Invicta: At Least They’re Conflict Free!

July 27, 2010

IT has been a summer of scandal for the Invicta Watch Group following a winter of troubles.

The latest IWG problem for July is with the Invicta II Women’s Classique Boutique Quartz Diamond watch. The ‘diamond’ bit is as flawed as Diamond Jim!

Let’s start with the ShopNBC description:

“The round 316L stainless steel case comes in your choice of gold-tone, silver-tone and even two-tone if you can’t make up your mind. The gold-tone and silver-tone options display coordinating bezels while the two-tone option displays a silver-tone case with a gold-tone bezel. Twenty four beautiful diamond accents are set around the bezel.

The 316L stainless steel bracelet displays in the case coordinating color and the gold-tone is plated in 18K gold. The two-tone option appears in both gold-tone and silver-tone. Notice two diamond accented bracelet links located near the dial totaling an additional 18 diamond accents.”

UNFORTUNATLY for one consumer, the sad truth was revealed by a local jeweler where he took his wife’s newly acquired timepiece to replace a diamond that had fallen out, only to find out that the ‘diamonds’ are actually crystals! This scandal surfaced like the others; on the Watchgeeks website. CZ Jim Skelton quickly stepped in and locked the thread down.

Like the Swinese revelation, ShopNBC quickly moved to pull down videos that featured Shop and Invicta employees promoting the value of the pieces because of the diamonds. The diamonds being a major point of the sales presentation.

One is reminded of the ShopNBC/Renato scandal a few years ago where Renato diamond timepieces where sold with claims that the diamond quality was much higher than they actually were. This resulted in a timeout for the brand which has recently resurfaced on the number three network. When is Invicta going to get a time out? When are watchgeek/Invicta consumers going to stop buying this junk?

Some are claiming that they attempted to alert both the network and fellow TV brand watch collectors that the watch did not have diamonds; only to be rebuffed as any truth apparently is in the world of TV watch collecting. If this is truly the case, one wonders why the self described horological genius, who just so happens to rep diamonds in his internet forum handle, Jim Skelton didn’t pick up on this or how Michael “Grape Ape” Davis, Invicta’s Technical Brand Manager missed it? I mean these folks will tell you they are experts but oddly enough are only hosts and salesman whenever scandals break. Really, what’s the difference between this watch and the Waltham Crystal Kitty watch that the network has sold? About plus $80 for the Infauxta.

INVICTA made a pretty decent $100 watch back in the day. Then they attempted to market high-end pieces and have not faired well in doing so with countless issues and questions. Now they’ve somehow managed to not even make a good cheap watch anymore.


21 Responses to “Invicta: At Least They’re Conflict Free!”

  1. jr Says:

    Invicta cuts corners on watches to finance nepotism jobs for Skelton’s friends. ShopNBC likes Invicta no matter how many scams they pull because they have a new watch every week. Comcast should just turn it into a sports or news channel. Geeks, this is example number a billion why Skelton doesn’t care about you. His first instinct is to always defend Invicta and to ban you or lock/delete your threads.

  2. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Just when I thought Invicta was going to make it one whole month without controversy in 2010 along comes this.

    Strangely enough I am not as disgusted with Invicta this time as I am with Shop NBC. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Invicta is a joke of a watch brand but this is just the status quo for them. Advertising a watch as something is not is just their motous operandi.

    No, Shop NBC once again was quick to protect their sacred cow in Invicta by once again removing videos where claims were made by SNBC hosts and the Invicta vendors that they were genuine diamonds, altered the descriptions of the models in question, and moved the goal posts of what the term “diamond accents” truly mean.

    Not to worry Jim says! Top men are working on it for rectification. What about all those people duped into buying what they thought were Swiss made watches that turned out to be Chinese complete with Chinese made movements? What did the execs at SNBC and Invicta do for all those folks duped by the outrageous lies of Invicta on that issue? Nothing.

  3. Big P Says:

    It’s no revelation that shopnbc is playing with a loaded deck, and Skelton and grape ape Davis and cast are all smiles and no answers kind of mutants.

    Those accent diamond chips don’t startle me one iota, your better off shopping somewhere else, I say to release the kraken onto crapnbc and all it’s vile vendors, and pulverize them to dust.

    As far as the accent diamonds, I have seen coal have more sparkle, Invictas backbone is more frail than stale papal bread, Lalo will say they are real diamond chips, but my dingleberries have more character than that sultan of swine.

    I don’t want to hear anymore that Incrapta “used to make a good $100 watch”, they have been fraudulent for a long long time.

    Those diamond accents were probably once Eyal’s left over earwax, dried and dyed, or perhaps they were magic nose goblins from the forest of make believe, either way, you have been rooked.

    I hear in the not so distant, the little geek hearts are beating faster…and faster…the hourglass is approaching empty, like the souls of slopnbc and Incrapta.

    It would be nice if the masses would rebel, and nbc takes it’s final breath, and Skelton gets a venom or 2 shoved up his tiny watertight asshole, and Davis takes a bath with real soap, and Jill crawls back under some rock and stays there forever like fossilized dinosaur excrement, and Eyal…..well for Eyal I want him to one day while he’s on the toilet with constipation, try to squeeze a little too hard, his eyes pop out of his head while he gets a well deserved stroke!!!

  4. betterskills Says:

    Invicta used to make a great $100 dollar watch ;D

  5. Big P Says:

    Betterskills, the operative word is “USED”, as in the past, nobody on this website or planet earth gives a fuck about that they used to make a good $100 watch, well, unless your breathing life into the Incrapta brand, your point is moot.

    Oh yeah, and they “USED” to be fucking honest 5,000 centuries ago when man created the wheel, woopdie doo!


