Tim Temple is back on ShopNBC

October 9, 2009

I just got a Tweet from Tim Temple and he’s just announced that he is back in at ShopNBC.

Mr. Temple left the network in 2005 where he had been one of the founding hosts of the then fledgling ValuVision in the early 90’s. Unconfirmed sources have stated that the two parties could not agree on contract terms, primarily centered around Mr. Temple wanting more control and input over what timepice brands were carried by the network.

Mr. Temple now comes full circle after a few years of wandering through the wilderness from shopping network startups that included Shopping Source and JTV.

This move begs a few questions, the most obvious is what does this mean for the current host, Jim Skelton? Mr. Skelton is an associate of Invicta Watch Group CEO, Eyal Lalo. Invicta is a brand synonyms with ShopNBC and recently celebrated their 8 year anniversary on the network. Internet rumors suggest that Mr. Skelton and Mr. Temple had a few less than cordial run-ins in the networks homebase, Minniapolis, in the months following Mr. Skelton’s assumption of primary watch hustling duties. As of 5:26, EST, Jim Skelton still appears on the shopnbc.com hosts page.

Is there any bad blood between Mr. Lalo and Mr. Temple considering Lalo was instrumental in replacing Tim Temple?

I wait to see what unfolds…

UPDATE: 10/19/2009 The Return of Tim Temple:https://betterskills.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/the-return-of-tim-temple/

22 Responses to “Tim Temple is back on ShopNBC”

  1. Brad Says:

    This the announcement made today by Jim Skelton on the watch forum he co-owns.


    I apologize for the long delay, it wasn’t meant to tease like that…

    There were hitches in legal working with contracts, and nothing could be said before everything was done in order not to disrupt the process.

    You are the first to know….

    Effective immediately, Tim Temple will be rejoining the ShopNBC family. Many have speculated, but now you know it is indeed a fact.

    Tim will be coming back to host some of the watch hours that are currently being hosted by ‘non watch-specific hosts’ a few hours a week. The watch hours continue to grow on our calendar, and I simply cannot work as many hours as we see listed. Shawn cannot work that many hours, and with our new expansion into so many new exciting categories and concepts across the board… the other hosts are needed to make those concepts a success as well… so this worked out perfectly, and we are all very excited!

    This will not affect any current scheduling or shows for myself or Shawn.

    I believe we can expect to see Tim on-air somewhere around a week from Monday. I do not know what his schedule will be yet, or if he will have any ‘regularly scheduled’ shows that will air at the same time each week, as he is not moving to MN but instead traveling to and from. So because of this I apologize that I don’t know about what his schedule may be yet. Hopefully it will fall into place soon though so you can make your plans to catch his shows!

    So now you know! Again, my apologies for not being able to say anything earlier. This has been in the works for months, and now the timing is right.

  2. Craig Hester Says:

    Just a quick correction: it was Shop At Home and not “shopping source”. As is my usual stance, I will not dispel or confirm any rumors. I’ll just say that reality is often much more mundane than narrative soap opera that unfolds on the web…

  3. betterskills Says:

    Thanks for the correction. I wrote the post while waiting in a line of traffic on my phone from memory – shoppingsource.com was the website of ShopAtHome.

    Who doesn’t love internet drama ;D.

    But I am sure there is a lot of back story with how Tim came to leave ShopNBC and how Jim assumed the role.

    The Watch Commander/ Oceannaut story is one that’s really blog worthy.

  4. Watch Prof Says:

    Two comments: Tim Temple is much more genuine than is Jim Skelton. Tim comes off as loving watches more than himself. Secondly, at least his taking on some of the hours might (might) free us from the female hosts who don’t know a watch from a bra. And far worse, no matter how many shows they do, they never learn anymore than they knew on their first watch show. D-U-M-B.

  5. Ernie Says:

    I have only been collecting watches for 3, 4, maybe 5 years at the most. When I first started I would watch Jim Skelton on ShopNBC and I remembering being amazed at the prices of some of the watches. I remember thinking “Why pay that much for a watch when I can get one at the local chain store for a LOT less money?” But, as I watched Jim and learned from him I realized that there is a difference between what the discount stores sell and what ShopNBC sells. I owe what watch knowledge I have to Jim because of his informative shows. I knew nothing of Tim Temple until I saw him on another shopping network and I had one word for him and his presentations: BORING!!! Hopefully, he will have improved his technique and be more enjoyable to watch. However, as for me, Jim is number one and I hope he is not going anywhere. If he does, I will personally boycott ShopNBC.

  6. betterskills Says:

    Ernie – you’ll be there. A good deal is a good deal. I realize both Jim Skelton and Tim Temple; but come on – you’re not going to buy a watch because someone is no longer selling them on TV? Is the salesman that important. Jim was paid to get you to buy a watch, thats not friendship. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like him, but grown men riding another grown mans nuts is pretty lame.

  7. Creepy La Beef Says:

    I think this whole watch collecting, shop-at-home stuff is a a lot the the Beanie Baby craze about 15 years ago. It’s like come on, how many watches does a heterosexual guy need?

    WAIT! I’M A FUCKIN’ GENIUS!!!! The Skelton “presentation of his package” was just eye candy to hold the interest of the minions of homosexual watch collectors!! Man, and I thought the whole “gay bear” thing was weird?

