoated?

March 31, 2011

MIGHT the exit of Jim Skelton from ShopNBC be due to eroding watch sales?

Just days after ShopNBC released Q4 results for 2010, Mr. Skelton disappeared from the airwaves and neither side is saying anything of substance. You’ll remember that I speculated he would be gone a year ago following a series of bizarre, on-air actions and statements in October of 2009 after the announcement that Tim Temple was being brought back to the network who had fired him six years prior. What followed were twelve months that saw one Invicta flop and scandal after another. But dead watches and hands that fell off were not limited to Invicta as other brands sold by the network arrived in non-working order to customers. Mr. Skelton continued his hostile behavior, famously throwing a ruler on the set and teasing Larry Magen about his dye job to the point that Mr. Magen snapped on the air. Mr. Skelton was also absent for long stretches of time, leading many to believe that the end of the Skelton era had arrived. Upon his return he began calling out this blog as well as individual members of the Watchlords forum as well as adopting a very snide tone with his forum membership.

As people complained on watchgeeks about inferior products and misleading statements used to sell the watches they were systematically banned or bullied by the Yellow shirt enforcers into silence on the Watchgeek forum. But these heavy handed actions didn’t stop the descent; seemingly generating more. As the one year anniversary of my original blog approached, Mr. Skelton started bragging about signing a long term, no cut contract.

EVEN I was surprised when I saw the news. I assumed I had seemingly made the correct case but was off by a year. I did forget about the earnings call and so I took a look at the earnings information released by VVTV. At first I was equally shocked about the 6% decline in watch sales against the same time period last year at the psychological height of the depression. But is it really that shocking? The former individual owners of Watchgeeks, as well as others who I’d consider friends of this blog, usually downplay my suggestion that Shop watch sales were driven primarily by Watchgeek membership and it has always been thought, albeit anecdotally, that all of the testimonial calls into Mr. Skelton’s shows were plants. But in a thread on WG concerning Mr. Skelton’s split with Shop, we seem to have proof:

A friendship developed on email, and we would exchange idea’s and questions on the timepiece’s. One day Jim emailed me and asked to call into the show, as a customer, who, wanted to express feelings about timepiece’s and invicta models and my experience’s with them.

I called in several times, regarding many timepiece’s and vendor models as well.

I don’t think it is a stretch to believe that Mr. Skelton had bonuses tied to sales and he was not your ordinary shopping channel host. He was a cheerleader and apologist for Invicta long before he ever came to TV, possibly with a retail background. By some accounts a hand picked successor to Tim Temple by Eyal Cool J. Temple who, supposedly wanted more control over product and to push the higher-end. But realistically the margins are much smaller with those classes of timepieces. It makes a lot more sense to sell a Chinese assembled watch marked “Swiss” at several times it’s actual unit cost. Reaching out to just a few dozen individuals like the person quoted above would not only generate sales because of an implied “friendship” but would push other members into making multiple purchases as well; specifically shut ins and individuals with little or no self esteem and a need to belong.

BUT the decline in sales doesn’t fall completely on Mr. Skelton. ShopNBC advertised diamonds on watches that were actually crystal; they marketed Chinese made watches as having a Swiss pedigree; they used a man-made composite of sandstone and marketed it as natural; they sold turquoise dial watches that were a cheap mineral alternative and they sold watches that featured hands that fell of. People started criticizing the fact that every hyped model was just a different color dial or rubber instead of a steel bracelet like the previous version. Again, the complaints grew louder and those voices disappeared. Michael Davis, at the time a Watchgeek owner and still the Technical Brand Manager for Invicta, issued the now famous edict – there is no free speech at Watchgeeks.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that people tired of getting products that were advertised as something they were not and that they tired of the heavy handedness of the forum. I’d expect a decline in sales to follow. Need more proof? Just take a look at how outrageous his sales presentations became.

IT was my belief in the fall of 2009 that Mr. Skelton would soon be benched. It didn’t come to pass on the original timeline. But now it has, and if we work backwards with a little math based on Mr. Skelton’s own comment on that original blog, he signed in late September or early October of 2009. I’d expect that to run one year, which would have placed his resigning again in that same September / October timeframe. It is now the end of March which would make a late September signing the 6 month mark. I do believe he is going to end up on or an Invicta launched channel. And I think a lot of people will follow him there and he’ll be just fine. Free of the employer oversight that seemingly burned him so many times over the past few years.

