BACK in the 90’s a trend exploded where women started collecting miniature shoes. They were scaled quarter sized replicas of high heels and flats. Most that I saw appeared to be injection molded. They were sold along with tiered display shelves and seemed just the right thing for a stay-at-home wife to waste her husband’s money on.

At the time I remember thinking, “Why in the fuck do you want a replica shoe; why not just buy an actual pair of shoes and wear them?” It just made no goddamned sense to me.

Soon, they started appearing in dollar stores as grotesque and poorly executed caricatures of the original miniature shoes. Sound famiar?

As the Internet was in its AOL infancy, I don’t think there was a big collector market and so assume at some point these things got boxed up and put in the attic next to the glass blown French poodle vases and giant wooden forks and spoons.

Miniature furniture soon followed. And to be honest, this made a bit more sense to me as these were icons of mid-century modern designs; like the Eames lounge and Noguchi coffee table in 1/3 scale. At least these were specific, identifiable things. Are there really iconic shoes?

ENTER 2013 and the brilliant minds at Invicta Watch Company and their soon to launch line of miniature watches:



Miniature watches.

The model that they are based on is the “Venom” which has a bunch of snake cues. I’m sure these will look bitchin’ staged next to the “pure oriental” Ninja sword sets of a Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto that Watchgeeks long ago bought from the late night, infomercial-as-homeshopping channel Frost Cutlery dicks.

But these may be purely functional for some. Seeing that so many Invicta fans have such chunky wrists, they seem to weigh in well over 400 lbs. These would be perfect rings on such a ham hand. If they are going to have to cut the wall out of your bedroom to get you to the hospital, you should be swagged out.

These would also be a great first watch for an infant. One would look hard as hell on a chubby newborns wrist; complemented by an Italian horn charm necklace. And how goddamned cute would it be if daddy and baby had matching Venoms?

DAYS after Watchgeeks went white, Michael Davis finally addresses the issue: via Facebook. In short, he claims WG was hacked and a lot of damage had been done; that the site could be out of commission for a few weeks. But this seems so much balderdash. All hacker attacks these days are about information – passwords, personal information and financial information. Watchgeeks has none of this. And why would someone trash their servers – what’s the point? Server trashing and data destruction are carried out by governments against one another to slow weapons development. I don’t think anyone wants to slow the asshole development that goes on at Geeks – what would we laugh at?

NO, I think that this outage was the end result of Michael Davis’ reckless sticky trying to dissuade people from buying their pre-order Tourbillons from Renato. As is now the case with any Invicta misstep or lie, the party affected was quickly notified and claimed on Facebook to have taken some action. I asked Eyal Lalo via Twitter for a comment regarding this latest outage as well as the Renato situation and he has not responded to either of the inquiries.

Those that follow WGs probably remember similar unannounced outages after the DD Debacle, the Swinese revelation and the Manmade Natural Sandstone dials made their way to other forums and this blog and people broke apart and discussed the stories to reveal a very unflattering and dark picture of the Invicta Watch Company. Following the actual membership numbers revealed a decline following these outages. That seems to indicate that the former owners we’re trying to purge those lurkers who were gathering the evidence and presenting it to the public; as well as archiving it because WGs is notorious for deleting such items.

BUT now with Invicta actually owing the forum and such a long outage, one has to wonder if this is not just a purge of non posters but also a time out. A way to push out those active posters who are critical within the TOS of the site. They can then migrate to Watchlords, Watchfreeks, WUS and make Watchgeeks a place for those easily intimidated by the MODs and Yellow Shirt members.

Let’s check out those numbers when it comes back online; If that’s still possible when it does.

I only caught tonight’s block of “Turning Time with Invicta” after midnight, and for the first half hour Tim Temple talked all over Jill Sommerstein. She seemed to be visably annoyed; at one point slaming her forearms on the table.

He did get more comfortable in the second half hour and Ms. Sommerstein was able to make points.

The second half of the show was much more smooth, but there seems to be something going on between the two. Did anyone else noticed that Temple seemed to keep pointing out that Jill was a sales rep? When she’s on with Skelton, he introduces her, as well as Michael, as “from Invicta”.

One can only imagine what the scene will be like Temple and Laylo finally present together again.

For the coming 5 days:
Tim Temple is scheduled for 13 hours
Jim Skelton is scheduled for 14 hours