  8. Michael Says:

    Great To See The ‘Original Guro’ aka ‘OG’ Back On The Scene. In Fact, I’m Watching Him Now. If Ernie
    Had A Little More ‘Experience’ In Collecting Watches, He Would Know The Difference Between Eye Candy Marketing & World Class In-Depth Knowledge &
    International Global Expertise. I Guess To Some Folks, Real Knowledge Can Be Boring, At Least On The Surface, Sort Of Like Baseball. But When You Go Deeper, It’s Easy To Tell The Difference Between Tim & Jim. Tim Temple’s Amazing Knowledge Of Watches Is Tremendously Vast In Scope. Millions Of Watch Collectors Around The World Will Attest To This Fact. “Welcome Back Tim”.

  9. paul coke Says:

    glad that tim is back on shopnbc. I recall him and jeff hess and vintage watches, and followed tim on other stations. He is knowledable about watches and will bring a huge following to shopnbc. I can say I bought thousands of dollars of watches on shopnbc, and having skilled watch guy is a plus. Now shopnbc has captured the talent market on watches and I will continue to add to my collection

  10. Roger Hill Says:

    I am excited to see Tim Temple back on a legitimate shopping network. I am tired of seeing “Invicta” dominate the watch shows which I view for entertainment. Maybe now some other brands will be allowed some airtime. I watched Skelton’s ahow tonight where he took calls during presentations. All the calls were from his “Watch Geeks” buddies gushing over their latest Invicta purchase. I’m sick of hearing “Big Joe” from N.Y. call in. That has to be pretty frustrating for the non-Invicta brands. I would love to see some high-end brands such as Breitling, Tag, etc. I would even like to see the “Watch Commander” on occasion. I thought Danny was entertaining and the Oceanaut I own is one of my favorite watches.
    Good luck Tim!!

  11. paul coke Says:

    Jim is a skilled sales person, but, Tim adds value to the watch presentation because he knows what he is talking about and is well respected. I wish shopnbc list their schedules because being a busy guy, it would be nice to know who is on the air. Invicta’s are good watches, but when you shop around, you find out they don’t hold their value if you pay big bucks for them. Nevertheless, other brands would be nice, but brands that have good value and quality.

  12. tim Says:


  13. forkuu Says:

    tim temple helped me get back into watch collecting.
    but jim skelton kept me interested because of his fun personality.
    tim is definitely a wordssmith and his hyperbole is only matched by dennis miller the former(sic) comedian. but he lacks skill relating to his co host and callers. by the way does anyone know the oceanaut story? i would like to know .

  14. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Betterskills is totally right…Tim temple or Jim Skelton are just watch salesman and people will buy either way, And the host will advertise what he is told by snbc

    On the other hand will be good to see JS away from Tv with his ridiculous sexual inuendos and his air of superiority.

    The attacks to Betterskills from watchgeeks hard core JS cult like followers are totally uncalled for..Just for stating the facts.

    This people (JS admirers) are dangerous, its kind like David Koresh cult, ready to kill or comit suicide at the orders of their self appointed God,
    in this case Jim Skelton!

  15. ulyese Says:

    Jim Skelton is the biggest load on TV!!!

    His knowledge of watches is limited to cusory information. Also, I find it interesting that nobody ever points out his linkage to Invicta (Crap watches, Even Crappier service). There’s one host from Invicta (Mike) that’s one of his partner’s on Watchgeeks.com–what a bunch of bed-wetters on that site.

    Yea, it takes a lot of skill to be a mouthpiece for the j_w that runs Invicta.

    Tim may be boring, but think about it, it’s “watch-collecting.” For God’s sake, buy a clue.

  16. gary Says:


    what does eyal lalo’s religion have to do with the topic at hand. are you anti-semitic??? Do you have a problem with Jews?? I find your post to be offensive. Stick to the topic.

  17. betterskills Says:

    Totally agree. I was uncomfortable approving it, but let these people all speak for themselves. I’m still at a loss over how worked up people get, pro and con, over a cat selling shit on TV.

    You’d be surprised at how many searches land people here that include both Eyal and Tim and the term Jew as well as Skelton and Gay. What’s the point of any of that?

  18. […] I do not recall ever having presented watches. Let’s look back at Skelton’s official response to Temple’s return back in October on the website that he owns with Invicta’s Michael […]

  19. Joe Says:

    C’om guys, Jim sells a watch like selling snake oil, such as selling mass produced Invicta watches for its eye catching color rather than quality, the oceanaut watches quality were far superior. Now Tim presents a watch for its worthiness. As far as I am concerned, Tim was the first presenter to introduce the knowledge of automatic watches on tv, and also he was the man responsible for the success of invicta watch brand on tv. Eyal should be thankful to him.

  20. Reginald Perrin Says:

    No watch collector host can hold a candle to the knife collector hosts who yell and scream and become so excited until there is a gasp, silence, and then the next thing you hear, “I done had to hit the bandaid box again.” Youtube has the on air sword piece stabbing. Now, that is TV shopping entertainment.

    Of the watch people, Tim “I can hear my producer inside the SHOPNBC soundproof control room” Temple is my favorite. Jim, I do not ‘watch’ — excuse my word choice there. Shawn and Glenn Beck have the same voice. The light brown color haired Invicta guy speaks so fast, I cannot understand a word he is saying (or maybe he is not speaking English?).

    Actually, after Tim left ShopNBC and Jim took over, I bought a watch but the price I was charged was $30 higher than what the phone rep told me. It was a big mess to sort out. So for years now I have been doing my Invaicta buying from non-TV shopping places which seem to have B-stock deals.

  21. Vic Pp Says:

    l have never purchased a watch because of the host.its the watch not the mouth.i have been collecting watches long before value vision,shopnbc went on the air.tim and.judah,jeff hess was good tv.im glad tim is back…….vic I I

  22. Michael Davis Says:

    Is Tim Temple Gsy?

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