Will it be 6 months from now? Is that the real Watch Commander on Twitter claiming to be in Minnesota or an impostor?

Will ShopNBC even be around 6 months from now?

32 Responses to “Watch Sales Are Down at ShopNBC: Was Skelton Scapegoated?”

  1. badgeek Says:

    Good post BS.

  2. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Take your pick Betterskills. Watch sales were down, Jim’s “untouchable” mentality, his unprofessional wardrobe, his lewd innuendos, him constantly using SNBC air time as his vehicle to take pot shot personally at “haters” and Koi more specifically, the fact Renato left and SWI went on to do their own thing selling watches on WOW TV.

    There were a million reasons Jim should have lost his job, and not one that I can think of why he should have kept it.

  3. krane11367 Says:

    better, lies,

    Just when I thought this blog had reached its peak, it tops itself. Well done, better, and lies, you are the true voice of reason. Needless to say, you guys rock.

    This particular post managed to encapsulate so many things that IWG, ShopNBC, Skelton, and Davis have been involved with; just the list that you brought up is really mind boggling.

    The amazing part about all this is not that Jim Skelton was canned. The truly incredible thing is that someone at ShopNBC actually believed that parading a crew consisting of Jim Skelton, Michael Davis, and Jill Sommerstein in front of TV cameras was in some way professional, particularly given the faulty, terrible products they were shilling. Given the family-friendly nature of home shopping networks such as HSN and QVC, seeing that seedy trio suddenly pop up on the screen during ShopNBC programming looked like an ad for the Spice channel suddenly appearing on Sesame Street.

    One can only assume that Skelton leaving ShopNBC is an attempt by the home shopping channel to clean up its act – but they’ll never really bolster their image until they give Eyal Lalo and the rest of his band of dubious claim-making amateur slobs the heave-ho as well. They’re a serious blight on home shopping and watches in general – just ask any poor sucker who has been duped into buying virtually any Invicta watch.

    I wanted to write a killer last line here, but Lies All Lies already beat me to the punch. 🙂

  4. Big P Says:

    It’s been a calculated and careful “hiding in the weeds” for me for many a months until I decided to re-post here at this wonderful blog/site.

    Infinite speculating aside, at this juncture there are many scenarios how and why JS was given his walking papers.

    Let’s begin with putting the VERY hard work from this site aside and all the astute contributors whom laid the groundwork for IWG & co business practices, AND nbc.

    If you like JS or hate him, watching Temple is like a free ticket to a group suicide, I mean every now and then company’s/shopping network’s go through a purge…without the binging.

    NBC, is not a top flight network for a multitude of reasons, and they deserve the slop of which they eat from.

    I have personally cracked open some of my watches to reveal the movements, yeahhhh swiss parts, swiss, business is a fragile line of lies and semi-truths.

    Just like herpes like some poster said, they will crop up eventually and return to their old form, WOW awaits JS, or maybe cutlery, or ez-pass, or nothing!!

    Let’s not lose sight on Lalo, this is the culmination of “president and ceo Abraham Lalo”, and a few other sprinkled things…either way…the FUCKING FAT LADY HAS AND IS SINGING HER SONG!!!!!!!!!


  5. Chief86 Says:


    I am not singing,you little twink !

    Jim has confidded in me, CHIEF86, that he decidded to move on to biger and beter things,and when april 1ts comes around and the cat is out of the bag,you,ll be the one singing A DIFRENT TOON !


    Do you really think I look fat ?

    As you were maggots,Chief86 OUT !

  6. Big P Says:

    Hey Chief86?

    Why must you have gay references in everyone of your posts?

    OHHHHH I get it, your the spokesperson for anal lubricant and your also Mayor of Fire Island!!!

    You listen up you stinking maggot!! It seems YOU! just don’t get it, the only twink in here is your fruit ball ass!

    Cheif…stop jerking off to the Disney channel and stop walking behind people on the staircase so you can try to sniff their butts!!!

    You disgust me, your like looking at Joan Rivers snatch while midgets nip at her nipples, DISGRACE!

