BACK in the 90’s a trend exploded where women started collecting miniature shoes. They were scaled quarter sized replicas of high heels and flats. Most that I saw appeared to be injection molded. They were sold along with tiered display shelves and seemed just the right thing for a stay-at-home wife to waste her husband’s money on.

At the time I remember thinking, “Why in the fuck do you want a replica shoe; why not just buy an actual pair of shoes and wear them?” It just made no goddamned sense to me.

Soon, they started appearing in dollar stores as grotesque and poorly executed caricatures of the original miniature shoes. Sound famiar?

As the Internet was in its AOL infancy, I don’t think there was a big collector market and so assume at some point these things got boxed up and put in the attic next to the glass blown French poodle vases and giant wooden forks and spoons.

Miniature furniture soon followed. And to be honest, this made a bit more sense to me as these were icons of mid-century modern designs; like the Eames lounge and Noguchi coffee table in 1/3 scale. At least these were specific, identifiable things. Are there really iconic shoes?

ENTER 2013 and the brilliant minds at Invicta Watch Company and their soon to launch line of miniature watches:



Miniature watches.

The model that they are based on is the “Venom” which has a bunch of snake cues. I’m sure these will look bitchin’ staged next to the “pure oriental” Ninja sword sets of a Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto that Watchgeeks long ago bought from the late night, infomercial-as-homeshopping channel Frost Cutlery dicks.

But these may be purely functional for some. Seeing that so many Invicta fans have such chunky wrists, they seem to weigh in well over 400 lbs. These would be perfect rings on such a ham hand. If they are going to have to cut the wall out of your bedroom to get you to the hospital, you should be swagged out.

These would also be a great first watch for an infant. One would look hard as hell on a chubby newborns wrist; complemented by an Italian horn charm necklace. And how goddamned cute would it be if daddy and baby had matching Venoms?

SOME people have turned over stones regarding Invicta Watch Company claims; Koi of watchlords has rolled over a boulder.

It turns out Invicta’s Technical Brand Manager, one of three faces of the brand on ShopNBC, is also a graduate of con college! Mr. Davis was convicted of aggravated robbery in Montgomery County, Ohio in June of 1984.

Aggravated robbery is defined as “the taking of anything of value belonging to another from the person of another or that is in the immediate control of another when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.”

I know what you’re thinking; “What’s serious bodily injury?”

It is defined as “bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.”

He was sentenced from 5 to 25 years. Who knew Davis was living a thug life( like Tupac thug life?! While he may have been a badd ass on the streets, Mr. Davis appears to have been a model prisoner as he served only 53 months and change, completing parole in 1990.

I’M of the opinion that the man served his time and this was nearly a quarter century ago, and in recent years is only guilty of being a jagoff; Michael “fuckin” Davis deserves a second chance.

But its still funny to find stuff like this in light of Mr. Davis preaching about “hater” sites and people making things up – especially from a convicted felon.

IT is extremely rare that I have the ability to wake up and actually stay in bed basking in the glory of the morning. As everyone was asleep, I grabbed my ever present device and browsed a few forums that I normally visit as well as Twitter. I passed out around 10:30 last night and so I had a lot of ground to cover. One interesting thing I came across was Joe Boots (@BootPrintsCrew) late night, couldn’t sleep, Twitter autobiography.

His story, in 140 character snipits, interests me because it is a good and because of the medium. The problem is that there is no hash tag to tie all of the tweets together and so there is no easy way to re-Tweet his story. So I have reproduced it in one, easy to read blog. I use a tilda character to join two tweets where there are sentences broken by Twitters character limitation.

Started hand painting tees in 2001 perfectin the craft. Doin tees for heads up cal u kept me fed 2004 started paintin tees in @timebombshop

Painted a tee for @GhostfaceKillah and trife da god, and jadakiss (no flix no proof I know. But ask brick its the truth) this was 2005

As well as all the hood dudes and rappers around at the time @FastEddie412 was a big supporter early on. Then I got sent to Iraq

And I was there in iraq had my mum send me paints and blank tees and that’s what I did in my down time. Sent em back to @timebombshop

Hand painting shirts in a war zone. No xbox homie. @timebombshop and @FastEddie412 were getting them to the streets. When I came home I was  ~  charged up to keep this brand PRICELESS INK going. Really ill. Handpainted teeshirts. Along with a rap crew that had been going on since 02

I used my army $ to get the MPC and @Jbgbeats and big C as priceless productions was born