  6. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    You know, I am reminded of almost two years ago during the 2009 Spring Forward with Invicta event and a similar situation that came up after.

    Invicta and SNBC offered a Reserve Pro-Diver with sapphires, rubies, and tsavorites around the bezel. Jim and Eyal went on and on about how they were genuine gemstones, what a value on a $1800 dollar COSC Reserve Pro-Diver with Gibeon Meteorite and GENUINE GEMSTONES!!!

    One member of Watchgeeks took his new watch to be appraised, guess what…. The appraiser informed him they were lab created gemstones, not “genuine” gemstones. Jim was quick to argue that lab created gemstones are the same as genuine (i.e. mined) gemstones which they are not. They are not as strong and certainly not near as valuable as mined genuine stones.

  7. krane11367 Says:

    Invicta is responsible for so many falsehoods, lies, poor quality, and out and out ridiculous controversies that SOMEWHERE, there’s go to be a television or print reporter or other media member who would just salivate over all this garbage. I mean, wouldn’t a CBS or ABC consumer reporter want to let the world know of the shenanigans being done by an NBC-affiliated home shopping network?

    Years ago, ABC’s 20/20 did an expose on MLM guru Bill Gouldd, and it was pretty much the first nail in the coffin of Gouldd’s Amway-like company called Equinox International. Where the FUCK is the consumer group who will expose IWG for what it is on a wider level? What’s bothering me is that this sort of news seems to stay within a circle of blogs and websites about watches.

    I want these motherfuckers exposed to the entire world – NOW. I’m serious; let’s not play with kid gloves anymore. Let’s nail these ripoff artists and con men so they can’t steal from consumers any longer.

  8. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    I remember last month saying we can’t wait until July for the next fiasco. I think I’ve lost count now how many fiasco’s have occurred from the DD Debacle. So many debacles, so much time to sit back and bask in the inevitable failure and doom of a brand that is so deserving.

  9. William Says:

    I dont even know if im really mad at invicta…or ever was. I think im still stuck on wanting to choke the life out of that “Few hundred pounder w/cheese” Skelton. Just reading about his slimebag history, and screwing friends over…He’s got it coming regardless.

  10. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Ya know I have to admit that I really do like watching ShopNBC and especially like watching Skelton, Lalo and Davis because you know that all 3 of them have a really good chance at saying something that will come back to haunt them again and again. Its like watching a train crossing and waiting for that accident that just seems to always happen.

    I’m looking forward already to the next big release by Invicta. Who wants to bet that in the next couple of days there will be reports of tritium tubes falling off those Luminary watches?

  11. Big P Says:

    Hit the nail on the head



    Tritium tubes….braaaahaahaa

  12. Badgeek Says:

    As alway my friend,beautiful write up. It’s blogs like yours that bring the truth to the masses,nice work sir 🙂 Mike

  13. betterskills Says:

    Thank you!

  14. Vicki Says:

    I can see Eyal being grilled by 60 Minutes and reporters questioning Jimbo as he’s leaving his favorite sub shop to climb into his Shelby 500 just to stall out with Mongo in the trunk defecating in his Big&Tall suit.

  15. Hal Says:

    Some geeks are actually ridiculing the OP because he should’ve known that those watches couldn’t possibly have real diamonds. I tell ya these guys are just ripe for the picking. Jim actually makes fun of the client base whenever he puts on the Jethro accent and talks about how big that dem der watch is! All Davis does is stare at his evaporating bonus checks via the monitors showing the snails pace of watches being sold wishing for the good old days when him jumbo walked the wg forum like gods.

  16. betterskills Says:

    Great point. Skelton is Mr. Invicta. Those shirts; the few chest hairs that stick out, those sideburns and the bad, TJ Maxx Mens Jewelry – and that skull ring. People that think that’s cool deserve what they get; because they’re obviously dildos too!

    I did see the Invictards making fun of the guy; complete lack of logic and comprehension. What do these people do for a living? Are they even real; or are they just fake profiles created by Skelton because he’s so scary smart? I mean the guy worked a total of two-and-a-half weeks over the past would have that kind of time. What else does he have to do?

  17. Big P Says:

    Betterskills you know, Jim’s chest hairs and tats and rings and such, to me, he really looks like something from GTA the ballad of gay Tony.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if in the middle of his sales pitch, his jaw can’t close and he starts drooling profusely.

    TMJ Jim says?

    I say he has TPN…..Take People Now

  18. Captain Depraz Says:

    Can’t wait for the August edition of Invicta Skelton Shopnbc dirt!!!

    Bring it on and may Invicta choke on the slop in their gear train and be crushed to the size of their canon pinion little balls they have!!!

  19. Diogenes Smith Says:

    It would appear that the cat is out of the bag concerning the “Russian Diver”. Even Zlatoust, the factory that produced the real watch is claiming Eyal is full of shit (from WUS):

    Here is another post from WUS:

  20. krane11367 Says:

    I am just sitting here laughing my ass off at the very name “Captain Depraz.”

    That’s priceless.

  21. Captain Depraz Says:

    I used to sail the seven seas on my great grandfathers Swiss made ship, “S.S. Lalo”.

    We fought butt pirates and monsters of the deep blue oceans, we went crabbing, we found an ugly baby boy adrift at sea in a chest marked “born to sell watches”, we named him “skellie”.

    Skellie grew up on the waters, where he met his gay partner, “ensign Eyal”, at night when the wind was whipping and the boat was rocking, skellie and Lalo would gather by the mast and play with each others pickles.

    One day while steering the ship towards Florida, a genie appeared from out of nowhere and granted skellie and Eyal one wish, out of all the infinite wishes one could fathom, these two flakes wished they could be secret lovers while selling fake watches on a dishonest TV network.

    Legend has it that their wish came true.

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