    Jim has confided in you?…well yes he has, he keeps telling you to wipe that clown jizz of your face!

    Chief, you can’t even spell, “toon”…duhhhh…you mean “tune” you moronic cock gobbler.

    When you say “cat is out of of the bag”…Chief don’t you mean “when the gerbils out of your rectum”?



    It’s April 1st, wowie…as Tim “more boring than licking stamps” Temple would say….just sayin

  7. CF Family Says:

    Jim , just maybe his past finally caught up with him! If not it will always be just a click away from any future employer. Jim is a con man thief who stole 10’s of thousands of $$ from others friends & family members in past schemes before his watch gig on SNBC. One would have thought he would have made some attempt to pay those people back over the past 5 years, but not a dime! Those folks will ALWAYS be around Jim. It will be nice to see to Feds hook him up & take him away for awhile.

  8. Chief86 Says:

    @ Big P > AT EASE MAGGOT !

    I don,t no what you are talking about when you say I must have gay references in my posts care to point one out just one ?

    Not that I have anything against being gay in fact quite the opposite many of my closet frinds are gay,but I doubt you would beleve that would you I thought not hypocrit.

    As far as Jim confidung in me he does it all the time,,,,just because you are not in his inter scrotum doesn,t mean that i,m not .

    Speaking of discusting,I am not the one with a bodily fluid as a screen name “BIG P” lol did yor daddy name you that or your other daddy ?lol


  9. Big P Says:

    Chief86, you referred to me as a “twink” in your original post, this is why I smashed you to bits in my reply post, knowing your type it probably made you horny for salami type cold cuts.

    As far as my name “Big P”, that stands for 6ft 2″ 280lbs of I will destroy you before you can fart digested cum loads!!

    I am glad Jim confides in you, it must be your odor, either way, why don’t you hang around Jim’s facebook site, where all the loons keep his disheveled brain afloat by telling him he’s the man, and share your 2nd rate watch stories with a person who could give a shit if you dropped dead yesterday!

    Chief86, I think you should be a watchgeek or one of the thousand stinky putrid dingleberries that hang out of M.Davis’ pantaloons, but knowing you, your getting hard thinking of a fecal reference aint ya.

    Let’s call it a day Chief86, your military style writing is as old as dead Orville Redenbacher’s rotted nut bag, why don’t you play nice like the good little maggot you are and FUCK OFF!!!!!



    hey chiefy…you probably Idolize Tony Little too…you betchaa!!

  10. Chief86 Says:

    Listen up MAGGOT !

    Chief86 here .

    I like slamai,so what ?

    And yeh,I,m a watchgeek POWER MOD that weelds BIG PURPLE FONTS and has the ability to ban little toads like you !!!

    You want to now why I don,t hang out woth Jim at his facialbook page,well that,s because he has no more room left !!!!only 5000 fans can admire him at once .

    I would have gotten thir earlier,but he had me doing his laundry and I missed out.Butt you can bet your twink ass that I,ll get in on the bottom position of his new fan page,once his new announcement comes out on april 1st,then you,wl be kissing my shaved ass for the CHANCE to be in on the bottom position to !

    Yes,you and I are donn with this nonsence as you are BANNED ! When wll ban be lifted? NEVER !!!!

    At ease maggot !

    Chief86 OUT

  11. Nacho Cheez Says:

    i herd jimz is on tv at worldsofwatches dang this iz funny chit or was its jtv or was its 800-call roto rooters or was its red robin or mabe pappa jons my rolex beets all yalls ya herd?

  12. Chief86 Says:


    Thisretched blog is so discriminatory it makes me want to puke !

    Just llok at all the negative ratings my posts get compared to others ???

    Why ?I think it,s obvious because I am *ACCUSED* of being gay,degenerate,pedofile,etc . NONE OF WHICH HAS BEEN PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW !

    Besides,most of the charges have been dropped anyways,so it is a mute point .

    Just remmber,that I have done nothing to any of you,unless you live on Staten Islan, or were once a member of watchgeeks,then I may have done something objectionalbe.

    In any case,liveand let live is my moto,unless you live on Staten Island or were once a member of watchgeeks and have pending charges aginast me.


    Chief86 OUT .