But I was so fucked up and fucked up all the money I had made fueling priceless recordings as well as my unquenchable thirst for booze

but the road to the riches is paved with booze and depravity. It was a 3 years filled with fast times loose women & bangin parties

Then I met a girl and she changed my thinking. Changed my spirit. And kissed my soul. She really believed in me and what I was doing it made ~ me work harder and reach further for my goals. And priceless kept driving on doing bigger &bigger shows until a freezing cold pgh night

All the fans were there from @miggs412 to the ftcs and esPFAM IN FULL EFFECT . Tbc red tape gov everyone was there. Opening for paul wall ~ At the rex theatre and that was by far the greatest thing I’ve ever been apart of. We opened and basically shut that joint down. We sold the ~ Most tickets and had that joint packed. Our home turf . On the south side of pittsburgh. We did not dissapoint. We shut it down. Anyone that ~  was there knows…PRICELESS RECORDINGS. THAT’S WHAT IT IS! . And this was the gateway to the next level for us. I could feel it

So we tore the rex down and were heading to the afterparty. It was so cold. Everyone was split up and I ended up alone. On the walk there ~ I remember getting panicky and very nervous about the party. But was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to about 50 people. 30 or so was ~ Sexy ass girls dancin all crazy errone drunk high off the stellar performance and general attitude of success in the air. Only 20 minutes in

Damn that’s a bangin ass party I thought. And then some dudes were causin commotion at the door . I go over and I recognize one dude and ~ My girls friends ma was there like yo. No problems were all homies. Me and dude I recognized go downstairs to rap about the issue.

Which was someone not wanting to pay . And it wasn’t even a big deal me and homie squashed it. & then in a split second. Everything changed.

A fight broke out and the lights went out in this little ass stairwell. Homie ran up the steps and I followed . All these people were fallin ~ Down the stairs and I grabbed someone who was fightin me and I said yo I don’t wanna fight you I caught u fallin down the steps. Jus chill ~ Ima let you go . And when I did he fell to the ground. And I had blood all over my hands. No idea what happened. I called 911

That man ended up dieing that night. Over nothing. And the person who did it is in prison and whatever time he has its not enough.

Shook the fabric of all of us that night. And anyone there. I am so sorry to have put anyone in that situation. I don’t condone senseless ~ Violence of any kind. And that was the last night priceless ever really did anything. I went into a reclusive state for a while. Stopped ~ Going out. Stopped drinking. For a while. And my thoughts and prayers are always with johns family forever.

But the whole time. I was selling tee shirts. Priceless la familia. And the classic DRINKING IRON GETTING SHITTY YEAH HOW BURGH IS THAT? & ~ More. I always knew what I wanted to do. And I’m doing it right now. And nothing in the world feels better.

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure. I’ve been building. Learning. Growing in this world for 10 plus years. Before that me and @mikemook crushed

I thank you all for all the support and patronage! This long winded story was basically a fyi to anyone that’s not sure. I have my ties ~ And you can trace back bout 15 years. I’m friends with underground legends and street kings. Don’t question whether or not I’m about this ~ is all I have ever known. Thank you all. Thanks to our biggest fans and the haters that talk about us more than our biggest fans

Oh yeah. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. If you don’t succeed. At least you tried and no one can take that away from you ever.

And I’m back on aim: jbpriceless haha hollar

I’d really love to read more about working in a warzone. You can follow Joe Boots on Twitter @BootPrintsCrew

PENNSYLVANIA was blessed this past election cycle to choose between two real winners for governor. One guy created a county wide poured drink tax to fund mass transit. A transit system that spent over $500 million on a 1.2 mile subway tunnel under the Allegheny river, 80% of that money from you and me as Federal taxpayers.

The other guy, while State AG, actually filled a subpoena against Twitter for the identity of two critics who were vocal regarding the money spent on his Bonusgate corruption trial of Pa State Democrats.

There wasn’t even a lesser of two evils. The choice was between Dumb and Dumber.

THE Republican won, swept into office because of anti-party incumbency as Pennsylvanians were tired of district pet projects and fed up with the corruption and self serving politicians that make up our bloated legislation.

As expected, he’s put a budget forward that cuts everything, including money for grants to higher education. If this were for profit schools, the Democrats would be cheering about sticking it to the man, correctly pointing out that most of the degrees that people earn from schools like The Art Institute, rarely result in making more money than a Walmartian worker but saddled with tens of thousands of student loan debt that they’ll be lucky to ever pay back. All while ignoring the no pay jobs that degrees from these public, state sponsored colleges offer like women’s studies, labor history and social work. These graduates end up with double the debt.