  13. Chief86 Says:

    That las part was just a joke,see I have a senese of humor !!!Now cut the crap and stop giving me negative ratings or I,ll ban all of you MAGGOTS !

  14. Tri-State Joe Says:

    Chief86, Staten Island???

    Land of the rotten garbage dump stenched air toxic Staten Island mall.

    Land of the overcrowded guido’s and wannabe mafioso.

    Home of the I inject my pit bull with steroids and if you look at me crooked I’ll shoot ya dead.

    Home of the worst traffic in the world.

    Land of what was once a nice place to live but now resembles 20 pounds of shit in a one pound bag.

    Land of consistent crime and street gangs.

    Home of lack of respect for one another and where little kids sell drugs on the street corner.

    Home of the worst toll bridge in the east coast called the Veranzzano Bridge.

    Land of many Chief86’s who love to speak from their shit hole instead with their mouth.

    Let me guess, your either from South Beach or maybe Great Kills, or how about Eltingville or Rossville or even maybe Heartland Village let’s not forget about St. George, or Chief86 maybe your from Concord or even better…Park Hill projects.

    Everyone, let’s vote for Chief86, this guy has the moxie we need to make it!!!!

    His vocabulary is vast and thoughtful, he helps old ladies cross the street in the rain, he eats his veggies and takes his vitamins…he’s…..CHIEF86…master of the watch blogs…fighter for human rights and business practices…a humanitarium…who fuckin belongs in a SANITARIUM!!!

    Tri-State Joe – peace out

  15. Chief86 Says:

    @ Tri-State Joe > I don’t like Statne Island either I just servie that area for my real estate business and I do quite well !

    For your,re info I,m from Brooklyn yah boi !!

    Chief86 signing off OVER AND OUT maggots !!!

  16. Tri-State Joe Says:

    Okay Chief86, your not such a bad guy after all.

    I am originally from B-Hurst myself.

    Real estate must be on the upswing being that everyone with a brain is trying to get out of Staten Isle.

    By the way, I hope you wear respectable brand watches, not that Tom Foolery on the ShopNbc fuddy cruddy shiznit.

    Tri-State Joe – peace out

  17. Chief86 Says:

    @ Tri-State Joe > “By the way, I hope you wear respectable brand watches, not that Tom Foolery on the ShopNbc fuddy cruddy shiznit.”

    WTF you talkin about MAGGOT !

    ShopNBC caries only the top premium brands, and I own over 400 of their finest just because you like to throw money away on overpriced crap like rolex,AP,brightling, and omega doesn,t meen there good !

    I got rid of all my “high end” crap years ago and invested in Invicta,Croton,Android,and all the other Shop premium brands.You can,t get better than thses for ANY price.Ppl stop me all the time and beg me to trade or sell my watches to them for over $10000 !!!I sold one in atlantic city casino for over $5000 and I only paid $329.97 on 5 value pays !

    You can see the real deal here and don,t be hatin cause I got the real shiznit !!!!

    Chef86 OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    I just read at WL’s that the specualtion is Jim Skelton is going to some show called Jewelery Television, (JTV)? Not sure what that is, but I googled it and it appears to be another TV Shop channel that sells gemstones. Interesting, I wonder what the transition requirements are to go from Chinese watches to Gemstone sales?

  19. Mr. Bukkake Says:



    Holy moose nuts in red eyed gravy JTV?


    Surely a STEP DOWN in programming from the shop, if there is any validity to this then JTV just got their insane clown posse


    “Okay viewers, cumming up after our big bonanza blowout of gemstones for under $10, we are proud to announce the watch show….hahahahaha braahaaaaaaa, call in the next 5 minutes and we will include a dream catcher with every watch purchase”

    THIS IS SO FUNNY, first temple changes places with skelton and now temple and skip to my lou switch places with skelton, I think skip should go back to playing pippin in front of 13 people and lookout JTV, the goateed one might be on your horizon!

    JTV should forget about selling anything, instead they should have a 24-7 broadcast of their hosts getting some BUKKAKE!!!!!!!

  20. Chief 91 Says:

    Okay you maggot pie muthafocker’s.

    This is J.S. Junior reporting here, my daddy is a respected watch/horology expert and is especially loved by the Jewish community as well as the Turks of the watch world.

    My poppa will be on television again sooner than you can say…Himmler Goring Geobbels Bowman and Hitler, or as quick as Brad Pitt can

    My father has a magical goatee, in his goatee there are flea sized watchmaker’s that shit flea sized flecks of gold dust and real meteorite and sandstone cocky doody.

    The great J.S. will continue the “magic” and ALL of you will once again be in awe of his awesomeness.

    We are fielding numerous offers from numerous entities in the home shopping realm as well as Jack in the box, Pizza Hut and Krispy Kreme donuts.

    Do not look at my pops in the eyes, for he can turn mortal men into stone, even though he looks like a swamp creature with beaver teeth.

    My dads jaw can bend steel and brake led, beware of the J.S. JAW!, it is a formidable mandible of monstrous malagamus muck that would have mallacki and the apostles run for the hills!

    All of you will tune in to spend your money on mall kiosk quality wares, we are even thinking of filling out an application at Spencer’s, next to the fart machines and Halloween wax teeth and edible panties.

    My father knows Jay Leno, how DARE!! you make a mockery of the almighty (unemployed) J.S., do not mess with the gods, for the gods will smite thee down!

    As his offspring I grow weary of this thing called typing, you mortals will bow to Lord Skelton and his magical goatee, or pay the ultimate price…and buy a real watch!

  21. C-Dogg Says:

    All I gotta say after reading Jims past from 2001 to present is, how the fuck did nbc hire this douche with all his prior rocky past?

    There are people whom you trust, there are peeps whom you dont trust, and then there r peeps whom you trust that fake you out!

    Goddamn, this guys past is so fucked up, defaulting on loans, rent, screwing peeps over for merchandise, cars, cycles, food, shelter, on and on.

    Read his knife and especially his cigar forum crap and you cant help but be amazed at the gall, audacity, and sheer boulder sized nutz this guy has, the bridges he burned let alone are enuff to be amazed at.

    I feel just as stupid watchin him b 4 he got fired, goes to show ANYBODY can be fooled, I got rid of my Invictas, new better than to buy Imperious and S.Coiffman flame fusion shit!!

    peace peace

  22. kking Says:

    It took me about a year to see through this guy but his sleazyness came thru !! I was initally caught up in his BS. I joined WG’s but as time went on Skelton’s true colors started to show thru. The worst were the ass kissers that Skelton could do or say no wrong. I remember cheif 86 as being one of them. Sorry cheif , I call ’em like I see’em. On a few occassions I would disagree or challange Skelton on WG’S, & instead of discussing it like men or agreeing to disagree ,he would take it personally like a child taking his ball & going home. He’s a PUNK, THAT’S THE BEST i CAN SAY ABOUT HIM.

  23. Dane Stetson Says:

    I started collecting watches when I found shopnbc.Invicta was charging top dollar for their old lines and then it looked like to me we as consumers got suckered by tv personalities say how good this item was because they owned it.
    I purchased 10k worth of watches in a year and
    and my preferences was autumatic Sturlings.When you call you get Larry that tells me he’s still hungry and still hasn’t made it.I am not happy with the direction the company going with cheap
    battery watches that sold on Shopnbc.Invicta 5 year warrantys I purchased one of the reserved collection and it will cost me twenty dollars plus shipping and insurance to get my watch to where it news to go or I can go to my jewler and get my battery replaced for under ten bucks.

  24. Dane Stetson Says:

    Shop NBc sales are down 6% It doesn’t suprise me as either they are selling junk you can pick up at wallmart for 9.99 or high end stuff.There’s very few products under hundred or between one and two hundred bucks.You see companies like croton that have lifetime warranty and priced reasonably not being pushed hardly at all. and in the last 6 months there’s been at least a dozen new brand of high end products at least thats what the wat

  25. Egg Roll Says:

    Hey Dane, how are you?

    I liked your posts, and I would like to tell you something.

    When you buy “grey market” merchandise in the watch world, most of the time you are not getting what you think.

    Most of the time, you are getting the “far east” version of the watch, but can you really tell without opening up the case back?, even though the distributor you gave your money to is not an authorized dealer.

    Dane, do you know that besides quartz, that the autos these days, high end autos, are being produced in Japan to look almost 100% like the real Mcoy?, except most of the time they do not keep the right time.