“He wants to shut the door of opportunity on thousands of young Pennsylvanians who just want to better themselves through education,” Phil LaRue, 22, a senior, said. “We will not let this happen.”

It’s a common refrain from students and schools as the yearly tuition costs continually climb.

But why are the ‘public schools’ increasing their tuition every year? It’s not like your average college professor or TA is seeing any of that money. These folks have been giving concessions for years. Most do it for the love of knowledge. So where is the money going?

THE dirty little secret of these “not for profit schools” is how much money the top earners actually make; the dirtier secret is who these faculty members are.

Since Phil LaRue is a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I wonder if he knows that according to the universities latest tax filing for fiscal year 2010, that men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon was paid $1,389,951 and fired football coach Dave Wannstedt made $1,010,873? The Athletic Director, Steven Pederson, draws a salary of $448,421, which is more than the associate vice chancellor for global health and graduate school of public health dean. And they typically see yearly increases. Is this what’s driving the cost of secondary education ever higher? It’s worth looking at.

Before these kids protest the state cuts, they need to turn inward and demand changes within their own university if their really concerned about access to higher education. With just these salaries, it’s clear that the priorities of the schools are all wrong and one has to wonder where else money is being misappropriated when it should be used to keep the costs down.

Routes: McClay to Foster

December 30, 2010

FROM 844, I’d usually take McClay as my jump off point. This road starts as a steady, 45 degree drop, a small trailer park on your right and a water hauling service headquarters opposite. The grade makes an abrupt change as it leveled of and cut through a wide soggy bottom bowl of stream and fields, seemingly similar to the arch-typical sterilized country scene that you’d expect to be hung between the large wooden spoon and fork in one of the trailers now behind you.

You’ll notice a marked increase in ascent wherein you pass an actual farm and a scattering of houses. There is a lot of road kill in these tighter bends as they get tighter and more frequent. I’ve killed here.

Before you lies “Big Bend” which has thrown many drivers into it’s bank of shared and soldiered yards or to the left over it’s steep side. And yet more of a climb that rewards you with a 90% recursive bend that seems as tight as it is steep; the loose gravel at the top thrown out as you bear right powering onto South Hewitt Avenue.

SOUTH Hewitt is uneventful until it becomes Rural Valley Road. Visible ahead is North Buffalo Presbyterian. It sits at the end of a huge farm field with nothing around it. On a clear Moonless night you’re just high enough to afford an unobstructed view of the north, east and southern sky. One can enjoy the parking lot and field. There is also an outdoor chapel and small attached cemetery that’s worth wandering through.

ONWARD to Taylorstown famous for having the KKK march through it back in the mid 90s.

THE indisputable truth has been revealed – Invicta “Sandstone” dials are faker than a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills tits!

WE can thank Koi of watchlords for supplying the definitive proof.

ONE can almost hear the cries of the Watchgeek cheerleaders, “Who cares, if you like it!?” I tend to think that train has long left the station. A plastic dial with metal flakes and sand is not “Natural” sandstone.

THIS was a message sent to a member of the forum that Michael Davis co-owns with ShopNBC’s Jim Skelton. It gives you some insight into what that forum is really about and what matters.

And it’s worth noting that since Davis is supposedly an IWG employee, how might he be privy to the amount and number of Value Pays that the individual in question owes?

I’ve bolded some words for emphasis. I think it speaks volumes. Pay up or shut the fuck up.

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Concerning Horsetrack
Look guys, I don’t know what your issue is with horsetrack, but it ends now. I don’t know if you have been hanging out on the hater sites or what, but you need to take your snide comments off of the site. Either shut up or send them directly to him OFF THE SITE. If either of you continues with your little war, then I will perma-ban you with no further communication and I will make it permanent. Hopefully you both understand me completely and do not think that I am bluffing here.

Now, allow me to tell you a little about Jeff. The man has more money than god. I know people who have personally seen his homes in NY and in FL. They have seen his watch collection. They have seen his cars. They have seen the jewelry his wife wears. He is in the dental business and does damn well at it. I have personally seen what his monthly payments are to SNBC just on his watches. It is more than either of you will probably make in two months. On top of that, he very generously donated thousands of dollars worth of dental service and work to two of our members here and has offered more to those that needed it.

I highly suggest that the both of you put him on your ignore list if you cannot keep your “mouths shut” because the next snide remark will be your last action here.

Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono

Invicta…in hoc nomen vinces!