    Hey Dane, do you really know anything about serial #s?, I mean the fake ones, or the ones filed off the watch?

    Dane, do you know about bogus warranty’s?, bogus warranty and international warranty cards?

    Dane, do you know about the watch instruction booklets usually have a sign that they are bogus, like misspelled words, and especially the brands contact info and retailers info?, or it can be very subtle too.

    Sthurlings and Crotons..etc yeah yeah whatever, are from nbc real, and if you own any of Larry’s autos, well then you should know they are from China, it not only designates it sometimes on the watch, but his live presentations also dictate this as well.

    Invicta, Dane is your red flag, shady shady business, yeah if you have 3 months to wait for a repair if you need one, and Dane, they are a plenty of faulty Invictas to go around, and Dane, if your a design only kind of watch guy, then Invictas for you, but if you want honesty and company integrity, stay away.

    Finally Dane, nbc has been flying south for a very long time, it’s nice to see somebody finally realize it like yourself…happy shopping!


  26. Anonymous Says:

    I have stopped purchasing Sthurling Originals, two out of the last three I ordered died after less than a wkk of being out of the box. I noticed that Larry is pushing even cheaper looking watches at ever higher prices.

  27. alan Says:

    my email is would someone pass my email to jim skelton my name is alan ilive in longisland ny despite what people say about him good or bad idont care he; my hereo i would love it if he would call me 631-7962368 my cell phone please try to email me

  28. betterskills Says:

    He lurks here – maybe he’ll see this.

  29. bravo26 Says:

    Ha, use to groove on Invicta. I got a “Minute Repeater” for Xmas. I first wore in in April and noticed the adjust button was missing right after I put it on (15 sec). Sent it back to Invicta. Supposedly they sent it to FRANCE! They have had it ever since. Yeah since April. Won’t get it back…they can’t fix it? REALLY? Plus I can’t get my money back.. they will only exchange it. To boot their records show a price that is hundreds of dollars different from what we paid. The only solace is the nice guy at ShopNBC. Hopefully they can help. We’ll see.

  30. Scr Says:

    Bravo26, bravo, bravo…



    Didn’t you know that there are currently 749,294,306 better things you can spend your hard earned money on than an Incrapta?????

    Here is just a few for your delights!


    “Snot Collector”

    “Pierogie Stuffer”

    “Lint In A Box”

    “Toe Cheeze Extractor”

    “Maple Syrup Biscuits”

    “Spin Mop”

    “Whiffle Ball”

    “Cream Cheese n Lox”

    “Ramen Noodles”


    Sorry you got suckered into the Invicta pitch, and their minute repeater, the only thing tht’s repeating after the sale bro is your indigestion from the realization you’ve been swindled by the Lalo and his misrepresented wares.

    Maybe try some Prilosec OTC.

  31. Swinese Ticker Says:

    You know I’ve been watching nbc for a long long time, maybe too long. And I’ve seen a program go from many many watch vendors presenting live on air, to just a few live on air and their flagship brand Invicta.

    Along with this I have seen Wilsie to Skelton to Skelton/Davis then the resurgence of Temple.

    Were now seeing that blinding canary yellow Invicta color infest nbc’s logo which has now become shophq, whatever dude!!

    They are all pitchmen, and their damn good at it, some more than others, IMHO Wilsie was the very best, and he came across the screen as most sincere and as himself.

    $$ is and always will be the common denominator, and customers will be fooled into a wet dream of value when their actually receiving the opposite, but hey, if that’s what you like then buy it and wear it and enjoy.

    SCR’s post is funny, however there is truth within, like I said above, if you like it buy it and be happy.

    People on television are often not what they say they are, and in sales most assured they don’t act that way off camera, remember $$.

    My post has nothing to do with the above article from 2011, it has to do with how ridiculously surprised I am at the droves of customers, especially the watch folks, that actually don’t do their homework and realize what their actually spending their money on.

  32. Patty Prestige Says:

    yeaaaaaaah, just like them sturhlings with the basic grade valjouxs and they peddle em like its a must for every collector

    or them invictas same shit, over 4100 styles which means quality is not at the top of the list haha

    lets see, a sturhling or invicta with a standard grade valjoux for $650 or a real watch?

    u decide

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